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  1. Re: Giving away my accounts Thanks Shels for Your words Well yes, I decided to keep one account, and this means my Bayern will stay with me too How did You get back Your teams onto Your main acc? You were lucky? Anyway, a message to everyone: I wont give away any of my accounts because its not allowed by SM, and I dont want anyone to get into trouble because of this, so this case is closed.
  2. Re: Giving away my accounts
  3. Re: Giving away my accounts Well, it seems the situation is not good. I asked firmly SM to allow me to move a few teams to an other account, but they said its technically impossible. To be honest I have no idea what is impossible on this, because its almost the same when a game world owner offers a club to a manager.. And as far as I know, they are the owners of the standard setups and golds.. I'm thinking on this whole thing, mostly because its dissapointing that I dont have a chance to do this, despite I'm a loyal member here without any problems... However, the support guy was pollite, bu
  4. Re: Giving away my accounts Thanks for all of You guys, all the kindness! I'll try to contact SM and get a solution. To be honest, team number reduction would be the best for me, but I'm not sure SM will be opened for such a trade.. Well, I'll contact them and after that, we'll know the answer.
  5. Re: Giving away my accounts Since when? I thougt I can do at least this.. Whats wrong with it..?
  6. Hello Folks, Probably some of You knows me well. Hopefully this thread allows to make this here... So.. After a long long time, I decided to finish my Soccermanager life. I'm tired of it, I have too much teams, but can't reduce them, because SM doesnt allow to move teams from account to account and because I cant choose which should I keep or should I quit.. And nowadays, I cant enjoy the game as I used to, it took lots of time, and now its enough for me. So, the thing is, that I have two gold accounts with tons of teams on those.. Account names are Mr HoW and Mr HoW2. I really would like to
  7. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread NEWS FROM BAYERN MÜNCHEN "The salatschüssel is at home again" After last season's quite weak league performance, Mr HoW's side won the Bundesliga again with 6 points ahead of rival Borussia Dortmund. "The salatschüssel is at home again. We really owe our fans with this. We made a tremendous running at the second half of the season, and we were able to win almost all of our matches, and with this performance, I think we really deserve this title." said Mr HoW. With 7 trophies so far, the board of directors are very satisfie
  8. Re: Merging accounts OMG this problem has nothing to do with this idea.. and basically: sm wont allow You to have two clubs in the same game world.. cant follow You.
  9. Re: Merging accounts This thread is not about this.
  10. Re: Merging accounts I have two gold accounts and I hate that I cant keep all of my teams on the same place.
  11. Re: Have today's fitness updates been made? (26/08/09) Noticed that too mate, my players are unfit too..
  12. Re: Gold Championship 57 SEVILLA WON THE SMFA SHIELD Mr HoW's Sevilla achieved the clubs biggest trophy this year by winning the SMFA Shield. Let's see how they did this! The First Round against FC Twente Sevilla started at away ground they first game, and they easily won their game by 2-0 thanks to Lautaro Acosta (17th minute) and Enzo Maresca (33rd minute). Two weeks later, with an advantage of 2-0, the spanish side started their first home match with high commitment. Italian midfielder Enzo Maresca quickly secured the lead in the 15th minute, then 11 minutes later, he scored
  13. Re: Merging accounts I cant follow this tbh... Whats wrong with that if You want to give Your team to anyone else? Its Your team, You can do everything You want with it.. Also they promised that they'll do sg with these team offer thing.. But as I said, this merge option can be something for money, so the cheaters will be outplayed, because no one will pay for it if there are no serious reasons behind the action.. I still say, this option would be helpful.. And when I say "merge", that means all of the teams will move to the other account, not just a few of them..
  14. Hello everyone, This idea is maybe not a brand new one, but it's time to review and think about this again.. Many users here (including gold members) have more than one account, which is because they want to have more and more teams, which is okay, having more accounts is not against the rules (if You dont compete in the same game world with more than one accounts). But how about the opportunity to merge Your accounts into one main one? For example You have three accounts, and I think it would be better and easier to follow if You'd be able to merge those teams into one big account, for examp
  15. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Did I really got my Marseille or not? It seems yes, wonderful Finally..
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