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  1. MCGEADY is not going up in the lastest english rating update? ZHIRKOV, could have the chance to hit 91? I really don't know... but CSKA played in the UEFA Cup I have these players on the flanks... Souza ROBINHO Franck RIBERY Joe Cole Mikel ARTETA Correia ADRIANO Carlos Vela Hasan SALIHAMIDZIC (out on loan, should offload him? he's getting old...) Tell me your opinion.
  2. Re: Morale change Ugly previous looks better
  3. Re: Oscar Sielva Moreno Espanyol Youngster few minutes in 4 la liga games
  4. Today i get a message saying: "Your chairman has secured the signing of Carlos SAUCEDO from Deportivo Quito on a free transfer." automatically buy player? is it bcoz i have a retire player? but funny i never recieve any message saying he has retire but when i check the squad page, he was gone... so i have to pay £2.4M for new boy? that is his value
  5. I know for sure that Terry will keep his 95 but what about Puyol? Ok Puyol won Euro 08, is that good enough for him to keep the 96? We all know that Barca didn't do as good as they should in last season. So your thoughts?
  6. Re: arsenal players are underrated Burs did you forgot to take your pills? He is stupid enough to ignored the fact that Wenger has won all these 11 titles in 13 years time under the throne. And the best of all he recycled the same old lines over and over again like some sidekick with one line. (if you know what i meant) Lines such as: "arsenal truther" "nowhere" and "a year before and a year before" (basisly burs says arsenal are going nowhere, no future, craap, blah blah blah) "gallas is not world class" (so you saying he is an amateur?) etc. Arsenal is not genuine title contender?
  7. Re: English Premier League ratings some time not long ago... gerrard play at RM to give room to the spaniard and sissoko to play at CM (rafa also claiming he will be the next patrick vieira) and now where is sissoko? shipped out and replaced by leiva at times rafa he is a bit lost and clueless in what he is saying and doing when yoo talk about Babel, did that remind anyone of walcott, both players are either subs in and subs out, get few starts here and there, some assists and goals
  8. Re: Robin van persie he will be a good 92 in the next english rating change, assuming if he got no major injury
  9. Re: Theo Walcott he is a good 89 atm surely sm will give him that
  10. Re: Setup Overview i see a con in the overview page "Elliott Knighton has angered the Lazio fans by resigning from the club." "Billy James has parted company with West Ham United after the manager decided that they have done all that they can for the club." in another word, come rip these teams after 48 hours, another way to encourge managers to rip the unmanaged teams to pieces
  11. Re: Buying rated 70 player for 50m the manager who bought the rated 70 player for 50m even know about this thread, but too bad he is too ashame/afraid to post in here
  12. Re: SMFA blocked deals correct but both managers do not know each other so is incorrect for the SM/chiarman/cheating prevention system to say they are "multiple account"
  13. Re: SMFA blocked deals it happen to me and another manager before, we both do not know each other we both are from same country (not england) at first i don't know that we are from same country, but the SM/chiarman keep on blocking our deal for like 3 times or so, then i check the manager profile and found out that we both are from same country so the only thing i can assume is that, the SM/chiarman/cheat prevention system block the deal bcoz both me and him have a similiar IP address example like: my IP 123.50.xx.xx his IP 123.50.xx.xx
  14. Re: SMFA blocked deals player value X 3 = max price (deal will go through most of the time, im not sure about old hags like 30+ yo though) you may ask: how about if player value X 3.1 = will the deal be block? well i never try that b4 if you try that b4 let us know what i also know is that... young player like escudero raul garcia (91) can sell at 45M or more
  15. Re: 24/7 Transfers delete ...
  16. Re: Buying rated 70 player for 50m Im not sure if it is alright to post someone profile in the forum Anyway' date=' me and him have a little conversation... Some of his unresponsible replied: [b']'so what because the team was rubbish i quit it'[/b] The team is rubbish then why do he picked it up at the first place and 1 month later 'Oh this team is rubbish i have to quit now'. I picked weak teams from time to time and turned it to a decent ones with the mixed of both old but higher rating and young but lower rating + good potential Is it really that bad to play weaker team? Is not l
  17. Re: Should I sell Escudero RAUL GARCIA just sold him for 45M i wonder if anyone sold him higher than that?
  18. Re: Buying rated 70 player for 50m well he finally quit the Deportivo La Coruña today, as i predicted this is his wonderful godly team that he built, well not really all he did was bought the c-r-a-p for 50m and disappear
  19. Seriously need help in here!!! No one in my setup can beat this team, which is now unbeaten for 20 games and counting... How to beat this team? He also have Rio FERDINAND (he just rested him in previous game) REP FOR ANY GOOD TACTIC THAT CAN BEAT THIS TEAM!!!
  20. Re: Should I sell Escudero RAUL GARCIA im pretty sure i can easily get offers in between 20M+ to 30M+ no long ago another team of mine in another setup sold ADLER, René (91) for 30M so this time around i think i could to sell him for 30M+ more or less but the question is still remain in my mind, should I sell him? im a bit reluctant to sell him you see but i guess i must make up my mind soon...
  21. i have: essien ballack frings pirlo fabregas kaka deco van der vaart all can play in the CM position, and plus im a bit desperate for cash the chances for RAUL GARCIA to get game is very slim he have huge potential to rise to 92, as long as you can perform well for Atlético Madrid and he is lurking for his first cap for Spain Should I sell RAUL GARCIA ?
  22. Re: Buying rated 70 player for 50m yes the player is a free agent... and you can bid at any amount, but i don't is alright to bid at ridiculous amount what happen if the manager quit after that? i feel sorry for the club and the next manager... really
  23. Re: Buying rated 70 player for 50m He has managed the club, Deportivo La Coruña for 1 month now and this is how he celebrated his 1 month anniversary His squad have 18 players and now have 19 players. Yes his first deal after 1 month he in charged of the club
  24. Today transfer update... It isn't funny... what a great way to screw up a team Obviously he is doing it on purpose I personal think that the club's chiarman should block this, don't you think so?
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