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  1. Legendary status quickly disappearing anyone else feel disappointed with his lack of respect after last nights game? Felt for the reporter...the guys only trying to do his job and yes i know the media are a pain and the last thing managers want to be doing after a game is an interview but that's the way it is these days. Sky invest heavily into the PL and without television rights etc the standard of our game would be decreased With every game that goes by and every interview / comment i actually find me despising the man i once admired - shame!
  2. Re: Please Help Formation needed! 3-5-2 seems the best formation on the game - used it for both my teams for the past 2 years with great success. Started off trying all types of formations but this seems to have the highest rate of success for me...Play a target man if possible
  3. Re: Nocerino Gutted as sold him few weeks ago - now 90 School boy error....guess we all make them
  4. Re: javier saviola I would say what they have is about right.....so Probably no
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well thats how its suppose to work - my understanding is they must break even eventually and to live within their means. (My understanding may be incorrect) but this surely can be exposed in terms of income, for exmaple: is there a rule saying the owners of Man City can't sponsor their team using one of their companies? they could invest huge amounts in shirt sponsors, Advertising etc.. Maybe i have all the rulings wrong (I hope so) but this is a way that teams with heavy investors/owners could get round these new rulings?
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I'd rather not win anything than win the way Man City might...paying average players in the excess of 100k is a joke and a shame for football. The sooner a wage cap and transfer budgets are in the better
  7. Re: Wales vs England, 26th March 2011 Fingers crossed Capello gets that muppet Rooney off.....just can't stand him
  8. Re: The 80 day football banter challenge! * In Their Prime (I was able to watch) GK: Buffon DEF: Cafu DEF: Carlos DEF: Cannavaro DEF: Thuram MID: Zidane MID: Keane MID: Baggio ATT: Messi ATT: C.Ronaldo ATT: Ronaldo SUBS: Vieria, Romario, Henry, Shevchenko, Maldini
  9. Re: Carl Jenkinson Cheers - he is only 10k on the game...might be a decent investment
  10. Hi Guys Heard a few things about this lad - promising future apparently? Any Charlton fans know more about him?
  11. Re: evra deal I would trade Arbeloa
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread lol - yeah defo joking but like you said he's right
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/897363/wojciech-szczesny-ridicules-arsenal-colleagues?cc=5739
  14. Re: England Squad for matches vs Wales and Ghana Good to see Jarvis given a chance - there's been talk of a call up for a while now....He's been very impressive for Wolves.
  15. Re: evra deal I take it your buying Evra? If so then i think you've got the good end of the deal. Albiol is a fine defender and will definatly rise in the future given more game time but for the NOW i see Evra as the better deal.....regular for united and will be for a while.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Joke isn't it....UEFA make me sick
  17. Re: David Silva or Van der Vaart...??? Like i said this is my opinion If had the choice of either johnson or Silva i would sign Johnson. I'm not saying Silva is a poor player or anything because we all know he's far from it...infact he's an excellent player. I just perfer the different options Johnson would give than Silva. Silva is a top player but for club and country but he wouldn't be my first choice. A lot of Spanards would agree with what i'm gonna say here but they would rather see Navas play than Silva.
  18. Re: David Silva or Van der Vaart...??? I'd go VDV - very impressive displays for Spurs this season
  19. Re: Gareth Bale Everybody is going to have there own opinion and thats the beauty of these forums....here's mine Lucas and Fletcher are both valuable players for their respective clubs. Would i want either of them at Arsenal? NO....Personally i think they are average players, when i think of Defensive minded players with real quality i think of Mascherano, Cambiaso and (slightly biased here ) Song lol....i know i'm a Arsenal fan but i'd much rather have Song than either the other 2 mentioned. Flecther is struggling to hold down a place in the United team at the moment, Scholes and Carrick being picked ahead of him
  20. Re: Deal Breaker Yeah was disclosed - he out bid me by 22k.......oh well maybe next time
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