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  1. Re: Wellbeck vs sturridge - Quickest Riser? I personally think Sturridge is the most talented and should rise the quickest but because Welbeck plays for United i believe he will rise just as quick.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Tevez and have been offered Eto'o but can't decide what to do as i think both will be dropping but currently Eto'o is rated 2 higher, anyone know at what rate Eto'o would be likely to drop?
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Don't you just hate conflicting opinions haha, i think im going to go for it as in the short term it will help me and i suppose i could save up to get Shaqiri back after his transfer ban is back up, i led Stockport to the league title first season and am currently top with a 100% record in the second season after 4 games, i want to take them to the top division so im in it for the long haul, thank you both for your help.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... No shocking deal mate
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Need help and fairly quick please, I have Xherdan Shaqiri (86) he is a first team player for my Stockport County team and have been offered Marco Reus for him who is rated 88, they are both young promising players but in real life i prefer Shaqiri due to not having seen much of Reus. What should i do considering that it would be improving my starting XI, many thanks for your replies.
  6. Re: SM on iPhone.. Any update on the apps release date?
  7. At the moment i have Lombaerts for my Swansea but have been offered Dawson in exchange, they are both rated 89 but lombaerts is worth more due to age, i like Dawson and personally think he deserves to be a 90 but unfortunately know nothing about Lombaerts and would appriciate(sp) some advice, thanks in advance.
  8. Re: Giving too much for Messi? I don't personally think its enough to be honest mate, at a push he may go for Higuain and Ozil but i doubt that too.
  9. Re: Will Fernando Torres find his form again this season? I've no doubt that after a pre season with Chelsea Torres will be back to his majestic best making Vidic look a fool, i think he has been struggling with injury since the idiot Benitez refused to let him recover from injury properly on numerous occasions, i do believe Chelsea need a creative force in midfield which look less likely it will be Modric now as they have a new manager and he will have his own targets i hear Moutinho has been earmared for that posistion.
  10. The SMFA is bordering on ridiculous now and is in need of a serious revamp, i understand why it is there and want it to be there because it serves a very good purpose as we have all been in leagues where you have cheats. Anyway im in a league that has been hugely competative and really enjoyable and has about 15 people in it i know, first it stopped me dealing with Madrid then Marseille and now Chelsea the latter 2 teams i dont even know the managers of nor have i dealt with them before, now i know cheating hasn't taken place in this league as i am the administator and have it on private application and people i dont know have had to be above 70 rep so i can preety much rule out it being a cheating account, i have now been forced to turn the SMFA option off as people simply cannot deal with each other thus making it a mundane experience, is there anyway to contact SM as i have had numerous emails and tickets ignored and have spent a small fotune on this game for which i want to be able to play it properly, i even sent SM Dev a message and asked him what to do and i still received no reply from SM after SM Dev's advice. Thanks to anybody that has any advice.
  11. Re: Sanchez to Barca To be honest mate not really going to listen to someone with such little knowledge about football, the only way City could have attracted players above ourselves at the time was money, since then we have put a lot of things into place already scouring the world for young talent e.g Denis Suarez and Karim Rekik, improving our already productive academy e.g Micah Richards and Shaun Wright-Phillips has been number one thing to do. Joe Hart has turned into the finest keeper in England since he joined us as a youngster in 2006, and to be fair had you actually been a Barcelona fan from Barcelona i might have listened to you a little more but you really know very little about the club, just one more thing how much did Barca pay for Ibrahimovic?
  12. Re: Sanchez to Barca Manchester City would be more likely to give him first team action brains, and before you go on and on about money, Barcelona have the biggest wage bill in world football, the reason City had to spend all that money on transfers and wages in the first couple of years since the takeover is because we didnt have european football to offer and now we do we wont get ripped off, if we wanted we could just offer £50 million for Sanchez but we are trying to build a viable business now to come in line with the FFPR, Sanchez would be just another player at Barca and not "one of their own" so to speak whereas he could make history at Manchester City and be adored by the great fans we have.
  13. Re: Formation and Tactics Help Please With those players i would go 3-5-2 Gk:Valdes Def:Ivanovic Def:Pepe Def:Marcelo Wing:Pedro(arrow forward) Wing:Robben(arrow forward) Dcm:Yaya Cm:Modric(playmaker) Cm:Sneidjer Fwd:Messi(diagonal arrow back) Fwd:Gomez/Benzema(target man) Instructions: Defensive Hard tackling Fast Direct Counter Attack Playmaker Target man Mixed focus attacking Hope that helps mate good luck
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would defo get Parejo he will be a starter for Valencia next season and they finish around top 4 every year so he will only rise he looks a class player, i have got him on as a free agent in a couple of gameworlds.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would say Sanchez mate because he will be moving to a big club and will only rise imo he has everything to suceed. May i add my own Alex Witsel or Sandro(spurs) who has more potential to rise, i can get either one.
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