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    Re: Banned? same thing happen to me i don't have 2 accounts in 1 setup i quit the old one and join a new team in the setup and it pop out a message saying "you are banned from this setup" yet another ridiculous rules made by SM
  2. Re: People joining setups and quitig within a day..... the worst thing is they joined for few days, then buy loads of crappy players and then quit is sickening
  3. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Andriy VORONIN dropped to 89 ? he deserve it?
  4. Re: Arsenal- Hleb didn't i heard that Real Madrid want to sign him in January or something? but i don't think he will leave tho
  5. Re: Inconsistent Rating Scheme In my oppinion, C. Ronaldo could be 97 or 98 actually (SM staff need to be brave to give him 98) anyone remember how Gattuso beat the crap out of Ronaldo in last time CL semi-final ?
  6. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Emmanuel Eboué still stucked at 89 but David Bentley is 90 =\ so i guess Arsene Wenger is wrong for letting Bentley go Manuel Almunia is 89 only? i was expecting he will be 90 Eduardo da Silva stay at 90, this also disappointed me Emmanuel Adebayor is 91, but he is as good as Robin van Persie Arsenal attacking force is not so strong afterall
  7. Re: When a player gets injured unfortunately you have to play with 10 men + 1 injured dude however im not too sure if it will effect the injured dude performance or not, i mean will he get poor rating? but of course this is just a game, could you imagine if a real player get a broken bone and finish the whole 90 minutes
  8. the palermo manager sell his best player to the chelsea manager at cheap price the palermo team have 18 players before and he buy 1 rubbish player (85 rating) to make it 19 in total when i pm the palermo manager why he buy the rubbish player, he reply, i can't sell Cristian ZACCARDO (his best player) to chelsea manager if i don't do that what to do?
  9. Re: Nicholas Anelkas Move To Stanford Bridge... Drogba will leave soon or later anyway ...
  10. Re: Size of Liverpool squad honestly i never see those so called youngster play before...
  11. Re: CAN'T APPLY TO MANAGE??! same problem here
  12. Re: Fee Disclosure i say no to this idea but i do felt sorry for you, out bid by 5k on teves lol and btw that what sms for in SM but of course you need to pay
  13. can someone tell me what going wrong here?
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