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  1. Re: The justice league! I applied to AZAL PFK. Waiting for application to be accepted.
  2. Re: The justice league! Hi, can I have AZAL PFK please. My name in SM is Juho Markkanen. (Finland) Thanks!
  3. Re: Can I finish in top 4??? Thanks guys! Anymore replies???
  4. Hi guys! I just started off playing with Chievo Verona. I have developed the squad in my best way and brought in a whole new squad by exchanging players of Chievo. In my opinion this squad has what it takes to finish in the top 4 in Serie A, if you play it with a right formation for each match. What do you guys think? Or am I just being stupid? If so, how could I improve this squad??? Please answer and you will be thanked! My Squad: GK: Sirigu, 90 Koval, 85 Kapino, 82 RB: Silvio, 88 Simpson, 87 CB: Carvalho, 92 D.Luiz, 90 Smalling, 88 Wollscheid, 87 LB: Alaba, 88 Gibbs, 87 DEF: Bonera,88 DM: Sahin, 91 Romulo, 87 AM: Martin, 89 Thiago A., 89 Perisic, 87 Sigurdsson, 87 MID: Machado, 88 W: Marin, 90 Gervinho, 90 Callejon, 88 De Bruyne, 87 CF: Giroud, 90 Carroll, 88 Insigne, 84 (on-loan) FWR: Del Piero, 90 Youth squad: Pohjanpalo, 75 Dongou, 75 Torro, 75 Demirci, 75 Valencia, 75
  5. Hi, I have now rebuilt the aging Inter to a more young one. I now have 13.0m as my budget and my formation used is 4-3-3 (wingers). Any improvements in terms of players or tactics? Below is my squad: Hart, 91 Leno, 85 Kapino, 78 Rafinha, 90 Santon, 87 Faraoni, 78 Hewitt, 70 Subotic, 91 D.Luiz, 90 Ranocchia, 89 Savic, 86 Juan, 83 Van Rhijn, 75 Criscito, 90 Nagatomo, 88 Mascherano, 93 Palombo (on-loan), 90 Crisetig, 80 Demirci, 75 Pogba, 77 Fabregas, 95 Özil, 94 Guarin (on-loan), 89 Poli (on-loan), 88 Obi, 82 Kovacic, 75 Rogic, 70 Bale, 91 Sanchez, 91 Balotelli, 90 Zarate (on-loan), 89 O.Chamberlain, 83 McClean, 78 Benzia, 75 L.Markovic, 75 Benzema, 93 Neymar, 90 R.Oliveira, 82 Starting line-up (4-3-3 wingers) Hart, Rafinha, Subotic, D.Luiz, Criscito, Mascherano, Özil, Fabregas, Bale, Sanchez, Benzema So, what do you guys think I should improve? Any help will really be appreciated
  6. Re: New for you Can you accept me? I applied for Chivas De Guadajalara (1st Division). :rolleyes:
  7. Re: EC 11111 ! ( Opening after the transfer window ) I am also interested in joining the EC 11111 because of it opening after the exciting january transfer window. Hopefully I will get a club from the Premier League, if not I think I will go with Leeds United, because of the finns playing there.
  8. Welcome everyone! A new EP 9999 has just opened a day before, but there are still many premier league clubs left so everybody join now! Lets make this gameworld as competitive as the EP 10000 was made. Remember to join and offer clubs to friends who will actually notice and accept the invitation. Also try to spread this news in order to get more managers in this special gameworld. Cheers, Juho Markkanen.
  9. Re: No Players & 300M setup Hi BroodRooster NL. I would really love to know how to get myself my own club at an exact same type gameworld where you only have money in the beginning. So could you please tell how I could get a club like this? Please answer, I a really interested in owning one! Also my question is do you have to be a gold manager to get this kind of club? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi guys! I just got a brand new Barcelona to manage and Real Madrids manager offered me his Ronaldo for my Iniesta. Should I do the deal ? Will Ronaldo fit Barca?
  11. Hi, i really need urgent help in what do with this squad. Expert help will be appreciated highly I play 4-3-3 (wingers) Players: GK: Valdes Pinto RB: Alves CB: Puyol Pique Abidal Fontas LB: Adriano Maxwell DM: Busquets Mascherano Keita AM: Iniesta Xavi Fabregas Thiago W: Messi Pedro Sanchez Afellay FWR: Villa
  12. So, i just got this new mancity team and im just wondering who i should sign/sell: (please help!!! ) GK: Hart Pantilmon Taylor Nielsen RB: Richards Zabaleta CB: Kompany K.Toure Lescott Onouha Savic Rekik LB: Clichy Kolarov DM: De Jong Hargreaves CM or AM: Nasri Y.Toure Barry Milner Razak Suarez FWR or W: Aguero D.Silva Johnson Balotelli Tevez Dzeko Adebayor Quick help appreciated very very much
  13. I have Lamela and I am thinking of swapping him for Gundogan. What do you think of this deal?
  14. Re: Ozil for Fabregas Swap Hard one, but I would go for Fabregas (might be a bit biased though, because I am a big fan of Fabregas). Both are excellent players though.
  15. Re: Fabregas or Xavi :L HELP! Short-term: keep Xavi Long-term: get Fabregas Simply as that.
  16. Re: Do you think i should trim my squad? Need expert help! Sell: Van Der Wiel (because you should play with a formation with 3 CB:s) Schmelzer (same reason as VDW) Vidal (simply not needed as you all ready have a large variety of excellent players) Ramires (same as Vidal) Gervinho (dont see him rising over 92 ever) Bale (over-rated IMO and also useless as your squad is so strong) Expert help provided
  17. Re: Future of Liverpool defence lies in them? I so hope Liverpool will snatch him, because I know that he is top quality, but I am afraid they will not be able to get him due to interest on him from various different `big clubs` like Manchester City.
  18. Re: Should I sell all my youths to fund a move for Hummels? This transfer process actually depends on your squad depth. If you already have a good and compact set of CB:s than don`t sell your youth, instead try to trade one of your current CB:s and if needed some cash aswell. This will able you to get the best possible transfer. But... If you are struggling to get another 90+ CB to your starting line-up than I would go for it and sell all your youth for Hummels even though all of your risers are potential risers in the near future.
  19. Re: Agger swap for Banega ? Now thats what I call a deal!!
  20. Re: boateng for rolando I wouldnt do the deal. Even though Rolando is a very good and skillful centre back I still think that Boateng can improve much more and show all his skills in Bayerns central defence next season. (yes he will be a starter CB for Bayern).
  21. Re: Aguero deal urgent!!!! I would do it mate.
  22. Re: Muller=Sturridge+Eriksen+6m????
  23. Re: Sneijder and Eto'o = Messi If your getting Messi then deff do the deal.
  24. Re: Mirko Vucinic or Lisandro Lopez? Get Lisandro.
  25. Re: Better Purchase? Of course Ramos is the better purchase of the two. No question about that.
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