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  1. Re: Giving away my accounts

    Thanks Shels for Your words :)

    Well yes, I decided to keep one account, and this means my Bayern will stay with me too :)

    How did You get back Your teams onto Your main acc? You were lucky? :)

    Anyway, a message to everyone:

    I wont give away any of my accounts because its not allowed by SM, and I dont want anyone to get into trouble because of this, so this case is closed.

  2. Re: Giving away my accounts

    Well' date=' to them, the issue is very much closed. You can't move teams from one account to another. I would love to do the same with some of mine but I know I can't.

    What is your solution/decision to leave? Still going ahead? Take a good think about it. Once you leave the teams you have put so much time and effort into, you probably wont get them back if you change your mind at a later date.[/quote']

    Yes, I know, this is my main problem, if I quit, I'll never get them back.

    The decision is a half-way solution.

    Today I reduced my teams, and I'll keep my main account with a few teams on it, my really beloved ones. Gold setups and other stuff. With this, I wont need so much time to set them up day by day. That account's gold will expire soon, so I'll renew it. The other has still more than 100 days to go. I'll reduce it too, and when it expires, I wont use it anymore. Hopefully SM will think about this club moving thing, and I wont lose those few teams I need from my second account. If they wont change their mind, those teams will lose, because I wont pay two gold accounts anymore. Well, they have around 110 days to help me out :)

  3. Re: Giving away my accounts

    Well, it seems the situation is not good. I asked firmly SM to allow me to move a few teams to an other account, but they said its technically impossible. To be honest I have no idea what is impossible on this, because its almost the same when a game world owner offers a club to a manager.. And as far as I know, they are the owners of the standard setups and golds.. I'm thinking on this whole thing, mostly because its dissapointing that I dont have a chance to do this, despite I'm a loyal member here without any problems...

    However, the support guy was pollite, but I dont like this kind of communication, where they decide when is the end of a conversation by closing the ticket.. I understand this of course, because I'm sure sometimes they have harder issues and its easirer to close a ticket without arguing, but this time, it would be better to find a solution and not close the ticket.

  4. Re: Giving away my accounts

    Thanks for all of You guys, all the kindness! I'll try to contact SM and get a solution. To be honest, team number reduction would be the best for me, but I'm not sure SM will be opened for such a trade.. Well, I'll contact them and after that, we'll know the answer.

  5. Hello Folks,

    Probably some of You knows me well. Hopefully this thread allows to make this here...

    So.. After a long long time, I decided to finish my Soccermanager life. I'm tired of it, I have too much teams, but can't reduce them, because SM doesnt allow to move teams from account to account and because I cant choose which should I keep or should I quit.. And nowadays, I cant enjoy the game as I used to, it took lots of time, and now its enough for me. So, the thing is, that I have two gold accounts with tons of teams on those.. Account names are Mr HoW and Mr HoW2. I really would like to give them to a reliable member, so if one of You are interested, please PM me or something, and lets make an agreement for those gold accounts as soon as possible.

    Thanks is andance, and hopefully the mods wont remove this.

  6. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread



    "The salatschüssel is at home again"


    After last season's quite weak league performance, Mr HoW's side won the Bundesliga again with 6 points ahead of rival Borussia Dortmund. "The salatschüssel is at home again. We really owe our fans with this. We made a tremendous running at the second half of the season, and we were able to win almost all of our matches, and with this performance, I think we really deserve this title." said Mr HoW. With 7 trophies so far, the board of directors are very satisfied with the managers performance, who has been at München for 6 seasons.

    Over 100 goals again

    Bayern's attacking side were excellent again with 105 goals, mainly thanks to Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric, who got the golden boot this season with 26 goals. Lukas Podolski and Franck Ribéry are on the elite list too with 18-18 goals, and Miro Klose with 17 this season.


    Luka Modric, this season's top goalscorer

    "No dissapointment"

    Franck Ribéry, Bayern's biggest star is happy with the title. "You cant win allways everything. We won two Champions League title so far, Europe knows us well. I would like to say, despite the rumours, I'm very happy at Bayern, and would like to stay here. Moving to somewhere else is not an option for me. We must and we will improve as we allways did, I have no worries for the next season."


    Fans favourite, Franck Ribéry

  7. Re: Merging accounts

    This idea has come up about every 6 months for the last 3 and bit years - its a good one in my view and the best way I can see of doing it' date=' is like MSN Hotmail do theres, were you have one main account and then link your other accounts to the main account and can access them through a drop down menu to simply just cycle through your accounts without having to sign in and out all the time.[/quote']

    I really would like to see an improvement like Your idea, whatever how, but really want to get a solution for that..

  8. Re: Merging accounts

    Not good idea because if someone have two clubs in one gameworld (cheating) then what happen? player freely move between two clubs? :P

    OMG this problem has nothing to do with this idea.. :P and basically: sm wont allow You to have two clubs in the same game world.. cant follow You.

