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  1. i am in search of ANY players rated in early 90's who may be rising in their next changes, eh lass of real and so on. any help is appreciated people
  2. Hello all i have a dilemma! There are quite a few high rated players in my set up, and i am looking for advice as to who to buy. I have 50 mill, Squad average is 90, but i have Buffon 96, Higuain 92 and Gourcuff 92 and Rossi 91. So keeper, AM and strikers are sorted players available: (players in Bold - what will be their next rating?) MID- MESSI, Lionel RONALDO, Cristiano XAVI, Hernández KAKA, Ricardo INIESTA, Andrés FABREGAS, Cesc ESSIEN, Michael PIRLO, Andrea CAMBIASSO, Esteban LAMPARD, Frank DIEGO, Ribas SNEIJDER, Wesley
  3. Re: Discuss Live Football anyone have any decent livestream links? i have been using atdhe.net, was going great until not working for second half of belarus v croatia can anyone help?
  4. Re: Rene STEER - Arsenal Youth/Reserves Player well, ive just taken over a Gillingham outfit with Steer sitting there. i will sell him from the confirmation you boys have given me about his non-future at arsenal. *puts 10k into my pocket*
  5. Re: Croatian players ja mislim sigurno dobit ce 88. ako jos igra za hrvatsku za ovu iducu godinu, ima dobre sanse da stigne do 89
  6. Re: Haydn's guide to different formations. nicely set out, with good ideas on pros and cons constructed carefully. very useful to a new incoming manager, able to use a correct formation for the team hes just taken over.
  7. i have plenty of players in my first team squad, playing 3412 formation. climbed to second in the table with a couple of games to go. my strikers: DI NATALE 93 KEANE 92 - league top scorer PETRIC 91 LAVEZZI 90 HIGUAIN 90 POGREBNYAK 91 (bid placed for 21m) should i sell pogrebnyak?? also, these are my AM's: THIAGO NEVES 90 EDERSON 90 DANNY 90 FAYZULIN 88 PAVLENKO 88 any pointers on these boys?? any help is appriciated. if you have any ideas on what you think possible rating my be in the future, id like to hear it thanks in advance
  8. Re: The Island Of Ireland League im in fellas
  9. Re: possible ratings for these players??? it helps a lot, thank you for your input
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