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  1. Re: Club Finances - new view and charts.... For me my enjoyment came from taking a small club up thro the divisions! Sm have just made that nigh on impossible with the new finances package! Even my two bug tickets were met with contempt! Why try and fix something that was not broken? Everybody could track there matchday money and balance the wages accordingly but now its twice as hard and just as confusing! Nice one SM! I for one wont be renewing my gold membership which is due in two weeks..
  2. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) I like the challenge of managing a lower league side and trying to keep with in budget but the new changes to the wage bill have killed that part of the game for me. A change to far for me and after six years as a gold member i wont be re-newing my membership which is due in a couple of weeks.
  3. Re: The transfer market need a revamp I always try and bring in a good youth system at every club i manage. The problem comes to the fore when you need a player to plug a gap until the younger players are ready to sustain first team action. Everybody i persum plays the game to win matches, therefore you try and play your best sides. i would,nt want a team full of superstars, that would spoil the game for me, but the odd decent player would be nice. The point i was trying to make was that the Part ex system is over riding the value of cash! and its getting worse. Any improvements to the game is a benifit to all who play the game and a more realistic transfer system would not be that hard to implement.
  4. No doubt this subject has been mentioned before. I,ve searched for a thread but cannt find one. Anyway here is my thoughts on the subject. I,m relating to the GC in this thread. At the moment it is nigh on impossible to buy a decent player without you having to give away one or even two of your decent players! Kinda defeats the object in my opinion! It used to be 90+ or the odd good 89 would be put up for part ex only, which was okay. But now managers are expecting 85/86 rated players to be part ex only! I have even seen an 82 up for part ex only in one wold! The value of cash on the game has gone compleatly. I know the powers that be at SM have changed a few things, most have,nt worked, in fact i think the transfer market is worse now than it was 12 months ago! The player concerns seem like a good idea but are as yet to take effect and even then managers will find ways around the system. It will take a lot more than the player concerns change to bring back a more realistic transfer system. Here are a few of my ideas to improve the transfer market which should benifit the all the clubs big or small. 1) Only 90+ rated players can be used in part exchange deals. 2) All squads should have a wage budget. Brings a new element into the managment of a team. A bigger challange. 3) The players concern system needs to be bought forward faster than it is at the moment. 4) Chairmen should provide a transfer budget at the start of the season. Any other money made i.e gate money or prize winnings go straight back into the running of a club. Money raised through the sale of players stays in the transfer kitty. Just a few ideas and open to debate. I just think as it is at the moment the transfer market is getting worse and spoiling the game for many.
  5. Re: Is it just me? 23.30 and still waiting for results to come in! Same GC everytime!! 21!
  6. Re: Is it just me? And i,ve just noticed Its now £7.99 to re-join!!! The last two years i,ve paid £4.99 Thats nearly DOUBLE!! No way will i pay double to struggle every match night to get my results!! All the great improvements over the last few months have been ruined for me and others i bet by the move to the new servers!
  7. Re: Is it just me? I,am with sky for my internet and run internet explorer. cannt fault sky one bit ten times better than my last provider! i had no problems at all before the switch over! Now Every match night i am meet with this message! "There is currently a problem connecting to the soccermanager.com website, please check back later" same again tonight! really fed up with it now and looking forward to my Membership running out in 16 days,
  8. Is it just me or are others out there finding it difficult logging into the site? Its just taken me 20 mins to log on! And i,m still waiting for results to come in at 22.51! I was under the immpression that results would be in sooner rather than later after the migration? Any feed back on this would be good.
  9. Re: Job Offers I think SM Could give a few tweaks to the jobs offer system, which at the moment is not used to its best advantage. The following changes will i think improve the game for the better and make the "Job Offer" system a lot more realistic. 1) When a club loses its manager i think that the job should at first be offered to any manager in that set up by way of them applying for it. The chairman would then pick the best manager for the job. Thus placing managers with a club that they wish to manage and cut out jobs being offered to managers who dont want to move clubs. This offer should be open for say 48 hours. 2) If there are no applications for the post the job can then be opened up for new managers to join the set up. 3) No players can be transfered from that club until a new manager is installed or at least a month after the loss of the old one. This would help to stop the club being stripped of its best players which i hope would in turn make the club more inviting to new managers.
  10. Re: Post Migration Bugs. Is it possible to Re-migrate? Because for me the old way was miles better than this new system! The site keeps freezing, mainly when match results are due or coming in! I have just been trying to pick my teams for tomorrow night and i cannt do it because the site is on a go slow! I am out all day so my teams and tactics will have to remain the same! It is compleatly ruining the game for me and i,m sure others. Is this a short term problem? or one that cannt be rectified?
  11. Re: Your Top 5 Tips for improving SM Nice one Deano! 1 2 4 and 5 are the ideas i posted! word for word, lol I take it you agree with them? lol
  12. Re: Your Top 5 Tips for improving SM Yh but now you can put players for sale with player exchange only __________________ Player XYZ 94 rated defender, For swap with striker 92+ and cash to the value.
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