  9. Re: Merging accounts

    Would this not basically be Gold Management without the GCs?

    Firstly if you want to manage more clubs you ahve to buy a Gold Membership or extra Club slots' date=' why would SM make this function free when people will pay money to buy the service?

    Merging accounts simply won't happen, SM would only be financially hamstringing themselves.[/quote']

    I'm a gold member, but You know, the extra slots is a quite new feature.. I've been here for more than two years, bought my first gold package when there were no extra slots, etc.. And when I had no more free space, I made an another account.. But now, we have tons of options, and would be much better to merge the teams and keep all of the clubs at the same place.

  10. Re: Merging accounts

    any update on this?

    i've got 2 teams in one account' date=' and 1 team in another... i'd love to move that one club into the other account, so I can have all three in one account.

    thank you :)[/quote']

    Nope, nothing.. :(

    Also wrote a ticket about this but simply no reaction..

  11. Re: Gold Championship 57



    Mr HoW's Sevilla achieved the clubs biggest trophy this year by winning the SMFA Shield. Let's see how they did this!

    The First Round against FC Twente

    Sevilla started at away ground they first game, and they easily won their game by 2-0 thanks to Lautaro Acosta (17th minute) and Enzo Maresca (33rd minute).

    Two weeks later, with an advantage of 2-0, the spanish side started their first home match with high commitment. Italian midfielder Enzo Maresca quickly secured the lead in the 15th minute, then 11 minutes later, he scored another one made it 2-0. Young starler Lautaro Acosta scored in the 34th minute, and José Crespo scored the last one in the 57th minute and with this, Sevilla clearly went through with an aggreagate of 6-0.

    Second Round against German up-coming giants: VfL Wolfsburg

    Mr HoW's side started at home ground, and just one goal made the difference: Diego Capel scored in the 48th minute and they won by 1-0 their home match.

    2 weeks later, Sevilla travelled to the Volkswagen Arena. Both sides had good chance to qualify to the next round. Croatian youngster, Mario Mandzukic broke the silent draw with a good shot, and almost fired Sevilla into the next round. However, Wolfsburg's German midfielder, Sebastian Schindzielorz scored in the 87th minute, but this was only an equaliser goal for this match, the Spanish side went through by 2-1.

    The Third Round against Vitória de Guimares

    The portuguese team travelled to Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán and tried to stop Sevilla, but Diego Perotti scored a fast goal in the 8th minute, and then in the 26th, Mario Mandzukic finished the mission and made it 2-0, showing the opponent: they will win. Even Fernando Navarro's red card wasnt able to let down Sevilla, they played 30 minutes with ten man on the field, but won their home game.

    The away game was almost the same for Sevilla, an easy 2-0, goals scored by Lautaro Acosta and Federico Fazio, both scored in the 2nd half, and with this, Sevilla went through by 4-0.


    Sevilla's wonderkid: Lautaro Acosta

    Quarter Final against argentinian Independiente

    Sevilla's trip to the Doble Visera was a real shock. Marcelo Diaz and Lucas Mareque scored one-one goal, and Sevilla was almost down. Sevilla's youngster Diego Capel was able to save his team with scoring a goal, but Sevilla's situation was a little bit hard to the next match.

    At home ground, Sevilla players knew they must win, they must score. They started the match with commitment and the two youngsters Lautaro Acosta and Mario Mandzukic scored two quick goal in the end of the first half, and with this, Sevilla secured their place in the semi final.


    Diego Capel after his valuable away goal

    The Semi Final against Bayer Leverkusen

    A strong opponent was the only step from the final, and Leverkusen was eager to avoid defeat this match at away ground, but Mario Mandzukic's valuable goal was enough for a confortable 1-0 for Sevilla.

    The BayArena was the really last step for Sevilla, and they are in the final. They arrived with 1-0 from home ground, but Leverkusen still had a good chance too. In an exciting game Luis Fabiano has got the decision, he scored the only goal for Sevilla, and with a 2-0, they advanced into the final!


    Luis "Fabouloso" Fabiano

    The FINAL against Italian Udinese

    Full house at the Hampden Park, two sides, and only one of them can win the cup. Adriano Correira in the 39th minute opened the goal scoring, made it 1-0 to Sevilla. Just two minutes later, Jon Dahl Tomasson made it to 1-1, the match was draw again. In the second half, Sevilla started fairly better, and Luis Fabiano scored one in the 55th and one more in the 65th minute, almost decided the cup winning with this. But, just to be sure, Frederic Kanouté made it to 4-1 in the 70th minute, and this means: SEVILLA WON THE CUP!



