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  1. Re: Adam avfc's World Elite LIVERPOOL BEAT JUVE 4-2 But Juve are unmanaged so I dont feel like talking much about it :S
  2. Re: New Setup Barca manager here *gosh that feels grand * What are the rules of the setup by the way? I assume you shouldnt buy from unmanaged clubs as then noone will join Apart from no cheating are there any more rules?
  3. Re: The WC Challenge - Match report thread. you edited my post to say that I like pie ? ) Anyway sorry about that just a bit steamed at the bug ill delete now
  4. Re: The WC Challenge - Match report thread. that prediction is insulting lol DELGADO WARNS WHU Delgado warned West Ham United that he couldnt wait to run at the over rated Ferdinand and promised to make life miserable for the English lad... how this mini challenge works out is waiting to be seen Also Sampdoria have bought an Italian CM Barone by the way is a word rhyming with bell and startting with h automatically censored on the notice boards?shocking really testing :****
  5. Re: The WC Challenge - Match report thread. How the **** did Feyenoord get 35 million? its unfair lol Anyway must be to compensate for the lack of managerial skill Napoli going for the under 90s lol You expecting these players to shoot up before the season end?
  6. Re: The WC Challenge - Match report thread. oh and one CM is on his way to sampdoria! ps-i think i love ths club....more fun than pool,milans arsenals etc
  7. Re: The WC Challenge - Match report thread. so thats WHU NAPOLI SAMPDORIA BETIS FEYNOORD gone to forumers... oh well good luck for 2nd and 3rd place...1st is mine! *evil laugh*
  8. Re: The WC Challenge - Match report thread. The more the merrier! Hope you do well not as well as me of course Lol thrashed Betis in a game both managers forgot to name the lineups Wingers in goal lol
  9. Re: help I thought you get 1st preference if you set up the WC? Anyway I dont think its fair if SM kick him out but you paid for the setup and should get the team you paid for Contact SM though...always worth a try
  10. Re: The WC Challenge - Match report thread. ***Sampdoria Team News*** Sampdoria made a mark in the transfer market straight away as the manager signed up Delgado F Amelia GK Diaz Def to strengthen the squad They face off against fellow promotion contenders Betis who have signed in Montenegro to kick off the season Also rumours abound that Cassano is on his way out for a midfield player swap...more on this as we get it
  11. Re: The WC Challenge - Match report thread. And the rules are: Take a club from Division 4 as high as possible! Better if you take a new club as all the effort will have been your own... Would be nice to have you all in 1239 but its not a compulsion JUMP IN PEOPLE So far WC 1239 Arsenal 123-Real Betis ***Karthik***-Sampdoria
  12. Re: Prove your ability in the WC challenge. Not an entirely original idea but Ill take it! Taken Sampdoria in the same setup and I picked it over Man City Make the enw thread already!
