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  1. Re: English 526 hey, you say that you normally try with a top 4 club, how do you get them? I've found out that new set ups are made at 1 in the afternoon and on numerous occasions I've tried to take control of a decent club. But by the time I click on the new set up the big four are all gone. Idealy I'd like chelsea. And it's not that I just stroll onto the setup expecting there to be a man u or arsenal team there waiting for me. I'll refreesh the page and as soon as there's a new set up I'll click it, but the top four are allways gone. Any ideas?
  2. Re: ideas on arsenal, chelsea, man u and *shudder* liverpool? assistance please people
  3. hey im looking to get 1 new good club with a decent balance. i want to get one from a new set up. any ideas on how to get one of the big clubs from a new set up (eg. one that has had no transfers or played any matches) also can anyone tell me which team they think is better to manage?personally i think its between chelsea and man u but iv not got a clue. if there was a set up where you could have any club who would it be and why? i managed to get a brand new everton which is doing pretty well, got a bit carried away with the spending but owell heres my everton squad - ROGERIO, Ceni G 34 9
  4. Re: Club named "No Club Found" o ok do u no an easy way to find free agents? other than searching a players name eg "johnson" n finding a list of johnsons n finding 1 tht hasnt got a club?
  5. Re: Club named "No Club Found" how do u get to th free agents page?
  6. hey ppl! jus a quicky cn any1 let me no how 2 find th pages of players wiv no club, th "no club found" pages lol. many thanks
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