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  1. Re: Liverpool99's Graphics thread Hey liverpool99 Id like a Valencia and Liverpool crest background with VIlla n Torres in the forefront in theior club jerseys possible? Thanks
  2. Re: Kyle Turner's Sig Gallery Okay firstly Kyle,hey! Great sigs above me and I resisted the urge to steal a few Um a request here- A Sig with a valencia and Liverpool badge background and a Villa & torres in club jerseys forefront...possible? Thanks anyway
  3. Re: the manager isn't happy with the deal you must be so proud:p
  4. Re: "A particular club wanted" thread What are the chances that a setup owner would have to look here to fill up his Man Utd,Real spots? These are the teams everyone wants so...
  5. Re: Joz's International Top 10! Hey Joz-I would love Spain! rep-77
  6. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! ESPANYOL stun JUVE Daniel Guiza's shock 5th minute strike left the result an unlikely 1-0 as the espanyol supporters went wild in celebrations. The manager had this to say,"I believe we deserved to win this game and thankfully we took our chances or that would have come back to haunt us against a quality side like Juve.But this result was tough on the thin squad and I have to ring in changes for the Everton game.Yes I am confident of beating them and then we can hopefully challenge for the second place only 3 points away.Also I am look
  7. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! ESPANYOL TROUNCE SEVILLA ESPANYOL displayed a controlled performance to beat Sevilla 2-1 at home and there was not much wrong with Espanyols performance but they had to deal with injury to their star defender Barzagli and tiring forwards as Espanyol struggled to stay on top in the dying minutes.... The manager had this to say,"Its only 3 games into the season and we have to deal with lack of depth...I am also very disappointed with Barca not getting back to me on transfer possibilities...I have sent messsages to many clubs and I hope s
  8. Re: Mr HoW's possibly national setup Mr HoW: Id love to join the national setup Would love Spain,if not Argentina.Anyway if its drawn to me Ill stick to whichever team I get I think that chairman values would be fair. Imagine MU telling Liverpool Rooneys all yours for 80 million.Kills Liverpools transfers and stagnates the game.
  9. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! Barca teams fightback Barcelona and Espanyol had similar starts to the season with their opponents scoring first to break the dreadlock.The teams showed immense character to make sure they werent leaving this fixture empty handed and while Espanyol grabbed an equalizer Barca went on the kind of rampage only they can go on and wreaked Havoc on the scousers opening day. Guiza,Espanyols hero for the day had this to say,"Well it really shows the quality we have and the spirit to claw our way back into this game.We hadnt given up till the
  10. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! so the only transfer rule now is the window?
  11. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! Kev-Ive pmd a few people and posted the queries of rules for this setup but no one is completely sure about it. Can Real deal with CHelsea? I though that wasnt allowed!
  12. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! Riquelme returns to Spain! The Spanish dailys went in a tizzy today as the Argentine playmaker Riquelme returned to Spain and signed for lower leaguers Espanyol.Riquelme was Karthiks first major signing and he joined the other new signings Guiza and Barzagli as they received their shirts in a packed stadium cheered on by fans. The manager had this to say,"Well I believe this season for Espanyol lies largely on the shoulders of this Argentine player ho can either lead us to glory or guide us to mid table mediocrity.Yes he is the new C
  13. Re: My New Unique Setup! search for it its been created peeps.
  14. Re: My New Unique Setup! queries: 1st of all can you do transfers only between partnered clubs??? 2nd what is the points system? 3rd when are the transfer windows? Say real madrid have 50 points and athletico have 50 And Barca have 60 and Espanyol have 40 Who wins the title? If its down to GD then it should be the GD of both the teams added right? If teams dont get partners then they partner the unmanaged clubs but these clubs lose 12-0 sometimes will that be taken care of? So youre sacking managers who finish last? scary lol
  15. Re: Love Thy Rival Match Report/Transfers etc...Thread! Espanyol appoint unknown manager! Espanyol yesterday appointed Little known manager,Karthik to lead their charge in the lower league.Karthik was unavailable for comment but the fans and media alike are skeptical at the managers prowess and experience. "Yes it is true that we have appointed a new manager at Espanyol.Karthik is a good manager and this is a well thought decision made in the best interests of the fans board and club alike.We hope to have a strong working relationship with Barca to jointly win the title this season.Barcel
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