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  1. Re: Hereford United - GC 266 Out of the Shield, but 100% at Division 5 The game against Norwich for the 2nd Round of the English Shield was very expected for Hereford, that was hoping for another surprise like the one of the previous round (6-1 against Notts Coutny). But it didn't happen. Norwich City won the game by 6-1 at Edgar Street. The goals were scored by Kane (10', 24', 52', 69') and Holt (15', 25'), while Breeveld scored for "The Bulls'. It was the first loss of Hereford at the current season, and Nick Big talked about it: "Well, what I can say??? It was a very difficult game a
  2. Re: EC 26335 - New Forum EC - Teams Available! 2-0 win over Fulham, with Lavezzi and Pepe scoring the goals. Now we are 8th with 11 points...
  3. Re: EC 26335 - New Forum EC - Teams Available! 1-0 win over Tranmere
  4. Re: Hereford United - GC 266 Hereford makes it 3 out of 3 Macheda is on an amazing form The game against Ebbsfleet United was going to serve to Hereford prove that their current streak wasn't luck. And it happened on the best way possible: 3-1 win, with total control of the match (60% of possession and a total of 29 shots on target). The goals were scored by Patosi (3'), Grozav (35') and Macheda (83'), while Elder (76') scored for the other side. Macheda played and amazing game and was later voted MoM for the 2nd time in 2 games this season in Division 5, achieving an amazing average
  5. Re: Gold Championship 253- ENGLAND- OPEN NOW!!! 2-0 win over Jahn Regensburg, with Jajalo scoring both goals
  6. Re: EC 26335 - New Forum EC - Teams Available! Schahin 78 -> 83 Play against unmanaged Norwich today. First team is back to action
  7. Re: The REAL World Championship Sorry guys, left Lyon also
  8. Re: Hereford United - GC 266 2 in a row for 'The Bulls' After a 5-1 win over Hyde on the opening game, the expectations were high for Hereford United on their 2nd league game against Forest Green Rovers. The game was away, but 'The Bulls' didn't feel intimidated and controlled the match during its whole time, winning with another nice amount of goals: 4-0. The goals were all scored on the last 15 minutes of the game: Vogt (75'), Canham (81' and 85') and Patosi (83'). The curious thing is that Canham started the game to substitute Macheda, that for fitness reasons was kept out of the game
  9. Re: The REAL World Championship Congratulations to Dortmund for winning the U23
  10. Re: EC 26335 - New Forum EC - Teams Available! Play against Manchester United today. Jovetic is out, so Bradley will enter on his place. Will play my 2nd team, so a draw would be excellent...
  11. Re: GC 250 - AlbinoLeffe Division 3 Challenge Young star joins AlbinoLeffe After a lot of competition and trying, finally Monaco decided to sell Lucas Ocampos. The young Argentinian star had a lot of competition from huge teams, like Manchester United and PSG, but because of the amount offered he joined the Italy Division 3 team. He is expected to play his 1st game today, against Taranto.
  12. Re: The REAL World Championship U23 Final Preview - Lyon vs Dortmund Key Player The Lyon's key player couldn't be other than the amazing Eden Hazard. The 21 years old Winger is not currently on his best season with the french team, but he is still the most important player from their whole squad. On this season he only has 2 goals in 17 games in Division 1, but he is still the biggest hope for the French. Possible Formation (5-4-1) Megyeri (85) Van Rhijn (80) - Lovren (89) - Kaya (84) - Umtiti (86) - Kolodziejczak (85) Pjanic (90) - Gonalons (89) - Oscar (87) Hazard (92) Aubame
  13. Re: EC 26335 - New Forum EC - Teams Available! 1-1 draw with Blackpool and a 5-4 win on penalties... Unfortunately played my 1st team and now Jovetic id out for 7 weeks
  14. Re: Hereford United - GC 266 Surprising win for Hereford 2,146 fans went to Edgar Street A surprise. This is how we can define the 6-1 victory of Hereford United against Division 3 side Notts County on the English Shield Round 1. To get things even more impressive, 'The Bulls' played their 2nd team, only keeping Macheda and Horn from their original Starting XI. The goals were scored by 6 different players: Vucinic, Fabio Ferreira, Cevik, Macheda, Bryan and Batha. After the game, Macheda was voted MoM for the 2nd time in 2 games this season. The only bad news is that Vucinic suffered
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