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  1. Re: The ICON Games - World News Turn 4 Results Honduras 2 - 2 USA Bolivia 2 - 3 Uruguay Colombia 0 - 0 Chile Argentina 0 - 2 Mexico Canada 4 - 3 Brazil Paraguay 4 - 4 Peru
  2. Re: .:British Isles:. - M/R's,Transfer News & Discussions - Linfield FINALLY make some transfers. The Chairman wants us to avoid finishing bottom, but I want to go further than last season and aim for the Play offs. Amelia (Gk, 88) - £1.2m + Perez + Gallegos Tiago (Mid, 89) - 84k + Mayada + Shaqiri Beister (Mid/Fwd, 86) - Bagayoko + Belica Melgarejo (D,M,F, 86) - Orosz + Majtan - Contested. Another bid for a striker, but it's well contested, so doubtful, especially with Linfields funds haha. Sadly, Oxlade-Chamberlain won't be returning, due to Arsenal's Chairman not allowing him to leave on loan. But, a big thanks to Arsenal for giving me Grenier on loan And another Thank you to Chelsea for the loan of Bruma. We have loan bids for a couple more players, hopefully one will accept.
  3. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Quite a lot of discussions with managers about potential deals recently, Wolves are apparently willing to do internal deals so feel free to enter negotiations.
  4. Re: The ICON Games - World News Turn 3 Results USA 1 - 1 Bolivia Uruguay 1 - 2 Colombia Chile 0 - 1 Argentina Mexico 0 - 1 Canada Brazil 2 - 1 Paraguay Peru 2 - 0 Honduras
  5. Re: The Two Team Challenge Just noticed! Messi, aged 25, rated 99 has been bought! ***? If people break the rules clearly like this and showing a complete disregard for the rules, and with no one doing anything about it, I'm afraid this will spell the end of my reign as Real Murcia manager.
  6. Re: English Championship 8888 Discussion Thread I feel exactly the same. I've loved my Rotherham from the first day and I still do now. The setup isn't brilliant, but I'm only staying for the team I've built up so far. I've never bought from unmanaged in this setup and that won't change in the future. Although it is very annoying when others are gaining unfair advantages by buying from unmanaged.
  7. Re: Formula 1 Thread Done enough ranting about Vettel, and Mercedes on Twitter, so on a lighter note: PS - 'Multi 21 Seb'
  8. Re: The ICON Games - World News Technically it doesn't say you can't play them. What if they rise and is transfer banned? Some people may still play them. I know it's obvious, but it doesn't exactly say :L
  9. Re: New World ICON (The ICON Games) Hey Colombia here! Great crop of managers on here, looking forward to the challenge! As for the debate on qualification, I think the overall points structure would work better, rather than automatic qualifiers. It would keep everyone interested throughout.
  10. Re: Formula 1 Thread Not looking good for Button. 10th with destroyed tyres. Can see Perez jumping up and challenging for a few points. Hopefully the Mercs can challenge the Red Bulls. I just hope Vettel/Alonso/Massa do not win. Di Resta and Massa out qualifying their team mates. Nice jobs. I'm more intrigued with the Marussia/Caterham battle this year. Fingers crossed for rain halfway through the race!
  11. Re: Formula 1 Thread What are people's predictions for the overall standings? Be interesting to see them come the end of the year haha. Here's mine. Drivers Championship 1. Button 2. Alonso 3. Vettel 4. Raikkonen 5. Grosjean 6. Webber 7. Hamilton 8. Perez 9. Rosberg 10. Massa 11. Hulkenberg 12. Bottas 13. Di Resta 14. Maldonado 15. Sutil 16. Gutierrez 17. Vergne 18. Ricciardo 19. Bianchi (Will score a point I reckon) 20. Pic 21. Chilton 22. Van Der Garde Constructors Championship 1. Red Bull 2. McLaren 3. Lotus 4. Ferrari 5. Mercedes 6. Sauber 7. Williams 8. Force India 9. Toro Rosso 10. Marussia 11. Caterham
  12. Re: .:British Isles:. - M/R's,Transfer News & Discussions - To those (including myself!) who said Linfield would finish in the bottom 3 of Division 3... 4 Games to go... The Play Off Mix: 4. Rangers - 58 5. Watford - 57 6. Hull City - 56 ------------ 7. Notts County - 56 8. Motherwell - 54 9. Preston North End - 53 10. Linfield - 51 Linfield's remaining games: Berwick Rangers - 2nd Bray Wanderers - 18th Bradford City - 11th Bangor City - 19th Linfield's Top Players Leandro Castan - 88 Reto Ziegler - 88 Alex Oxlade Chamberlain - 88 (Loan) Francis Coquelin - 86 (Loan) Michael Mancienne - 86 Bamba Anderson - 86 Morgan Schneiderlin - 86 Saphir Taider - 86 Andreas Weimann - 85
  13. Re: The Two Team Challenge Real Murcia finished 3rd in division 2 for the second successive season. Missing out on promotion..again.
