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  1. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! LMAO:D
  2. Re: Arrange a friendly... Hey mate, As far as I know it isn't possible. However you might want to check the game blog just in case they are going to add it;)
  3. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! I made one - hope this is good:)
  4. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! they are getting quite good now Nick:D Thnx for helping out!
  5. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED and if thats not good enough' date=' then how about this: [url']http://www.fcbarcelona.com/web/english/[/url] satisfied now?
  6. Re: GFX Cup Sponsored by Widdy - Sign up thread huh, i just knew something like this would start. I'm in!
  7. eddie101


    Hey guys, I have just secured 3rd spot in Div 2 with a PSV team in WC450. I was just wondering - how much will my stadium increase? This is it currently: Philips-Stadion (35,270) Also another thing. Recently with this same team my finances have suddenly nosedived for no apparent reason. I have bought or sold no one recently, and have also had no one loaned in or out recently. I have lost around 6 million and it is getting really bad:( (so much so that i went for a balence of 6 million to anywhere around -250k or +156k(depending on whether its a home or away game)) Has this happened to anyone else?? Does anyone know why?
  8. Re: 20 year old player RETIRING!!!!!! they will probably just close the ticket:D lol
  9. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup who was da manager before me:confused: he screwed me over a little... he used Mexican players as part of his exchanges, and then for the higher rated players (mexican or non Mexican) he didn't sell em' for cash :( will just have to concentrate on lifting the cup this year:D I'm playing Atletico Madrid in the Semi's Hoping to build up my squad this year, and content for the title next year
  10. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup Cool Could I plz join and can I take America, and the nations are: MEXICO & AUSTRALIA:D could you send the pass plz:cool:
  11. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup
  12. Re: Post Your Desktop I usually alternate between these 2:
  13. Re: YouTube Videos These are all part of the same ad campaign. They were for the World Cup in 2006, and they were all class:D All of these are worth watching:D
  14. Re: Biggest Shocks / Upsets I won 1 - 0 against a full strength inter team (average starting squad rating of 93). They had the Likes of zanetti, viera, Ibrahimovic and Ribery:eek: I was playing my youth team (and then the youths with the lowest moral), as i have just secured the league title and my players conditions were low. My average squad rating was 83, with my highest being hugo lloris (GK - 90) and the lowest being some guy rated 69. I was expecting to lose, but I won 1-0!!
  15. Re: Greatest ever Win ah ok soz:o If a mod could delete this plz
  16. I did search and didn't find anything (but we all known how reliable that can be ) So... What is your greatest ever win??? Mine happened just last night when i beat a full strength inter milan squad ( average IX rating of 93) with my sevilla youth team (average XI rating of 83) The screenshot below proves it If you have found this secret, hiddden message, PM me for rep:D
  17. Re: Grudge match set-up transfer/news/match report thread How did Boca get a SBP of +2?? They lost 2-1 to espanyol in turn 7, and then lost 5-0 to Stuttgart in turn 8 ??
  18. Re: Guess the Countries Flag Thread! Is it the flag of Angola???
  19. Re: The Holiday Thread Going to Vietnam for a month or so from Boxing day to January 30;) It'll be sweet, Might see tom pham:rolleyes:
  20. Re: Strangest forum name ever? Asian Invasion isn't so good where I'm from: Sydney (Near Manly if anyone is interested...) Usually said because we have so many Asian people in Australia and escpecially in sydney. Asian Invasion is used in jokes like: "stop the invasion run over and asian" or "what happens if america bombs china??" "nothing' date=' they are all in Australia"[/i'] etc I don't use it personally, and I wasn't meaning to offend the Asian people on the forums (tompham springs to mind) but I just thought you should be informed
  21. Re: Arranging Friendlies ah. OK probably should have read a little more closely
  22. Sami Nasri is supposedly in London today to sign a deal with Arsenal. He will have a medical examination and then agree to the personal terms of the contract http://www.goal.com/en/Articolo.aspx?ContenutoId=704302 http://www.aboutaball.co.uk/footballnews/View.php?ArticleID=655
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