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  1. Re: Wesley Sneijder VS Steven Gerrard

    its a bit of a no brainer really isnt it' date=' sneijder[/quote']

    Ah really?

    He is the captain for a club with strong history. SM just dropped him not long ago. Will SM drop him again in next month? Gerrard is some lowly 93!??!? Really?

    Milan is leading the standing, I seriously doubt Milan will give it away that easy after not winning it for so long. Inter slow start will definitely going to effect Sneijder's rating. He will not get any rise soon needless to mention.

    And also Gerrard had more minutes compare to Sneijder. Goals/assists were pretty same. But Gerrard scored more goals.

    And more one thing, the Serie A quality had dropped in recent time. Well you get the idea.

  2. Re: "Unhappy" level 4

    Just get the following message:

    "Darren FLETCHER has fallen out with the Manchester United manager and has handed in a transfer request."

    Despite giving him all the games since the day I took over the club, that still not good enough to keep him. Is simply impossible to save someone who is at lv 4 unhappy. Well thank you mr. ex-manager of Man U who is now all happy with his new Barca. His mistake, I suffered the punishment. Justice my rear.

  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Glad to see Torres had left Pool (well at least now i know my Torres in SM will be safe from dropping :)).

    And he deserve better. He is just wasting his career in Pool.

    Don't know why the Red fans get so mad about it? Is all because it is Chelsea? But they were the only club that bid Torres, so he got no choice.

    Get over it you babies.

  4. Ok I just took over a good decent Man Utd a week ago after the previous manager accepted a new job and moved to Barcelona. He left a mess for me now. Many of the players are "unhappy" at level 2, 3 or 4. The moment I saw that, I instantly put every one of them into the starting XI for the next match and the future matches. I am losing some matches but that is alright.

    One of the player is Darren FLETCHER, he is "unhappy" at level 4 and I do not want to see him leave soon, which I think he probably will, due to really low appearance.

    So my question is, why would the new manager has to be punish for losing player who is "unhappy" if it was the previous manager's fault?

    It would be nice if the new manager can sent the "unhappy" player on a vacation or something in the price of 500k and absent for 7 days. When he returns he will be "unhappy" at level 3.

    The rules to use such function:

    Manager newly took over the club

    Player who is "unhappy" at level 4

    Sounds good? I simply don't think that innocence people should be punish if it was someone else's fault.

  5. Re: Rvp 92?

    Fit means "NMF" or "Inj" won't appear next to his name after a game.

    thanks for clearing it up duh... :rolleyes:

    what im trying to say is that RvP is fit but he failed to make it to the starting XI because Chamakh is on fire

    you guys actually believe every single words that came out from any managers mouth is the truth? what do you expect him to say when RvP is not playing?

    "he is **** and he is crooked, he pay visit to the hospital far too often, he never injury free even for a season..." or something like that?

    anyway, RvP might just leave the club by the end of the season if not in january

    is very obvious what will happen soon

    he will complaint about not getting games, blah blah blah...

  6. Re: Rvp 92?

    fit or not fit that i don't know... but if a month and he's still not fit then i really don't know what is fit actually mean...

    anyway, isn't Chamakh is the 1st choice and replaced RvP?

    i think SM will drop him to 92 this time around...

  7. Re: Player Concerns - increase rate of change

    you are right

    i have a player who is level 2 concern and drop to level 1 back in april... and he still stuck at level 1 in november... despite i play him regular and now is almost december and is more than 2 seasons in the game already...

    i thought it was a bug at first... but it happens to all my teams in different setups... the concern thing is simply dis-functioning and serve no purpose IMO

    so when will my player get level 0? clear?!?!

  8. Annoying, annoying! Just lost a player rated 93 in a very competitive setup.

    I shortlisted the player ages ago and NO one else shortlisted him, and when his "transfer ban" is over in yesterday, i bid him then i went to bed.

    Woke up in the next morning, the another manager who DID NOT shortlisted him bid him and get him, now just waiting the deal to be complete.

    Do you ever heard of "bid war"? I would rather to have a "bid war" with the manager rather than completely losing the deal to him in such a lame situation. Sleeping is not a sin or a wrong doing ok.

    Aren't "bid war" is in real life football too?

    The reason i put a low bid is simply because no one else is shortlisted him. If i know this would happen, you really think the another manager will get the player right under my nose and me without putting a fight? Yea right....

    What's the point of having a players to be shortlisted anyway?

    Might as well do it like this guy, hide in the dark and strike me when i am not aware.

    Yes im saying this guy know that if he shortlisted the player, i will get the notice message and hence he plays dirty. Both of us are experience managers btw.

    Is SM supporting such behavior so that managers could "bid late" to steal players?

    Is just so unfair that SM has made the rules this way.

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