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  1. Re: need a goal scorer The better option would be agbanlahor or griezman as they both are in my sub bench along with robinho. I will show you the statistics. Name appearence goal assist mom avg yc rc Robinho 8(2) 1 3 0 7.03 3 0 griezman 7(1) 5 5 2 8.46 1 0 agbanlahor 8(4) 6 2 1 7.96 2 1
  2. Re: Sneijder vs Fabregas Dribble : Fabregas shoot : Sneider short pass : Fabregas long pass : Both speed : Fabregas
  3. Fernando toress for my carlos puyol.i am sure that toress is gone drop in this rating but i think next season he is going to be unstopable and hence may get a rise.
  4. Re: Who to buy? striker: hernanez,ballotelli,caroll. Left back:rafael,rafinia.
  5. Re: vidal or hernanez(lazio) thanks buddy.
  6. should i sell capdevilla for vidal or hernanez. I usually doesn't watch bundesliga so i don't know much about vidal while hernanez has been one of the best player last season for lazio. Pls help urgently.
  7. Re: shall i buy sahin i think gerrard is going to stay.while sahin may possibly rise in the rating . Get him as soon as possible.
  8. who all among my team will rise or fall? Ozil pedro dimaria nasri david silva malouda balotelli suarez dzeko villa aguero vanpersie rio ferdinand john terry ciichy kolarov
  9. I have 29 mil. Which of these striker should i buy?any two. Who are the most talented striker who are gone rise to 93, 94 or 95. SUAREZ FALCAO ROSSI CAVANI BALOTELLI PIATTI HERNANEZ NILMAR ADRIANO CAROLL
  10. My fabregas has a level 2 concern due to lack of games. Should i trade him for kaka+8 mil.
  11. Pls help. I am a gold manager but i am not even able to get a good team.can i reserve a club freely being a gold manager.
  12. i like to trade vanpersie+4 mil for either of the above.whom should i buy?
  13. will ozil,pedro,silva and nasri get a increase in rating soon?i have all of them in my team.should i buy de maria for arshawin and 3.4million.will de maria rise soon.
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