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  1. Re: Best AM-R/L/C under 25 If it was just one player it'd be ozil every single time
  2. Re: team overcrowding help! Tbh I don't think your problem really should be a problem, you can only play 11 players at a time. I don't feel the need to advise you when to me your squad sounds like its in great shape though over sized. Good luck?
  3. Re: andros townsend I've taken a punt on him, but I don't expect him to make my 1st team, he will be purely for profit when his rating goes up, so I'm hoping he plays consistently if not at a high level. Unless he grows to become a player like Rooney then he'd be a keeper lol
  4. Re: Mesut Ozil In real life yes, but in my gw ozil scores and creates more goals than appearances put together, so no I wouldn't. Also I have reus in my team already lol On a serious note, I think it's a good deal, reus can replace ozil while you gain a top class defender! Ozil is unlikely to hit 95 now he's moved to arsenal, no disrespect to the club or player, but 94 I think is pretty much the ceiling rating arsenal players can reach. Unless arsenal do something very special in the near future? Reus will surely hit 93/94 at some stage, so I don't think you will lose out a accepting this deal
  5. Re: Coutinho vs Cleverly you questioned mine, so why can I not question you? (serious Q) others understood my post besides you, that in itself is proof that my english is fine. but you failing to understand everyone else proves we can all question your english. (not true? read the whole thread carefully, evidence is there) and try telling that to sir alex ferguson that mufc should aim for a point at anfield!! (seriously funny) lol... if you are not deluded then you have a very closed mind. they average a little over a point yes (well done, fact)), but does that have to mean they aim for a draw every single year at anfield? (seriously?) some teams never even get a point from man utd, does that mean those teams every year aim to lose? (I don't think so) I love your insults lol... very amusing. intelligent people who can reason with logic don't need to throw insults out like you btw. you definitely have lost a lot of respect from fellow posters including myself with your whole attitude and mannerism in your posts.
  6. Re: Coutinho vs Cleverly with the recent lfc I think certain clubs would try nick a draw at anfield. but to think mufc would be happy with a draw? very deluded indeed. and as phil says, my post does make perfect sense, as he understood it, so someone else's english is very poor lol... I love it when deluded people with closed minds just don't see reasoning and understand how to interact with people with other perceptions. they always fight back with posts that do not argue the case in the correct manner and end it with im right you're wrong, and sometimes add insult (which I find very entertaining).
  7. Re: Ter-Stegen SM hyped or genuine quality
  8. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion muller did have a spell where things didn't quite go his way and it was a pretty dry spell without goals (not this season but before) I would say 94 for now. 95 possible in future if all things go well
  9. Re: the next top defnders? there are only ever a one time a handful of defenders hitting 95/96 that's a big list growing lol...
  10. after lahm ramos vidic Ferdinand puyol etc etc who do you think will be the next generation of top defenders in sm that can hit the heights of 95/96 ratings?
  11. Re: xavi drop? you're having a laugh! Kids, you all need to seriously read what is posted up by who and the actual meaning if people's posts. If you don't understand posts then just ask like me, then fight you case if you disagree. There's no right or wrong. Everyone sees thing differently and so not have to agree with you. That's called acceptance and you get to move on!
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