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  1. Re: Discuss Live Football anyone have any decent livestream links? i have been using atdhe.net, was going great until not working for second half of belarus v croatia can anyone help?
  2. Re: Rene STEER - Arsenal Youth/Reserves Player well, ive just taken over a Gillingham outfit with Steer sitting there. i will sell him from the confirmation you boys have given me about his non-future at arsenal. *puts 10k into my pocket*
  3. Re: Croatian players ja mislim sigurno dobit ce 88. ako jos igra za hrvatsku za ovu iducu godinu, ima dobre sanse da stigne do 89
  4. Re: Haydn's guide to different formations. nicely set out, with good ideas on pros and cons constructed carefully. very useful to a new incoming manager, able to use a correct formation for the team hes just taken over.
  5. Re: The Island Of Ireland League im in fellas
  6. Re: possible ratings for these players??? it helps a lot, thank you for your input
  7. Re: Thomas HITZLSPERGER fair comment. i have him in my main Dynamo kyiv team, and is a fantastic performer. I kept hoping he wouldnt get dropped(secretly), but i kinda knew it was inevitable. oh well
  8. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited (2008/09)
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