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  1. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! Hi... Randomness only make things incomplete. I think a schedule need to make in order NOT to miss any risers or players. I prefer the older one, but we need to make sure it fair enough....
  2. Re: 87/+90 Risers Database Any news for Thiago?
  3. Re: Vurnon Anita or Moritz Leitner I buy Anita as to make him as part-exchanges to another player. He is cheap, free agent and if let say he get increase before i trade him, consider lucky. He still young and valuable to exchange other great player. If u afford it, just buy. As long as your team average, you can make profit if u sell him back.
  4. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition Muhd Nazmi Faiz (73, Beira-Mar) Well, as a Malaysian, i see him as our future star, and currently on Superliga.
  5. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 How about Sebastián COATES? He also on free agent. Should i buy him?
  6. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 CATTERMOLE, Lee FERDINAND, Anton These two players are free agent current in my EC world. Should i buy them? The only problems is my team now in $ 2 Millions salaries package, and just have enough fund to buy either one. Yet, if not worth it, i want to avoid any buys as my team generates little income and mostly depends on selling risers. My team just promoted to Division 1 after started first season in Division 4. So you can image how small my team is (even my squad size is 189 players). Any advices? Thanks....
  7. Re: English 'Division Two' Risers Thanks, even most of the lower rated already in my beg.... But, i appreciate it...
  8. Re: Austria, denmark and switzerland Any news about Andreas Bjelland? He is loanee but quite high in value... His data (transfermarkt) Superligaen 16 (1440 Minutes) Europa League 2 (180 Minutes) DBU Landspokal 1 (90 Minutes) International Friendlies 1 (62 Minutes) Total: 20 (1772 Minutes)
  9. Re: How to Win Division 5 Courtis is NOT FOR SALE for me though. For sure a 89 rated!
  10. Re: How to Win Division 5 That's true also, but the trick is to buy the player that you would get profits by reselling them. Example : Lets say i'm buying André Santos for 4.4 Millions (free agent). His salary is about 40 K a turn (Estimate), so transfer ban goes for 20 turns (correct me, i just guessing), so the total money your paid is 5.2 M. I sold it 9 M, what i earns is 3.8 M. So, i get the profit. So, if you are in lower division, you can buy higher rated, but i not recommended it because you other players will decrease their value.
  11. Re: The Future Of Football After a while, my team now look quite good with young player. My current squad would be like this. GK : Marc-Andre Ter stegen/ Bernard Leno / Bogdan RB : Kyle Walker / Boilsen / Nagatomo LB : Kieran Gibbs /Jenkinson CB : Varane / Savic CB : Smalling / Sorensen DM : Tiote / Romeu / Casemiro CM : Cleverley/ Ramsey / Merkel CM : Thiago / Erikkson / Draxler Wing : Torje / Oscar / Iturbe Wing : Alvarez / Oxlain CF/Fwd : Damiao / Errick Torres/ N'gog (Using Dirk Kuyt right now) Still lack in defends line right now. For your information, i trade my Phil Jone
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