    "This is excellent! I'm really proud of my boys. They have done what we have dreamed of! We really wanted to win, and with luck and with excellent players and excellent playing, I think we deserved the cup. I must congratulate all of my players, and would like to thank all of our fans. Without them, we wouldnt be able to be here today!" said Mr HoW



  12. Re: Merging accounts

    I don't think it will be a great implement' date=' what if someone hacks your account so they merge it with there's though if it would be free but for Gold Members only I think it will work.[/quote']

    Merging should ask for the proper e-mail address, and also there should be a confirmation mail to accept, so this shouldnt be so easy as You wrote.

    Btw I still say: allow this only to Gold Members. I never said this must be allowed to everyone.

  13. Re: Merging accounts

    this has to be the worst idea i have ever heard!!!! we all realise surely that sm need to make some money for a start. its a good game imo.

    look at it this way' date=' those who pay get extra teams, to play in gold champs, can buy gameworlds etc. for i think 12quid a year u get plenty of extra things u dont get on standard. its just a pound a month fgs! not as if its expensive really is it

    and the rules clearly state its 1 account per person????[/quote']

    You have no idea what I'm talking about.. I'm talking about not to have two or more gold accounts... Just give us the option the merge our gold accounts to have ONLY ONE and not tons of accounts..

  14. Re: Merging accounts

    No' date=' i don' think this should be implemented, atleast not for free. Gold Members pay so they can manage more clubs. So it would be ridiculous if free members could just merge accounts for free. And obviously SM wpon't do this, other wise why don't they just let free members manage more clubs in the first place! A big No.

    You want the chance to manage more clubs on the same account, Pay for it like everyone else does!!


    No, You got me wrong. I never said this should be free for anyone, and newbies with simple accounts would merge.. No way, I know that SM would never allow this because of money.. BUT if You have two accounts for example, two GM accounts, that means You already payed for those, so it would be nice to get an option to merge these accounts.. You payed for those, and maybe You would pay to merge those.. So what I'm talking about is to KEEP Your current clubs, and not getting free spaces with the merging.. You can buy extra spaces, thats okay, but this wont solve the problem that You cant move Your current teams..

  15. Re: Merging accounts

    Some of your points are true and I am not saying the feature is a bad idear I was just saying the reasons why SM would not chance a feature like this as They think it is unfair to give teams to freinds. Not me' date=' them:).[/quote']

    I see, okay :)

    Btw I think SM should review this They think thing.. Not all of us are cheaters or unfair managers.. Most of us just would like to organise our teams as we want. And if we are crazy enough to pay for it too, thats just a good business for SM.. :D

  16. Re: Merging accounts

    It would never work because they would think that you would give clubs to your freinds on an account you dont want. Or make a new account get him/her 2 or 3 good teams and give it to them on their main account so that they have it on there main and favourite account. Anyway for people who do have multiple accounts it only takes a minute to switch to it anyway.

    I cant follow this tbh... Whats wrong with that if You want to give Your team to anyone else? Its Your team, You can do everything You want with it.. Also they promised that they'll do sg with these team offer thing.. But as I said, this merge option can be something for money, so the cheaters will be outplayed, because no one will pay for it if there are no serious reasons behind the action.. I still say, this option would be helpful.. And when I say "merge", that means all of the teams will move to the other account, not just a few of them..

  17. Re: Merging accounts

    SM would never do it for free(especially to non-GM's)' date=' because you are taking one of the advantages of being a GM and giving it for free to non-GM's.

    The only way I think it would work is if it cost a bit and exclusive to GM's only.[/quote']

    I never said this must be free or must be allowed to anyone to have tons of teams.. But for a little cash for example (as You can buy extra spaces too), or for GMs only You should be able to do it if You want.

  18. Re: Merging accounts

    Well I've always wanted my best standard clubs onto my main account' date=' agree with you but can't see how SM would implement this.[/quote']

    I dont think this would be so hard.. If You own Your SM accounts (by knowing the e-mail adress, by being able to enter into that e-mail account and by knowing the password for that account - this proves that this is not team stoling or sg else) You would be able to move teams to another account, or simply move all of them to the other one. I dont think this is a hard thing to implement, only depends on SM whether they want to do it or not.

    Personally I hate that I have to use more than one account.

  19. Hello everyone,

    This idea is maybe not a brand new one, but it's time to review and think about this again.. Many users here (including gold members) have more than one account, which is because they want to have more and more teams, which is okay, having more accounts is not against the rules (if You dont compete in the same game world with more than one accounts). But how about the opportunity to merge Your accounts into one main one? For example You have three accounts, and I think it would be better and easier to follow if You'd be able to merge those teams into one big account, for example to Your main, oldest account which has the most teams on it. Several managers have tons of accounts, and the achievements, the friends list, etc. are always different from account to account, but the person is the same.. I think the life would be easier if we can collect all of our teams into one account.

    One name, one person, one account, plenty of teams on it (maybe for a little cash to do it and then SM would be happy too :P:D). What do You think?

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