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  1. Re: Fantasy All time draft cmon people!
  2. i saw this on another forum and thought it was a good idea. Eligibility: All players are available for drafting. For the purpose of this competition, these players are considered at the level when they were in their prime. Each manager gets to pick 13 players to form a squad. Nationality constraint: No side can field more than one player from each nation (i.e. no Xavi AND Iniesta, although one could be a sub). Before this gets us into a right mess, let's establish the following: A Nation is defined as one that has or has had a national team participating in FIFA competitions (e.g. no Catalunya). If a player has played for two NTs, the NT of birth applies (e.g. Di Stefano is Argentinian). If a player played for a multi-nation NT (e.g. Yugoslavia), their NT is defined as that of their city of birth. This is so that there is a greater pool of nations to pick from. No debate on ethnicity or heritage will be entertained. It's a football draft, not a politics debate. Competition format: 16 teams, straight knockouts from the off. Drafting sequence: in the order the teams 1.Berbaslop
  3. Re: Squad Sizes maybe a wage bill based on your stadium or income?
  4. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread 1-1 draw with Wolves. Sissoko gets his 3rd of the season from the spot. Out of the relagation zone and out of debt. Not a bad two games.
  5. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Just taken over leeds united. 10th place finish, not bad. Will try to trim the wage budget a bit next season so i will be making money every week. So, David Villa is up for sale if anyones interested?
  6. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Great first match, first 3 points for Hartlepool, 2-1 over QPR. Quite even game though, could have gone either way. Lots of players being sold. Now only 9mil in deat, and Ward-Prowse is NOT for sale!
  7. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread 34 million in debt, bottom of the league, no points. Hartlepool have a new manager. Selling all hign waged players, so get your offers in now!
  8. Re: Brand New 5 Div EC. Are You In? I'd be happy to join
  9. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread i was planning on stayig at brentford for a while, but i saw Norwhich was free, so i applied.They have a good squad and a bit of money to spend aswell. Ive left Brentford with a good bit of money and a good squad, including new signing Jordan Rhodes. My Goal: Top Half
  10. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread Great result against a top 2nd divisio side, despite only being a friendly. Akinfenwa goal in his first game.
  11. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread Brentford complete the signing of french Striker Rudy Gestede for 1.3 mil , GK Monterio Kadu for 330k and Midfielder Sean Murray for 810 k. Many signings are accepted and there will be many outs for the highest earners.
  12. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread 3-2 win over exeter. Brentford remain in div 3 for another season Akinfenwa signs, but the deal for Andersen was cancelled as i think Oldham got a new manager. Offer for jon taylor has been accepted by Santos and I have accepted offers from Walsall and Pescara for Jack Cork and Obodo
  13. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread 0-0 draw at home against hartlepool. Not great, means i need a point at home against exeter on the last day to stay up. Also sold Delefou to Tottenham for just under 6mil. Quite a good bit of money for a team of this level. a good yong winger with low wages to replace Delefou, and only for one and half million. Akinfenwa, cheap wages, good price and did quite well this season IRL.
  14. Re: NEW Custom Gameworld: Football Legends you could add another gk for Wales Jack Kelsey - GK in World cup '58. The team that held out Pele and Brazil for 70 minutes, and only scored after a defelcted shot by Pele. His first international goal And one more i can't beleive you missed out... Sparky!
  15. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread Thanks! My first decision as Brentford manager: A 10k Salary cap, to try and get out of debt. All player with over 10k wages are up for sale
  16. Re: English Championship 10000 Discussion Thread I have just taken control of Brentford. 2.1mil in debt and a half decent squad. 20th in division 3 and 2 pointsof 21st place Bury and 2 points of 19th place Exeter, who i play on the last day. Wish me luck!
  17. Re: ★★Filip Janković★★ - Next Serbian Star Nice find, looks like a good young player
  18. Re: No money Chairman? Yeah, cause i can easily create a team to survive in the premier league with 6 million. I can't even buy a half decent player with that!
  19. I got promoted into division 1 with Cardiff in season 1. I started season 1 with about 19 million punds. This season, i started with abou 4 million. Then i get 2 million season ticket sales. Fixtures announced. NO CASH INJECTION! why is this? if the chairman wants me to have a chance at staying up, he should give me a bit of a cash boost to help me shouldnt he? Is there a way i could get him to give me cash or something, or dosnt he give you cash anymore?
  20. Re: Feeder My names are Not Hamish woodward and Hamish Woodward for my team btw
  21. Re: Magic27 Signatures Hi mate, could you do me one with Neymar and Giggs, with a Cardiff badge and the play off trophy if you can. Cheers
  22. Re: Fantasy premier league 2011/2012 Captain Rooney, Welbeck,Cleverly and Aguero
  23. Re: Feeder I would like to join Parent:Roma Feeder: Airbus UK (Welsh prem) will it be invite only, and if so, shall i give you both account names via PM?
  24. Re: quick help with macheda Well, he probably wont play bar the odd substitute appearnce and in the league cup and FA cup vs league 1 teams, and Fergie isnt gonna loan him out. Maybe a +1 if hes lucky, but defiantly one for the future, so rathr 6 million now than 20 million in 5 years
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