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  1. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread due to smfa for some reason:confused: deciding to reverse my deal that i did with inter days ago im currently after a left footed defender, lb or cb 90ov is a preference, not so much age though got two fullbacks who can go in the opposite way both 24-25 both strong 88's or got a few others i could alternate in the deal if those two don't grab your fancy.
  2. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! west ham beat leiceste city tonight at upton park both goals were scored by F.PIQUIONNE 11, 57 results moves me to top of div2(by g.d)
  3. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread Juve beat fellow italians Lazio tonight 2-1 quite a tight affair and could of easily gone the other way goalscorer(s) for juve F.QUAGLIARELLA 34 L.BONUCCI 53 goalscorer for lazio C.SEEDORF 2 Juve Vs Lazio Possession 61% 39% Total Shots 20 20 Shots On Target 9 12 Corners 5 8 Yellow Cards 2 0 Red Cards 0 0
  4. Re: My desert island discs. IBH97ma9YiI IrTB-iiecqk&feature svJvT6ruolA
  5. Re: My desert island discs. aUz3fLncTTs UjBwe6IL10o OJSYzBqA9RA&feature
  6. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread 76/80 clubs managed 4 teams still left to anyone looking to join:D div2 PSV-top players-beck(89)-m.sissoko(89)-j.lens(89) div3 gremio-s,cabanas(90)-l.victor(89)-g.silva(89) div 4 AZ-romero(88)-m.martens(88)-d.marcellis(87) Boca juniors-d.conca(89)-c.diaz(89)-j.riquelme(89)
  7. Re: B Sides!.. The Exclusive Reserve Team Setup.. No Buying Over 80 Rating Cap!.. Sevilla.A got knocked out the cup tonight by jor's Barca'b team final score 3-2 in barca's favour goalscorer(s) for barc M.MUNIESA 20 S.ROBERTO 58 (pen), 83 goalscorer(s) for Sevilla M.ROMIZI 14 C.WICKHAM 50 Full Match Statistics Barca.B Vs Sevilla.A Possession 54% 46% Total Shots 15 16 Shots On Target 7 13 Corners 7 8 Yellow Cards 0 0 Red Cards 0 0
  8. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread Pretty much finished all of my early season transfer activities now and pretty happy with the new first team squad i've got to play around with youth squad is still a bit shaky but that's just going to a work in progress as new guys get added to the d.b:D GK G.Buffon 33-94 DEF C.Chivu 30-91 V.Kompany 25-92 L.Fernanadez 28-89 L.Bonucci 24-89 A.Barzagli 30-89 S.Bocchetti 24-89 MID B.Dzsudzsak 24-90 A.Pirlo 32-92 F.Melo 28-91 K.Kallstrom 28-90 J.Milner 25-90 M.Alex 29-90 S.Pepe 27-89 A.Sanchez 22-91 ATT F.Quagliarella 27-91 A
  9. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread comfortable 4-1 win for juve against dortmund(asst manager) goalscorer(s) for juve F.MELO 6, 51 M.ALEX 72 F.QUAGLIARELLA 76 goalscorer for dortmund M.ZIDAN 33 top of the group on goal difference after the first game Full Match Statistics Juve Vs Dortmund Possession 65% 35% Total Shots 27 5 Shots On Target 15 1 Corners 5 7 Yellow Cards 2 1 Red Cards 1 0
  10. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread tbh i think it would be better keeping it all on one thread' date=' as if you look back through this one different managers/posters are well posting available teams etc pretty much everytime aa new club becomes available and really if peeps have been keeping tabs on the thread, they'll see their available anyways plus the busier one thread stays the more chance it has of staying on the front page of the "todays post section"[/font']
  11. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread got dortmund myself, at home should be interesting, both got pretty much same level squad, bar my keeper
  12. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread couple of new faces, joined juve last night, 2 part of an exchange, one a nice youth talent, all three can go on loan if anyones interested, only stipulations, you can't be in div 3 and they've got too stand a chance of playing, two are mids ones a cb Almen Abdi am/cm 86ov Eyal Golasa am/wing 84ov Maurizio Domizzi cb 88ov @ex-inter boss, i hope they don't reverse ALL your done deals, as that means i'll be losing my lb which will be slighlty annoying. it is quite strange though, with the reversing of deals, because i haven't had any issu
  13. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen on the other hand though watched green lantern and was nicely suprised, personally think they did a good job with this, exactly what you'd expect from a re vamped superhero flick and set up nicely for a da-da-da sequel.shock horror, but nah decent watch if you've got the time and like that type of film
  14. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen gotta agree with this i stopped watching it after about 25-30mins' date=' not like a hardcore transformer fan, as they might be able to stomach it, but the start is basically, america rules, america's great, blah blah got sick of it,and started watching something esle. [/font']
  15. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread im guessing then that you can't see who makes the complaint then' date=' because i've never like "ticketed" a deal before didn't know(but just looked a the screen with the "all transfers" on) but that seems like the best solution to stop it happening, take away the anonymous bit in it, then if that manager hasn't got valid grounds surely then they should be removed from the gameworld because in affect, there cheating [/font']
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