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    Delita got a reaction from ThePlayMaker in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    SIMAO, Sabrosa
    who should i sell?
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    Delita got a reaction from Danny_Williams in arsenal players are underrated   
    Re: arsenal players are underrated
    Burs did you forgot to take your pills?
    He is stupid enough to ignored the fact that Wenger has won all these 11 titles in 13 years time under the throne.
    And the best of all he recycled the same old lines over and over again like some sidekick with one line. (if you know what i meant)
    Lines such as:
    "arsenal truther"
    "nowhere" and "a year before and a year before" (basisly burs says arsenal are going nowhere, no future, craap, blah blah blah)
    "gallas is not world class" (so you saying he is an amateur?)
    Arsenal is not genuine title contender? (yes burs say that too)
    i never ever recall arsenal finish outside of the top 4.
    btw isn't that last season it was a 4 or 5 points gap?
    He even darn to says "France is not good".
    FYI France has reached to the WORLD CUP 06 Finals and finished as 1st runner-up
    FYI England failed to qualify for Euro08
    So are you implying that Ferdinard and Terry should drop to 92 just like Gallas should? (yes burs said gallas is a 92)
    Isn't Vidic and Terry earned them self an early shower in thier last game.
    They should drop to 92 like burs said before that Gallas is a cry baby (base on what happen in the birmingham match last season)
    Adebayor is mercenary (One of burs favorite lines too btw)
    C.Ronaldo is mercenary (lucky Madrid)
    Robinho is mercenary (lucky Chelsea)
    And therefore this will effect thier form too (remember you say this too burs?)
    Tard that pick up every single nonsense he could possible think off in his small nut shell brain.
    I think this month of September KING OF BASHER award goes to.... burs!!! Congratulation tard!
    You just EPIC FAILED along with all your nonsense shet.
    Ignorance is bliss. And he live for that.
    One mind set. And he is just so very sad.
    You are seriously have some attitude problem.
    I reckon mod/staff to close this thread due to the fact that someone have full intention to talk nonsense and spoiling this good thread.
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    Delita reacted to TomOwen in Florent Malouda   
    Re: Florent Malouda
    I can't see why he isn't going to rise to a 93. Played very well last season for Lyon and now still a very good performer at Chelski and has taken a place in the first team. A rise to 93.
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    Delita reacted to Meis in Slave are dying HELP!!!   
    Can someone sent them to the hostipal to see the doctor, because they are in dying condition?
    I felt sorry for those half dead players. But funny thing is they can still play football and NO injury.
    I wonder where are the logic and realism?
    They must have super natural power i think.
    Maybe next time managers have to take an IQ test before they can takeover a club.
    I sent a nice polite pm to the manager and the next thing i know, that dude is already quit and someone else has took over. Good news i guess? At least no more retard manager who with gold membership managering Man Utd? Where is my cookie, i just save a club?
    I hope that SM will look into this and oh same goes to the unmanaged team, the AI are not so intelligence after all.
    My suggestion are:
    If you choose to play unfit/tired/low fitness/low condition players, then the players are taking higher risk of getting injury, unlike the situation above which that dude plays his players for tens of matches and still looking as fine as ever.
    And as for the unmanage team, the AI should know when is the right time to do team rotation or player changing. Who ever who is below 60 or 50 fitness or whatever shouldn't play at the starting XI and take some rest.
    Thanks for your time for reading this.
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