  13. Re: World Championship 1057 SAVIOLA REPAYS FAITH Saviola repaid the faith put in him by grabbing a hattrick against a hapless Shalke The scoreline 6-2 was more fit for a Sunday league game than a World Championship match
  14. Re: World Championship 1057 10-0 whats going on :@
  15. Re: World Championship 1057 USTARI, Óscar G 21 89 100 Excellent £7.4M Sascha G 15 69 100 Okay £39k £20k PAREDES, Javier LB 25 87 84 V.Good £5.3M DIOGO, Carlos RB 24 91 85 Good £8.2M FABIANO ELLER, Dos Santos CB/DM 30 90 100 GARAY, Ezequiel CB 21 90 87 Excellent £8.1M DJOUROU, Johan CB/DM 20 87 100 Excellent £6.1M DOMÍNGUEZ, Julio César D 20 87 94 Good £6.1M TYMOSCHUK, Anatoliy CM/DM 28 91 99 Good £6.6M ZAPATER, Alberto CM/DM 22 90 76 Good £7.9M MATUZALEM, Francelino CM/RM 27 90 88 BARONE, Simone CM 29 90 94 V.Good £5.6M £5.4M 29 Jan D'ALESSANDRO, Andres AM/LM 26 92 82 Average £8.4M DANIEL CARVALHO, da Silva AM 24 90 65 Excellent £7.4M CANER, Erkin AM 19 84 100 V.Good £4.3M SAVIOLA, Javier F 25 92 92 Excellent £8.7M DELGADO, César F/W 26 90 98 Good £7.0M CROUCH, Peter CF 26 91 91 Superb £7.7M Great squad? I know Now time to get some results as the squad is finaaaaaaaaaaaaaally in place
  16. Re: World Championship 1057 MANAGER UNDER FIRE The manager Karthik is under criticism from all quarters as he swapped Milito with Saviola in a deal this week! It is a known fact that karthik is a great fan of Javier but this move was a bolt from the blue... Karthik reassured the fans that he knew what he was doing and asked the fans to look at Saviolas form for Madrid...Also it has been revealed that Diego asked the manager for the transfer so he could play in division 1 Saviola fits into the new look side that Karthik has created but Karthik hints there are still a few more transfers to go before he has finished rebuilding... He has also announced that Alessandro will not be sold and is part of the big picture in mind...
  17. Re: Adam avfc's World Elite LIVERPOOL NEWS Liverpool downed Bayern Munich 3-0! as new boy Delgado netted[again!] and Crouch scored his double from under pressure by the manager Bellamy on the other hand seems to be certain of an anfield exit after a recent bustup with the manager ... A replacement should arrive anyday according to the Merseyside daily...
  18. Re: Adam avfc's World Elite Manager blasts Crouch and Bellamy! The manager had a good long talk after Liverpool went down 2-0 to Valencia in a game that was otherwise balanced everywhere but the goals as Bellamy and Crouch managed to waste a number of good chances as Valencia cashed in on theirs.... The game was close than the scoreline suggested but the liverpool manager conceded that Valencia deserved to win.."When your players miss chances like those you cant say you deserved to win!" Bellamy is up for sale immediately...he has been told to go home and pack his bags and expect the transfer any time now
  19. Re: European Elite Match Reports/Transfers...ECT ***Arsenal colts go 2-1 down to Inter*** Arsenal went down to from 1-0 up to 2-1 down due to two super Suazo strikes... The manager came under flak for bringing on a striker when they were 1-0 up and went on to lose the game but he had this to say,"1-0is never a comfortable cushion and I expected us to score and then sit back to defend but these things happen and I have no regrets...Its all a part of the game...also I have signed in a couple of promising youth players "
  20. Re: European Elite - Great teams available Its a great setup with great teams left! join up people!
  21. Re: European Elite Match Reports/Transfers...ECT Arsenal challenge youth! Arsenal manager Karthik has asked his youth players to prove their worth in the European elitecup and has fielded a XI with the average age of 20 against Inter Milan...this should be a great learning opportunity for the youngsters as they face off against a possible full strength Inter milan Also cant belive Valencias manager left after selling Villa! Theyll be hard to fill in now if my squad wasnt so dam good I mightve taken over
  22. Re: Adam avfc's World Elite Liverpools squad is a bit poor seeing theyve been carelessly managed probably since season 1 So anyway all you forumers lets get the transfer activity and this thread up again!The Transfer list is a joke and please sell the players you have no use for! Ill ste the ball rolling- Kewell for sale Bellamy for sale
  23. Re: World Championship 1057 ***new offer*** Milito available for 18 million or a 90 rated defender + 7-8 million ayala sold by the way... Peter crouch has arrived at Zaragoza and he hopes Stevie G joins him
  24. Re: World Championship 1057 ***new offer*** Milito available for 18 million or a 90 rated defender + 7-8 million ayala sold by the way... Peter crouch has arrived at Zaragoza and he hopes Stevie G joins him
  25. Re: World Championship 1057 Milito-18-20 million Ayala-8 million make your bids and Ill seewhat I can do
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