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  1. Re: Talb Tawatha - Big isreal riser Had him from when i first seen this thread. £480k - £3.6 million Cheer dude
  2. Re: Who to buy/sell?? (Valencia) Right so current squad is: 3-5-2 Formation Stekelenburg Van Der Wiel - A.Rami - Sakho Y.M'Villa P.Hernandez - P.Ganso - E.Banega - A.Lennon Huntelaar/R.Soldado/Carroll Think i need a good attacking midfielder as i have 2 defensive players there and a RW.... Any ideas who to get? A lot of the big players are already got Also, thinking about Andre Schurrel for £13m?? Would it be worth going for. Got £40million now
  3. Re: Who to buy/sell?? (Valencia) Cheers for the replies. Sold another 3/4 players there so once their gone and a few more im gonna need some recommendations on replacements. Got Andy Carroll for £7m or so which i thought was good:)
  4. Re: Who to buy/sell?? (Valencia) Might actually do that' date=' don't really play most of them lol na hes already bought , gonna sell costa. Already got Van Der Wiel for RB.
  5. Re: Who to buy/sell?? (Valencia) Who Sanchez, Costa and Topal?? Transfers are still going through so can cancel them but Sanchez is 39 so retiring soon and the other 2 i hardly ever play:confused:
  6. Currently with Valencia and been promoted to Division 1 so need a good few changes. Ive been buying a good few youth players but will be a while before they are ready. Have about £25m+ to spend depending who i sell. Selling Sanchez, Costa and Topal so far. Anyone advice who else to sell and buy? First team Youth Team
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