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  1. Re: My little Shrewbury Club At last, a new update coming. Shrewsbury Town already in 2nd season in Division 1, currently 2nd placed under Chelsea with 1 point. Like always, this is my current IX squad of Shrewsbury Town! Formations : 4-3-3 (Winger) GK : TER STEGEN, Marc-André (89 and still growing further) LB : ENRIQUE, José (still clinging with him, will change him in future) CB : BONUCCI, Leonardo (91, what else matter?) CB : LUIZ, David (91, same as above) RB : Kyle Walker (90, My favorite, and paid!) (Back 4 almost solid, yet waiting them to mature) DM : BENDER, Lars (90) (Very versatile player, a good round-up player) CM : THIAGO, Alcántara CM : ERIKSEN, Christian (Scary dual-youngster with 90 rated! Loving it!) Wing : BEN ARFA, Hatem (90) Wing : SCHÜRRLE, André (91) (Schurrle is my best scorer and leading the Division 1. Both were my investment!) CF : DAMIÃO, Leandro (90) (From lower rated, finally my investment shown the result! What a player!) Subs: GK : LENO, Bernd (89) (My headache - picking a GK) DEF : SMALLING, Chris (89) (A good player) DEF : DE CEGLIE, Paolo (88) (Currently loan - VARANE, Raphaël (89)) MID : TIOTÉ, Cheick (89) (GARCÍA, Javi (89) as back-up) MID : SESSÈGNON, Stéphane (89) (currently loan - OSCAR, Emboaba (90)) WING : ALVAREZ, Ricardo (88) (currently loan - MICHU, Pérez (89)) FWD : GIROUD, Olivier (90) # Loaned player while back then still not rise yet. # Will not recalled until a must.
  2. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! Hi... Randomness only make things incomplete. I think a schedule need to make in order NOT to miss any risers or players. I prefer the older one, but we need to make sure it fair enough....
  3. Re: Restucturing wage system as a alternative to squad caps/hoarding etc...
  4. Re: 87/+90 Risers Database Any news for Thiago?
  5. Re: Vurnon Anita or Moritz Leitner I buy Anita as to make him as part-exchanges to another player. He is cheap, free agent and if let say he get increase before i trade him, consider lucky. He still young and valuable to exchange other great player. If u afford it, just buy. As long as your team average, you can make profit if u sell him back.
  6. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition Muhd Nazmi Faiz (73, Beira-Mar) Well, as a Malaysian, i see him as our future star, and currently on Superliga.
  7. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 How about Sebastián COATES? He also on free agent. Should i buy him?
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 CATTERMOLE, Lee FERDINAND, Anton These two players are free agent current in my EC world. Should i buy them? The only problems is my team now in $ 2 Millions salaries package, and just have enough fund to buy either one. Yet, if not worth it, i want to avoid any buys as my team generates little income and mostly depends on selling risers. My team just promoted to Division 1 after started first season in Division 4. So you can image how small my team is (even my squad size is 189 players). Any advices? Thanks....
  9. Re: My little Shrewbury Club Special Preview : Right Back Position (RB) Unlike other positions, my RB department seem so few reinforcement and only depends on Kyle Walker as main player. As for the back-up, i have Smalling and Howedes, but both belong mainly to Center Back Position. If possible, i really want to add Micah Richard, as i regard him the king of RB in England, should named himself in EURO 2012. Luckily, i got Kyle Walker, whom also a future star and will get his 90 rated player! 1. VAS, Arpad RB/LB 22 72 * A riser, not much info. 2. BROWN, Jonathan RB/LB 22 70 * Riser, same stories. 3. BIGNOT, Paul RB/CB 26 72 *Will load-off when he rising, or not.... 4. WALKER, Kyle RB 22 89 *Main force, i like him alot! 5. SIDIBE, Djibril RB 19 75 *A riser. 6. HÖWEDES, Benedikt CB/RB 24 90 *My best CB/RB at the moment, play him in center thou. 7. SMALLING, Chris CB/RB 22 88 *10 weeks injuries make me feels worried.... 6. SAVIC, Stefan CB/RB 21 86 *Uncertainly about his future. Will sell or part-exchange when needed! 7.BRAJIC, Rok RM/RB 27 70 * A riser, but will sell after rise! 8. ZOUMA, Kurt CB/RB 17 83 * A future star. Stay! 9. VAN RHIJN, Ricardo CB/RB 21 80 * WIll he become new force? I will wait! 10. JENKINSON, Carl RB/CB 20 82 * Arsenal main force after Sagna injured. 11. MARKIET, Gévero RB 21 75 * Lost on the moment... 12. HEWITT, Elliott RB/DM 18 70 * Riser... I would like to ask any additional riser and strong RB to be add in this department.
  10. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  11. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Regarding the concern problem, my team blown the title changes just to make sure solving the player concerns by fielding the weaker one. Furthermore, what make me sick is the injured player gains player concern even he in longer term absent (11 weeks). That's hurt a lot when u lose the title while your team salaries package reaches 2 Millions.
  12. Re: My little Shrewbury Club KAPINO, Stefanos also fit the list. Currently shortlisted due to high salary (rated 82). #Bidding Igor Stefanovic - thanks for suggestion! Additional info : To people whom want 70 rated riser, i already checking Igor Stefanovic as one of +10 riser because of his record. Well, not that excellent, but due to his REAL value market (700 k pound), he is in same level for player with 80 to 83 rated player value! BUY him NOW!
  13. Re: My little Shrewbury Club Special Preview : Goal Keeper Position Shrewbury Town has line up their plans to creates future teams. For that, some youngsters have been brought to the club and rise to better players. In this preview, i like to discuss about my keepers possible and my master plans. 1. LENO, Bernd Gk 20 87 *If someone ask me about a good young keeper, he is one of my favorite. Of course, i don't think Leno will be my first eleven, but he will became one of hell of keepers. 2. TER STEGEN, Marc-André Gk 20 87 *My first eleven keeper and i'm following him quite long. Brilliant keeper, might better than De Gea (i'm a MU fan) i daresay! 3. BOGDAN, Ádám Gk 24 84 *Buy him if he free. He is very good keeper. 4. SANCHEZ, Liborio Gk 22 83 *I forget why i buy him, but surely, he is a riser! 5. ANDRADA, Esteban Gk 21 77 *Barcelona tried to sign him earlier, and a quite good keeper, though i have no clue about him. 6. FARNOLLE, Fabien Gk 27 75 *Buy for riser! 7. LEALI, Nicola Gk 19 75 *New Buffon? Great future thou! 8. LONG, George Gk 18 75 *Future riser! 9. HAMZIC, Dino Gk 24 70 *RISER! 10. GUERCI, Paolo Gk 19 70 Cheaop and Riser! Any suggestion are appreciated!
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