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  1. Re: Some Help Please Thanks for your feed back!!! I'm no expert but would be interested on your thoughts on a few things.. i bought Rochina as Fergie says that he's impressed with him, have I got this wrong? I've also heard good reports about Jean-Daniel AKPA AKPRO in France. Can anyone clarify this? Thanks again
  2. Re: Some Help Please thanks, i'll deff keep the players in bold!!! are you suggesting to get rid of all the players you haven't mentioned? are they not going to rise in the future? thanks again
  3. Hi, I'm in a really competative game world (who isn't) and as most of the top players are taken i've tried to build for the future. My youth team has since grown dramatically and was wondering if i could have some help as to whether these are worth keeping and who i should just get rid of. If my "scouting" is poor I could also do with some pointers in the right direction... Here we go.. GK Baptiste REYNET Stefanos KAPINO Jack BUTLAND, Abdoulaye KEITA, Defenders Dico KOPPERS, Lucas RODRIGUEZ, Jetro WILLEMS, Abel TAMATA, Šime VRSALJKO, Djibril SIDIBE, Samuel UMTITI, Karim REKIK, Jordi AMAT, Kurt ZOUMA, Felice NATALINO, Grant HANLEY, Bruno UVINI, Midfield Jean-Daniel AKPA AKPRO, Carlos CASEMIRO, Aparecido WELLINGTON, Emmanuel FRIMPONG, Sidy KONÉ, Jordan LUKAKU, Juan BERNAT, Alcántara RAFINHA, Saphir TAIDER, Hannes VAN DER BRUGGEN, Thorgan HAZARD, Raheem STERLING, Jordan AYEW, Ryo MIYAICHI, Jordan IBE, Matt PHILLIPS, Forwards Danny WELBECK, Alexandre LACAZETTE, Rubén ROCHINA, Andy POLO, Ángelo HENRÍQUEZ, Álvaro MORATA, Harry KANE, Joel CAMPBELL, John GUIDETTI, Mattia DESTRO,
  4. Re: DEFOUR, Steven could really do with some help here please
  5. Hasn't been any updates on him for a while and wondered whats the latest on him, is he worth keeping? I've got him along with ramsey, wilshire, dzemaili and inler. Will he rise or stay? Would be greatful for your help
  6. Re: Length of time a team must be unmanaged before players can be bought In my game world: arsenel, milan, roma and man u have been unmanaged (or unfairly managed) for months. Its really frustrating as there are a few players that would improve my team and as with sooo many game worlds trading is almost impossible with other managers. Why could a rule not be brought in where if a manager manages the squad for say less than 24 hours then the 7 day period continues from where it left off... for example, someone takes over on the 6th day, resigning after 2 hours then buying players can commench on the 8th day. However if they manage the club for more than 24 hours, the 7 day period would start again. What are peoples thoughts? (if anyone can make sense of my suggestion)
  7. When bidding for a player from either an unmanaged club or a team outside of the gameworld, what is the delay before a bid being accepted? Is there a standard delay of x hours depending if another manager bids? Would be interested to know if anyone knows the answer Thanks
  8. Re: Payet Thanks I'll give that a go then, what about Souza Andre? Is he worth keeping or not?
  9. I'm interested in Payet and have been offered a deal and wondered if anyone could help me out... Manager has offered me Payet in exchange for: Souza ANDRE + Jordan AYEW I've heard positive things about Ayew, but not much about Andre Is that a good deal for me (ie getting payet and loosing ayew) or should I try and keep Ayew and offer Coleman of Everton instead? Thoughts please
  10. Re: Contracts thanks for all your responses. i was hoping to snatch a few players when the season ends buy it looks as though that idea wont work, lol. so what is the actual point of contracts if they do extend automaticaly?
  11. Re: Contracts so even when a player (at a managed club) contract rund out, he wont get released?
  12. What happens to players from other managed teams at the end of the season when they only have a single year? do they get released or do they get renewed?
  13. Although he has just scored his 100th goal, he has just come back from injury and not played very well, is he going to drop?
  14. Re: Make a quick buck or for future? thanks for that, but any help on the players ?
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