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  1. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Life is too short people, every second that goes by will never return. Stop wasting your time playing a computer game and concentrate on finding the true meaning of life. Do you really think we came in to this world, to slave around for a few pounds and to divert our worries by drowning ourselves in alcohol and/or other worldly distractions? Every day life is so repetitive, doesn't it make you sick? Dont you ever feel the need of asking yourselves how everything is actually going on around us? Just think, the amount of time spent playing this po
  2. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread 3-0 Loss on the opening day, looks like its going to be a long season ahead. Massive clearout at Northampton, some top players have left, but sacrifices had to be made, was losing around 500K each game last season, too much to cope with, and with SM handing out rises like confetti, you can get decent rated player even from external. A lot easier to manage now the club, dont need to worry about concerns, a player like henriquez wouldve never left the club, but SM decides an 80 rated player can develop concerns, even though he has two 89 rated p
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I understand what you're saying mate. My point is, in a way its good hes at a not so good club because it means theres added pressure on him to give his all during games, his team mates will be looking to him for inspiration.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I wouldnt get too carried away there weren't anything in that video to suggest he was head and shoulders above everyone else. This 'big fish in small pond' mentality is excellent for his development, he cant get that in a big club, will give him good confidence and his game will get even better. Will put some sense of responsibility on his shoulders aswell because his team mates will look for him to dig the the team a way out of problems, so that will further push his ability. All a player needs at that age is loads of confidence, and ofcourse playing time. At
  5. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Massive clear out at Northampton. Several player TL. Priority will be given to smaller clubs and to managers who are likely to keep their teams.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not his fault at all, thing is theres just so much attacking mediocrity around him he just doesnt know what to do. Should he pull back deep or should he go forward and try to link play, he wants to be everywhere for Liverpool to make up for the rest of the players inadequacies, he could do that 5 odd years ago but he just doesnt have the engine now, and you cant expect him to tie himself down to one position either. Aspas + Alberto = 14M, Eriksen = 11M. I know what i would take. Read a article couple of days back with Eriksen saying Liverpool didn't move quick
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Absolutely phenomenal signing, but Ozil, why arsenal? Ah well on the bright side atleast we'll be able to see him more regularly on MOTD. Also, just shows how ridiculously overpriced bale was, if i could choose between the two i'd take Mesut everytime.
  8. Re: Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions Well if there was such a great margin of ability between the two would people still say that? Surely it would be obvious enough for everyone to see?
  9. Re: Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions
  10. Re: Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions
  11. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread What did you make of ward-prowse's performance?
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Great result. Last time we won on the first day of the season (2-1 vs villa if i remember correctly, gerrard free kick) i think we went on and finished second in the table. This will give a the lads a lot of confidence, its always good to start the season with a win, and we were lucky in the end because had it been anyone other than walters, i reckon it wouldve gone in, walters has a shocking penalty record, missed i think two penalties in a row last season. Great save by mignolet, looked shaky from crosses, lets hope that was due to nerves though and wont contin
  13. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Nelson Oliveira on loan to Rennes, Stoke were very close to signing him but last minute phone calls from Montanier changed Oliveira's mind. Should do well at Rennes, more physical and faster paced league, will be playing under a top manager aswell. Rennes have an option to make the deal permanent.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread kr-UQRYnb24#at
  15. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Well its hard to believe hes only 20, seems as though he's been around for a decade. Fantastic player, no reason to sell him, will eventually move on to bigger things, only a matter of time.
  16. Re: Riferimento: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'd rather see us go in for Duarte Bernard for 20MEuros. Has a Spanish passport i think so should be no visa issues, yes its a risk, but theres no doubting his talent, Coutinho can help him settle in aswell. Dont know why the club would want to pay 10ME for Jorginho, not the type of goalscoring midfielder we need, hope the reports are just rubbish. Couldnt stop laughing at the reports that arsenal made a 30MP bid for suarez!
  18. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread You can definitely expect him to see some playing time' date=' they're going to pay 30MEuros, and ancelotti apparently was very impressed by his performances and wanted him at the club, so its not like he's arriving unwanted by the manager. Definitely could be 91+ within a year or so. [b']Also, another reason to snap up Ruben PARDO if he's still available in your GW's[/b], he should slot in to the first team now that Illarra is leaving, is more of an attacking player though, but very good, expect him to break through.
  19. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread I agree on most things with you, infact rarely disagree, but which Brazil were you watching? 'MILES' better? Neymar is shoulders above every other Brazil attacker. Whilst every player ofcourse plays a part in a winning side, no one has done more in an attacking sense than Neymar, out of 5 matches, notched up 4 goals and 4 asissts, against some top footballing sides like Mexico, Italy, Uruguay and Spain. If you actually look at him as a player beyond the so called hype, he is actually a very gifted footballer. This is the first time hes really explod
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Plenty more quality around if we're genuinely willing to spend 20-30ME on one player. Not to worry.
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just out of interest' date=' what are his main qualities that makes him as good as you are saying he is? _________________________________________ [YOUTUBE']s7FPgN4xFN0[/YOUTUBE] 2:22 sums him up as a player really. When you are given an opportunity at Liverpool, you have to take it, not sulk when things aren't going your way. He'll definitely pick up things at swansea under Laudrup that he may not have at Liverpool, he's got the talent, and theres no reason why his attitude can't improve. Overall good deal for both sides, certainly not a bad deal for Swanse
  22. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread U're too much joolesy Also, if he doesnt take the job offer or even if he does, i suggest we get a 'mature' manager in if you know what i mean, someone who's likely to be here to stay, its two very good squads we're talking about.
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