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  1. Re: how do you write link in private message ? i think SM block it coz some managers abuse the pm system by senting lots of bad site out, like ads, pr0n , etc. but of course not everyone do that so is a bit unfair, like my self i sent some useful football sites and chat with my friends through SM private message, yes i can use my email i guess but i rarely login or use it at all...
  2. it seems like SM have already ban the word 'www', link or whatever it is, i can't write link in private message ? is difficult for me and my friends to talk in private message in this days any way to write link to your friend in the private message?
  3. Re: 10k Player Alert!!! not sure how many of these will actually hit 80... for some reason i am not very convince
  4. it seems like SM have already ban the word 'www' or whatever it is, i can't write link in private message ? is hard for me and my friends to talk in private message in this days any way to solve this?
  5. Re: Loan Conditions wouldn't be too difficult to make some extra boxes, where the manager can tick whatever the option they want - can't play against the mother team in cup competition - can't play in any cup competition
  6. Re: 4-1-3-2 formation 4-2-3-1 any good to counter 4-1-3-2 ??
  7. Re: How to beat a 4-1-3-2 when im at home? so any good formation/tactic to counter 4-1-3-2 ??
  8. Re: Physical Tab loan player out - i use to check out that tab to see if they are getting games or not but now i found it much harder to see is so confusing is annoying to click different tab each time just to check out the foot and their average performance as you have to click 2 different tabs... and i have few other reason why i dislike it... overall, i don't like it at all plz bring back the previous one
  9. VEDERSON = 8 weeks a Pulled hamstring - 8 weeks (back approx 4th Sep) BAROS = 12 weeks if you see the picture, BAROS injury have a little bug there... it didn't say what kind of injury is that, i check his profile, - 12 weeks (back approx 28th Sep) both players from same team i found it hard to believe... default tactic, normal tackle, 4-4-2 and so...
  10. Re: bigger 'x' on the mini profile ! is bigger X now
  11. Luís Fabiano - Sevilla 93 rating aged 27 CF position both footed 24 goals in la liga goals 34 goals in all competitions Diego Forlán - Villareal 93 rating aged 29 F position both footed 16 goals in la liga goals 23 goals in all competitions Villareal, finished the season in 2nd place while Sevilla, finished the season in 5th place with 13 points behind of Villareal. Villareal will play Champions League in the next season and Sevilla will play UEFA Cup. Who will you choose? Why?
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Filippo INZAGHI, SM value is 3m what the maximum selling price?
  13. Re: who should i see? yea i hope so still have 2 months to go until the new season begin in August right?
  14. Re: who should i see? yes i meant 'sell' my bad... what about Alberto Zapater, Real Zaragoza was relegated to Segunda Division...?
  15. Re: who should i see? i have too many CM ...
  16. Re: people still dunno how to report dodgy deal if he doesn't visit the transfer page, how he know that person is cheating?
  17. i get a pm today saying: "i know that he cheats but idk how to send report thats the deal and i hate so much that hes cheating cause he get the best players :/" and he has 88 reputation, i guess he never use this forum too huh? how about making a big fat button "REPORT HERE" in the transfer page and pm page? oh wait maybe every single page? good idea? yes a very large one so that even the blind ones can see it too >_< gosh....
  18. ZAPATER, Alberto RAUL MEIRELES, José PAULO ASSUNCAO, da Silva who should i see among these three players, just one only
  19. im not sure if i should keep him in my team or not he probably will be my 6th choice striker, which mean he won't be get a single game except from cup games in real life, the highest he could possible to reach is maybe 90 that if he goals some handful of goals and make some classy performance but i have some doubt about that what do you guys think?
  20. will he ever get fit? posibble drop to 89? well Daniel Agger is a 89 should i get rid of him in my squad?
  21. Shunsuke NAKAMURA is RM/AM and he is left footed and i did read this piece of info http://www.soccermanager.com/help.php/index.php/Player_Profile#Foot so you tell me, he play less good bcoz he is RM and left footed? i found it weird now i dunno how NAKAMURA play in real life but i know he is a good player i have some experience in this foot thing in SM i have Joe Cole, he is W and right footed when i play him on the left side, he play bad, get 6 form... but when i play him on the right, he play good, get 9 form, some assists & goals (this is base on many games, not just 1 or 2 ga
  22. Re: AI went nuts still no fix for this issue? have backup CM http://img339.imageshack.us/my.php?image=26266534vu1.bmp winger play at CM position http://img341.imageshack.us/my.php?image=80902175zj9.bmp
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