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  1. After bowing out in the semi final of the cup last week Stade Brestois made a statement by defeating 4th place Rayo Vallecano 2-1 today. Hopefully this result can spur us on to pushing up the table a bit towards the end of the season. We have also made many signings as well as clearing the club debt.
  2. ...And I am humbled haha... Congrats on the victory
  3. Stade Brestois beat Liverpool de Montevideo 2 - 0 in their 87+ Cup Quarter Final fixture. Pohjanpalo scored both of the goals for Stade Brestois and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance Dagnall's first match in charge looks like a sign of things to come, despite the red card, Stade Brestois looked comfortable against a very good Liverpool Montevideo side. Onwards to the semi-final of the cup. Next up the league challenge. This is a dawn of a new era. Also in transfer news, Dagnall has taken a more financial approach. Opting to sell the dead wood and clear the clubs debts.
  4. Dagger is back after years in the shadows perfecting his managerial techniques. Stade Brestois is coming. Look busy.
  5. Joshua Dagnall username: TheRealJoshDagnall
  6. Hey lads, Used to be in this setup years ago! Amazing to see it's still strong. Any chance there are any teams available as looking to get back into some forum setups !
  7. Hey Forumers I joined Soccermanager back in 2007 and constantly played up until around 2010. I was also an active forum member for the majority of that time posting scouting threads mostly but also very involved in forum setups. I see a huge amount has changed so I would appreciate any advice on the new systems/ how things work these days. Thanks, Look forward to getting back in to the swing of things. P.S. I miss the bland, simple, green background/template haha
  8. Re: 87+ Sorry mate. I just accepted an offer for him yesterday as well. Im really struggling to find the time this team needs lately and I might be forced to pull out :/
  9. Re: 87+ Doncaster make it a hatrick of victories since Josh Dagnall started actually getting in his team sheets every week. A solid 2-0 win over Willem II puts us in 4th.
  10. Re: 87+ A quality 6-2 win for Doncaster following their 3-1 victory last week shows our intent to fight for promotion. Doncaster are back.
  11. Re: 87+ First opportunity I've had time to log on and set tactics for a while and about time aswell as Doncaster look like they had a new lease on life as they go out 3-1 winners to re spark their season.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'd definitely do it mate. Zaha doesn't look to special at United and isn't given many chances, Januzaj looks better. Sterling had a good start for Liverpool last year but has kinda dropped form and been given less chances also. All 3 players are quality prospects though but Lukaku looks the best bet to be world class. And surely when Chelsea realise he's to good to keep sending away they will keep him or he will just go be a boss striker anywhere else.
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sorry, Fallou Diagne
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ahamada and Diagne for Zieler?
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