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  1. Re: Help Please! I need to know what players you have to do that;)
  2. Re: Help Please! I can only try. I would put... Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Defensive Passing Style: Direct Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Counter-Attack: Yes Men Behind Ball: Yes Tight Marking: Yes Play Offside: No Use Play Maker: No Use Target Man: Yes This might work:D , but maybe not:p Good Luck though:)
  3. Re: Signature Design Feedback you left the part inside his fingers;) other than that its nice:)
  4. Re: Signature Design Feedback Your sig is pretty cool' date=' but is with his eyes? That is kinda scary:o And no, i didn't use a tut And whats with the again????
  5. Re: Signature Design Feedback I made this for another forum (it seems that every other forum has sig limits of 500 x 200:( ) Any feedback? (excluding size)
  6. Re: Signature Design Feedback You used a tut on that one:D I've seen it before
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I am trying to get Yoann Gourcuff from a team in my setup. He is 22 years old and rated 89. At the Last rating changes he went up 2. I am thinking of trading one of my players José Manuel Jurado who is 22 years old and rated 88. He has also risen 2 in the last rating changes. Is the trade worth it?? Is there anyone else in my squad who is worth trading that he might accept?
  8. Re: Grudge match set-up transfer/news/match report thread Eddie Shaw Is The Best Current and All Time Game World Manager! Eddie Shaw has taken the crown for the two titles and leads by 6 points over Mr. Nice Guy and SoP Si (For)
  9. Re: Grudge match set-up transfer/news/match report thread Palermo Back in Business Palermo Have climbed the ladder up to fifth place after falling to tenth because of a string of good results. In their last seven games they have only lost 1 match (Palermo 1 - 3 Fenerbahçe), won 4 and drawn 2. They have also scored 15 in the past 7 games, and only conceded 7. Next up for Palermo is a home game against the league leaders FC Schalke. Recently Palermo went on a spending spree, and has brought in ten new players. The full list of signings is below Defenders: Demirel Volkan - GK - 27 - 90 Renan Leo - CB - 20 - 88 Emir Faccioli - CB - 19 - 83 Fabiano Santacroce - CB - 22 - 89 Sergei Parshivlyuk - RB/RM - 19 - 86 Lorik Cana - DM/CB - 25 - 91 Midfielders: Simon Vukcevic - LM/AM - 22 - 89 Matías Augusto Fernandez - RM/LM - 22 - 89 Diogo Viana - W/F - 18 - 72 Foward: Da Silva Muniz Liedson - F - 31 - 91
  10. Re: Signature Design Feedback lol:p only just remembered that. I will change it tommorow, although there are clearly others who ignore this rule;) and another thing, I made your current sig - It won the GFX cup round last year:D
  11. Re: Signature Design Feedback any feedback on my current sig???
  12. Re: Signature Design Feedback Its nice, but its a little hard to read the writing with the black writing against the dark blue background
  13. Re: Signature Design Feedback I prefer the darker ones TBH.
  14. Re: Signature Design Feedback I made a kanye west background. I have just got a copy of photoshop cs4 and this is the first thing i have made with it. (used some of a tutorial) http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk34/eddie_shaw/Kanyewestbackground.jpg any feedback??
  15. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! lol, oops:o only just read the thread. I have changed them now
  16. Re: Signature Design Feedback Made two, you can see the other one on the sig request page Thanks Zampa for some tips;)
  17. Re: Signature Design Feedback My first sig (I think) for this year:D . I kinda dropped off the radar for a bit.... but hope you all like it
  18. Re: Whats Wrong With Nerds? In Australia (sydney) where i am if you play soccer you are a nerd/loser:( Ignorant fools....
  19. Re: The meaning behind your Username. Mine is a bit random ... but anyway eddie - thats my name:D 101 - how many goals my team scored last season:p (we went undefeated and had 1 guy who scored 53 - he now plays for Aussi under 17 team:rolleyes: )
  20. Re: The Song Name Game Venus in Fur - Velvet Underground
  21. Re: GFX Cup - The Semi-finals whats that supposed to mean?? that I am so cr@p or something:confused: I am the only person in the semis that was using a free program... the rest of you have cs2 or cs3 I think that comment was harsh and unjustified....
  22. Re: Grudge match set-up Prize discussion thread - season 1 Not sure whether i should vote for myself but... A) I only had a starting budget of 14 million I only had a handful of good players - by that i mean 90 and up C) Managed to win the division 1 title with an average squad rating of 87 D) Also my star player - Zinha - got player of the season:D
  23. Re: GFX - Round 6 - Group 1 - (public vote - which is your fave?) quite true, that design doesnt fit the perameters and so therefore should be docked points or disqualified
  24. Re: South American U21 Risers I bought like half of these guys for my sevilla squad, thats why it took so long for me to reply;) On a random thought - what about Buonanotte - he should rise shouldn't he??
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