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  1. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 I think Stevanovic, Capuano and Obiang should all go up +9/10. They were all first team players for entire duration of last season and continue to be. Verratti went to 85, Obiang and Capuano both played more than him last season, and if you include this season, Stevanovic has too. The max ratings of all three teams are 88/89, so they wouldn't even be at the top. Can't see them getting less than +9.
  2. Re: Tactics Help Thread This is my team, I changed my tactics because I keep conceding, they're more defensive now. I'm top of league 2, five games in and still undefeated, I'm playing my friend next and want to kick his ****, this is his team and tactics: How should I play my team?
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