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  1. being new to a gold membership ive noticed the transfer market abit small and the gap between clubs growing bigger. you are not allowed to buy a player for less than the player value, but wouldnt it make the whole game world more competative and stop the need for everyne scrambling for the big teams or leaving because they dont win for a few weeks etc, if its possible for the lower league teams to be able to get a discount on the fee for a player. i know this might make it cause for fraud in the game world but there are other ways to help stop this like the player having a division cap on there rating , it goes a point lower as they go lower in division for the transfer. on a temp basis , just like the transfer bans .
  2. chunky

    add me if you want

    hello . my ps3 gamertag : - chunky7123 xbox360 gamertag : - chunkybutt7123 facebook is david goodfellow . the pic is a football pitch and the network is manchester thought id put on informatom so if anyone interested in adding me can do so if you adding me on facebook leave a little message that you from sm , the wife gets abit funny when i add strangers ??? just incase some of you are female on sm . you never know
  3. chunky

    Forty Special Ones - discussion thread

    Re: Name your team - new custom world id like to join port vale for me . yep i put port vale i like a challenge nickname : chunky think my game name is david goodfellow
  4. chunky

    i want to join league

    im interested in joining a custom league , are there any vacancys about
  5. chunky

    age limit to play

    Re: age limit to play cheers thank you for that . thanks chunky
  6. chunky

    age limit to play

    hello my son as been watching me on SM for a while and says hes interested in playing it , is there a age limit for peoeple to join soccer manager . ive tried looking on the help section and cant find anythingf about it . thanks chunky
  7. chunky

    match days

    Re: match days thank you all for your help. good luck to you all
  8. chunky

    match days

    Re: match days thank you , could you tell me when the results come in
  9. chunky

    match days

    Re: match days sort of matey , just need to know if i have to send my team selection off anywhere
  10. chunky

    match days

    do i have to d anything for the match to be played . other than do the tactics and pick the squad. does anything have to be sent off to anyone
  11. chunky

    where are you from

    how many people play are from stoke on trent
  12. chunky

    F.A.O ALL in english championship 53

    Re: F.A.O ALL in english championship 53 why ???????
  13. I have put a few players on the transfer market at reduced prices if any one is interested. imanage portvale i hope to hear from you soon
  14. chunky

    loaning players off familyand friends

    Re: loaning players off familyand friends iused tolive in chellheath but im now living in abbey hulton
  15. me and my brother -in-law have joined up at the same time , would we be cheating if iwas to loan a player of his that he wants to sell. he has a div 2 team and i have a div 4 team .