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  1. Re: Old face back again. Things have changed a bit Haha, I remember when the GFX was small as well... i was terrible to begin with ;)
  2. Hey, I dunno whether or not anyone will remember me, but i thought I might as well announce it Finished my HSC and now 5 months of bludging around before university...yeww:D:D Anyway, I haven't been on the forums for ages, apart from one post a few weeks ago.
  3. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? ahhhh, thanks very much mate. :D
  4. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I have received an offer for Blaise Matuidi of $7,250,000 I don't think its worth it, but does anyone know how he is playing at Saint-Etienne??? Thanks
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Probably should have said this, but i am palermo...sorry:o So you would do it? Thanks and repped
  6. Palermo have made an offer to Tokyo Verdy for Givanildo Vieira HULK of £0 plus Christian TRASCH and Niklas MOISANDER I'm not sure if TRASCH or MOISANDER will rise again... Any help?? I need to do a P/E because i don't have enough money. Here is my squad: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=65529&clubid=8768070&sid=10127
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Palermo have made an offer to Tokyo Verdy for Givanildo Vieira HULK of £0 plus Christian TRASCH and Niklas MOISANDER Im not sure if Trasch or Moisander will go up again.... any help?
  8. Re: Rhys Williams Hmmmm......good if its true:cool: http://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=812839 P.S I have this guy on one of my teams - is he worth buying for the others??
  9. Re: Edwin Cardono Sounds like a good find! Keep it up! (repped)
  10. Re: Who to Sell??? bump.... just caught the server on the changeover...
  11. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=65529&clubid=12725186&sid=22538 Above is the link to my "reasonably" young Adelaide united squad:p. I have bought alot of young risers and I want to know who to sell on. Thank you in advance to any help given. Also if you want to suggest any more risers I should invest in, please feel free:D Thanks;)
  12. Re: Liverpool vs Chelsea - Clash of the Titans Benitez will play Benayoun in the lineup somewhere. He's been in form and this is just another glorified prem match:rolleyes:
  13. Re: Signature Design Feedback New Sigs as Well Again Feedback Is appreciated V.1 V.2
  14. Re: Signature Design Feedback Some new wallpapers here, personally i like the RATM one more than the Almunia one... Feedback is appreciated http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/2075/almunia.jpg http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/15/ratmwallpaper.jpg
  15. Re: Signature Design Feedback Mate i must say that is your best. Repped for an awsome sig:D
  16. Re: (Group 2) GFX Cup Spring Edition 09' Round 1 Voting and Comments Thread Could everybody comment, it makes it better for the competitors if they get feedback (coming from last Cups experience) 1) If this was in the other group I probably would have voted for it. It seems to have achieved a nice grunge feel (even with wack colours), and it all seems to work well. I like the cityscape blended into the background. The reason I didn't like this one was the colours (mainly). Overall a good entry, and you should be proud of yourself. bad luck you got drawn against whoever made the bottom one. 2) I voted for this one because it is fantastic. It is the best of both groups. The task was to create a logo and This is the perfect size. It just seems to all blend perfectly. Well done whoever made this, great entry
  17. Re: EARTH HOUR - Saturday 28 March 2009 I've done it in the past in Sydney, and if nothing else its cool to look out over your neighbourhood and see it pitch black:) (P.S - to those who think that its a scam, cant hurt to just do it anyway can it??)
  18. Re: Fifa09 Ps3 Knock out torny Sponserd by strongbow Pre Tournament Friendly 3 - VS - 0 Nathans pride was as stake (as well as his confidence) as he didn't want to lose 2 in a row. However dark Horses of the tournament Galatasaray were out to win as they started with a very attacking formation. The first chance came the way of Gala as Baros broke through, but it was well saved by VDS. The rest of the first half was reasonably even. The best chance of the half went to manchester as a good save by De Sanctis was deflected to C. Ronaldo. Fortunately for Galatasaray he blasted his volley over the bar. The second half was a much improved performance from Galatasaray, as they really started to hit their straps. The first goal was a delightful breakaway, and subsequent chip (from outside the box) from Milan Baros. Then VDS decided to become an outfield player, and was tackled by Kewell - and fortunately the ball fell to Baros to smack home his second of the match from 35 yard. The third goal was Lincoln at the far post volleyed straight into the net. Manchester had their best chance to score at the very end where De Sanctis pulled off a string of 9 close range saves to keep his clean sheet. Milan Baros after scoring his second goal
  19. Re: Fifa09 Ps3 Knock out torny Sponserd by strongbow I'll join! I'll have galatasaray thanks....;)
  20. Re: Ben Kantarovski I used to train with this guy, and let me tell you he is a freak. He was originally only going to play in the youth A-league, but he was considered a great talent so they gave him a chance.... And boy did he step up.
  21. Re: Lets Make A Story! ..........it said...........
  22. Re: Best song in the world at the mo I'm sorry but "Jizz in my Pants" is by far the best (and funniest) song in the world. Listen to it on youtube, hilarious!
  23. Re: FIFA World 2010 Discussions Thread I reckon Australia should go well in this cup. We have pretty much qualified, (we sit top of our group with 10 points) and need only one more win to qualify - I think... We are probably Asia's strongest team (if we play all of our stars:D) and we have been excellent under Verbeek. I reckon we could make it to the round of 8, but i suppose it depends on the draw. We would have made the round of 8 last cup except for a dubious penalty - http://www.tv.com/fifa-world-cup-germany-2006/round-of-16-italy-vs.-australia/episode/801916/recap.html?tag=overview;recap http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luis_Medina_Cantalejo (the ref seemed to really hate Australia...)
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