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  1. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Nice PSG in GC15 - Nani, Di Natale, Strootman, Abate, Aquilani, Lens, Phil Jones, Shaqiri, Ter Stegen, Abdennour, Ki Seung Yeung and others. Bids are accepted - please don't let this side be raided in a very competitive GC
  2. Re: Usernames More evidence that SM have their priorities all wrong in my opinion. I would call this a pointless cosmetic change that has probably justified some muppets job at SM towers for a few months. Surely there are much more important things that need working in within the game. The experienced and loyal customers here have been asking for changes to a more realistic match engine for probably 5-6 years and still nothing! Customer service is appalling and cheats roam every gameworld without any sort of punishment. Surely doing something about these is much more important than changing m
  3. Re: Sign the petition!! Those who are against SM continuing to ruin the game! The thing I thought was worst is that the screen defaulted to the profile/friends log each time you pressed home, at least now you don't have to see it if you don't want to. Choice for the customers is a good update, it's hard to argue with that.
  4. Re: *** the new best player *** I would also have to say 1. Wilshere 2. Gotze 3. Isco
  5. Re: Sign the petition!! Those who are against SM continuing to ruin the game! There has been a slight update it seems, it now defaults to what you were last viewing when you refresh. If you were viewing your clubs screen and refresh it should still be on clubs rather than reverting to the profile/friends screen. At least that is positive.
  6. Re: Sign the petition!! Those who are against SM continuing to ruin the game! What they don't realise is that they have a social network within the forum and football itself is its own social network. Leave the homepage be...it would be nice to see which of my clubs has news or fixtures again!:mad:
  7. Re: English Championship 1 Round 5 Sheffield United 2-3 West Ham Another setback for the champions at Brammall Lane as Caleb's young guns take all 3 points back to London. The game as expected was a fairly even end to end affair where any team could have taken the points but the 2nd half comeback from West Ham was topped off when Lamela grabbed a winner in the 85th minute. United had taken a 2-0 lead into half time through brazilian fullbacks Marcelo and Dani Alves but 2nd half goals from Wilshere and Hazard pegged united back and Lamela grabbed the winner. Liverpool 3-3 Leeds Liverpool
  8. Re: £10 > £20,000 - Sports betting. I see Raonic won Col, over a ton now mate! Congrats on that. Whats next?
  9. Re: Hazard for Marcelo or Jordi Alba Get Alba. Don't under any circumstances swap Isco for Balotelli though.
  10. Re: English Championship 1 Round 4 Carisle 2-0 West Ham Battle of the young superstars took place at Brunton Park but somewhat surprisingly the goals came from 2 more experienced campaigners. First half goals from Capel and Jelavic gave Carlisle the points and John will be grateful. More indiscipline from West Ham as Alexis Sanchez became their second forward to see red this season, his rash challenge was more than deserving of an early bath. Leeds 0-5 Sheffield United Herby bounces back it style proving to his critics that his team are no flash in the pan. Leeds capitulated in front of
  11. Re: English Championship 1 I have to go to work so will do the Round 4 roundup tomorrow. Great week of games though tonight.
  12. Re: English Championship 1 Round 3 West Ham 2-1 Leeds Another battle of star-studded teams which was ruined by a moment of petulance from Samir Nasri. Fabregas gave Leeds a flying start in the 5th minute but just 3 minutes later Nasri aimed his elbow at Eden Hazard and got his marching orders. West Ham took full advantage, dominating possession for the rest of the game and 1st half goals from Sakho and Hazard sealed a 2nd successive win from the hammers. Sheffield United 2-2 Arsenal 2 of the longest servants on the game went head to head at Brammall lane. Herby Mohr vs Adam Johnson ende
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks to you and all the others, I was leaning on the reject side heavily and the opinions have confirmed this so I have rejected. All repped except for for Jkerrs as I have to spread the rep around, sorry.
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