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  1. Re: Ibrahimovic With Ibra getting on a bit now, Marco Reus is an outstanding talent who has potential to hit 93-94. While Mata is already a pretty solid 92-93
  2. Who to sign, im looking for someone who can do for another 2+ real life seasons without dropping. No preference on position.
  3. What you think? I'd be getting Andy+Joris
  4. Re: Counter formations Ive dropped 4 points all season using this, beats Unmanaged teams 99% of the time and is fairly consistent against higher and lower rated teams. I reccomend switching to 4-4-2 and keeping the same tactics when away to higher rated teams. Use your highest rated CM as your playmaker and highest rated FWD/ST as target man. You will find your secondary striker absoloutley smashes in the goals. http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/9915/teamgw.jpg
  5. Need to clear this out, anyone who can help me out would be greatly appreciated! http://imageshack.us/f/221/youthmy.jpg/
  6. Just got offered this, whatcha think?
  7. Re: Serie A 2011/2012 - Best Teams' Rating Predictions What do you think about Milos Krasic & Martin Caceres
  8. Re: World Championship 14702- GOING STRONG Anyone good teams left??
  9. ID : 18791 I've been in this game world for a while and its really competetive, but recently alot of managers have been leaving, was hoping a few forumer's could come in and give it a lift, there are a good few teams with really good players available. Need some competition in the league also. Thanks!
  10. I think I need a clearout, let me know what you think of these players potential please. My Average Rating is 92/93. Tom Cleverly - 22 - 86 Jordi Alba - 22 - 88 Sergey Parshivlyuk - 22 - 87 Carlos Vela - 22 - 87 Axel Witsel - 23 - 90 Stefan Reinartz - 23 - 90 Steven Defour - 23 - 89 Ever Banega - 23 -90 Kyriakos Papadopoulous - 19 - 87 Sotiris Ninis - 21 - 87 Danny Wilson - 20 - 83 Im unsure about all of these, what kind of potential do they have? Please help
  11. Re: Choice of a few youngsters Thanks for the advice, I have enough for either, but only one haha.
  12. Would be happy if anyone could help me with this, I can only get one of these players due to tight budget. Kevin Strootman - 21 - 88 Luuk De Jong - 21 - 88 Josh McEacheran - 18 - 82 Maxime Gonalons - 22 - 89
  13. Re: What a Wonderful world: Please join When can we bid on external's?
  14. Re: What a Wonderful world: Please join I applied for Manchester, ill be active on the thread also
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Got lots of cash, hes listed for £20m, he wouldnt be a starter but would play a big role in all cup games, do you think he will rise to 90?
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