  14. Re: English Championship 8888 Discussion Thread Rotherham - Division 3 Champions! Season 4 Squad for Rotherhams Debut Championship Season Ter Stegen Anita (88) Campagnaro (90) Gamberini (89) Rausch (88) Tiago (89) Cazorla (92) Parejo (88) Oscar (90)......................Rodriguez (88) Saviola (89) Subs: Lamprou (82), Maduro (88), Armand (88), Iturra (87), Bruma (86), Arslan (85), Micael (88) Transfers In Vurnon Anita (88) (Loan) Jeffrey Bruma (86) (Loan) Dani Parejo (88) Cristian Rodriguez (88) Paul Jose-Mpoku (78) Federico Ceccherini (76) Lourival Assis (76) Andriy Tsurikov (75) Dominique Heintz (75) Sold some risers and some squad players. Sulley Muntari has gone in Parejo's deal. Still got some money left, so will be buying some risers or may swap players if the right man comes along.
  15. Re: THE ICON GAMES - The World Is Watching Lovely, you have a point to be fair... Should really start lol.
  16. Re: THE ICON GAMES - The World Is Watching Charming, you're in one of my Game Worlds haha... In other news... I got my choice of COLUMBIA Bring it on!
  17. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread My Mahoosive Wolves Review is now up and running! Part 1 is now up, please take a little time out to look, cheers! Introduction Part 1: McCarthy Out, Grosvenor In Still 11 parts to go
  18. Re: Wolves - EC 7777 McCarthy Out, Grosvenor In In the modern era of football, a manager that lasts 2 or 3 years at one club is deemed a great achievement, compared to longer stints from years ago. In the Premier League, the managerial role is always in the spotlight, meaning the pressure is always on them. Not many can cope, or last for many seasons at one single club, they are either sacked after a poor run of form, or poached by a higher club after having a decent season previously. Either way, many managers give way and fall from the media's attention, and eventually retire unknowingly. There are a few loyal, quality managers around these days, but we will focus on our current manager at Wolves, Ryan Grosvenor, who is in his 5th consecutive season in charge of the Premier League side. Here's a quick quote from the man himself to kick off: - Ryan Grosvenor, speaking in an interview with Sky Sports before Season 5In the summer of 2011, after surviving relegation from the Top division by just 1 point, the owners of Wolves decided that a change was in order if Wolves were to avoid the drop next season. A disappointed Mick McCarthy was sacked, and some of his backroom staff went with him. Wolves were prepared for massive change, not only in the managerial position, but the new manager would have been allowed to dramatically alter the squad too. Mick McCarthy leaving Molineux in 2011 - Mick McCarthy shortly after Grosvenor's appointmentWith many top names mentioned and plenty of speculation from the press, Wolves opted for an unusual approach; they appointed an unknown, inexperienced, English manager called Ryan Grosvenor. The fans and press didn't know what to make of the appointment. They only thing they really knew was that Grosvenor is an Aston Villa fan, which didn't go down too well initially. Could he really be the man to turn things around? Owner Steve Morgan was heavily criticised for the decision. During an interview for the BBC Sport website, Owner Steve Morgan was asked these questions about the 'new chapter' for Wolves: Why didn't you replace Mick with a proven manager? Any hard feelings with Mick McCarthy? Why Mr Grosvenor in particular? Grosvenor's reign started off with huge clear out, which was widely predicted. But no one was prepared for the scale of clear out Grosvenor initiated... Next Part: Career beginnings, a brand new squad and Season 1's dramatic tale of 2 halves.
  19. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Looking forward to the tie!
  20. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread I'm starting to do a huge Wolves review There's 12 parts to it, so it'll take a while to do, but the introduction is in the link below. Part 1 should be up later. Introduction
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