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  1. Re: Giving away my accounts Thanks Shels for Your words Well yes, I decided to keep one account, and this means my Bayern will stay with me too How did You get back Your teams onto Your main acc? You were lucky? Anyway, a message to everyone: I wont give away any of my accounts because its not allowed by SM, and I dont want anyone to get into trouble because of this, so this case is closed.
  2. Re: Giving away my accounts
  3. Re: Giving away my accounts Well, it seems the situation is not good. I asked firmly SM to allow me to move a few teams to an other account, but they said its technically impossible. To be honest I have no idea what is impossible on this, because its almost the same when a game world owner offers a club to a manager.. And as far as I know, they are the owners of the standard setups and golds.. I'm thinking on this whole thing, mostly because its dissapointing that I dont have a chance to do this, despite I'm a loyal member here without any problems... However, the support guy was pollite, bu
  4. Re: Giving away my accounts Thanks for all of You guys, all the kindness! I'll try to contact SM and get a solution. To be honest, team number reduction would be the best for me, but I'm not sure SM will be opened for such a trade.. Well, I'll contact them and after that, we'll know the answer.
  5. Re: Giving away my accounts Since when? I thougt I can do at least this.. Whats wrong with it..?
  6. Hello Folks, Probably some of You knows me well. Hopefully this thread allows to make this here... So.. After a long long time, I decided to finish my Soccermanager life. I'm tired of it, I have too much teams, but can't reduce them, because SM doesnt allow to move teams from account to account and because I cant choose which should I keep or should I quit.. And nowadays, I cant enjoy the game as I used to, it took lots of time, and now its enough for me. So, the thing is, that I have two gold accounts with tons of teams on those.. Account names are Mr HoW and Mr HoW2. I really would like to
  7. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread NEWS FROM BAYERN MÜNCHEN "The salatschüssel is at home again" After last season's quite weak league performance, Mr HoW's side won the Bundesliga again with 6 points ahead of rival Borussia Dortmund. "The salatschüssel is at home again. We really owe our fans with this. We made a tremendous running at the second half of the season, and we were able to win almost all of our matches, and with this performance, I think we really deserve this title." said Mr HoW. With 7 trophies so far, the board of directors are very satisfie
  8. Re: Merging accounts OMG this problem has nothing to do with this idea.. and basically: sm wont allow You to have two clubs in the same game world.. cant follow You.
  9. Re: Merging accounts This thread is not about this.
  10. Re: Merging accounts I have two gold accounts and I hate that I cant keep all of my teams on the same place.
  11. Re: Have today's fitness updates been made? (26/08/09) Noticed that too mate, my players are unfit too..
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