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  1. Re: Portuguese rating predictions (2008/09) What will happen to David Suazo (Benfica) in the next rating?
  2. Re: German Changes Any chance for Stefan Kiessling to hit 91?
  3. Re: Luka Podolski too bad Man City didn't put a bid him oh well...
  4. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes both Clichy and Sagna will stay at 92 ... 100% sure ... end of story
  5. Re: English Premier League Rating Changes no -2 for Drogba? suprise!
  6. Re: Netherlands 2008/2009 Rating Changes you really sure that Ismail Aissati will stay at 87?
  7. Re: Italian rating predictions (continued) Gokhan INLER will he stay at 90 or rise to 91?
  8. Re: High Rated Risers Yoann GOURCUFF what is the chances for him to get +2 to 91?
  9. Re: New Tactics the ratings are getting lower and lower as days passes by =\ and guess what the unmanaged team use 4-3-3 but using 4-4-2 starting line-up!!! new feature or new bug??
  10. Bore? Need some challenge? Then you must join World Championship 271. Do you have what it takes? WC 271
  11. Re: Roque Santa Cruz will drop to 90 for sure he is a good player but his club let him down...
  12. Re: Spanish Ratings Ruben De La Red will drop 1 or 2?
  13. I need RM rated around 86 or will rise to 86/87 in the future. Any recommendation? Thanks in advance.
  14. Re: Arshavin to Arsenal. . . . is he the right man . . . . NO
  15. Re: Arshavin to Arsenal. . . . is he the right man . . . . NO obviously arsenal midfield is the weakest area diaby is c-r-a-p everyone know that cesc will out for few months and who left for the play maker role? nasri? ramsey? wilhsher (spelling)? people who say arsenal do not need Arshavin = know nothing about football
  16. Re: New Squad Changes 18 players to 21 players? does this mean the unmanaged teams with 18 players, will buy an another 3 more?
  17. Re: Bendtner is a Clown poor guy got slaughtered by SM forumers
  18. Re: CM that will hit 88 soon? thank you for the recommendations but most of them are taken anymore? prefer aged under 30, i don't mind if he is 87 thanks in advance
  19. Bore? Need some challenge? Then you must join World Championship 196. Do you have what it takes? WC 271
  20. anyone that you would like to recommend?
  21. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction just lock it the predictions were so off
  22. Re: Its all over! Milan has rejected the deal to sell Kaka to Man City! thats explained it all!
  23. Re: High Rated Risers Glen Johnson 24/89 -> 90 -> 90/91 knowing for the fact that pompey is just a so so team... the best he can go is 90 and thats all Sebstián Leto 22/86 -> 88 -> 89 lul? i check his game time... is just decent only Theo Walcott 19/89 -> 89 -> 90/91 he is playing game now? or still resting in the bed? can't see him even be hitting 91 anytime soon, not even 90, unless he is playing A LOT
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