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  1. such potentiol which was not shown in milan years tbh...but can he re discover form at corinthians?? get confidence etc....move back to european football?? after all hes still young??...and is his rating subject to keep dropping etc?
  2. Re: Gold Championship 62 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread juve defeat cska in the smfa qf 1st leg 2-1
  3. Re: kompany and l.bender for ramos?? GOOD feedback...but i feel the only thing stalling the deal is bender,has good potentiol and linked with bayern
  4. i feel the deal isnt too bad?.kompany 93 maybe 94....ramos ip to 95.better club with players,spain etc,,,and id lose lars bender,...of whom i can reasonably replace...thought please?
  5. just purchased the lad from dortmund..what can i expect from him sm value etc..should he get a rise?
  6. anyone have any opinions on this guys future etc? is he out of favour at ajax? i understand he want a move away in jan.cost ajax 16 mill from heerenveen.nust have seen something in the young serb?? keep?..swap...?
  7. reckon podolski for gervinhio anyday..but sulejmani of ajax too?? is it too much??
  8. Re: juan mata or di maria???? thanks guys
  9. Re: worried on ya ya toure? sell?? swap?? u have an example of 2 good youngsters to trade for the big man?
  10. Re: worried on ya ya toure? sell?? swap?? thats soothing to me..il await the next changes
  11. headache for me is that hes not nowhere near the player of last year...is it a blip?? should i cash in? swap now?? will he keep his 93?..etc..
  12. Re: juan mata or di maria???? thanks for the replies.hoped for more.
  13. hi i need info asap please.somebodys has asked to swap mata for di maria.i think mata is having a class season..where as for me i feel maria is slightly struggling for form???
  14. Re: how much cash can you make if you win a gold world league? ok thanks,lets hope i find out soon
  15. any ideas? im in seria a,and hope to win the league.will i get much?
  16. Re: been offered jan klass huntelaar for gervinhio and tomas necid? oh its me who has chiellini too,for mascherano
  17. these 2 players capable of surpassing new levels?
  18. this deal is also including a secon transfer.chiellini for mascherano.but i lose gervinhio and necid for jan klass huntellar? is it fair?
  19. Re: anyone think chiellini for subotic and van der vaart is good whats your reason?
  20. Re: Ask here for ratings help who could i swap for chilleni? 2 players would be best,but what can i ask for?
  21. these 2 players im thinking of moving on,who would be a good swap?? any ideas,same positions would be best..
  22. hi my squad is like this 1.valdez 2.chilleni 3.kompany 4.vertonghen 5.yaya toure 6.modric 7.gervinhio 8.di maria 9.palombo 10.suarez 11.balotelli juventus gold world 62 any one with good ideas to replace etc foe better upcoming talents??
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