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  1. Re: International Management I still dont like this. Okay, no fitness reduction for friendlies, but yes for the tournament games.. I checked the schedule: Oct 25: League game Oct 26: Nothing Oct 27: Domestic Shield Oct 28: International friendly (no fitness effect) Oct 29: League game Oct 30: Nothing Oct 31: International Qualifier Nov 1: League game So this means that I wont be able to use my key players for the league match because of the international qualifier game. I still dont like this, and never will.. I think when the idea came up to create SM as an online game, the main target was to have fun (and maybe to get money ), and we all like gold champs, because its competitve, its fun, its a challenge. We are enjoying it. But with this new thing, the international games and the SMFA games will kill our league performance, because we simply wont be able to use our players freely! And this is not why we bought them! With this "I cant use my players" thing, GCs wont be so much fun as it was... I want to have fun with this game, and not worriing that how will I replace my nmf players who came back from national games.. I dont like this, I have no idea who will play for my teams if this will happen! Because not only the 90+ players will play qualifier matches but the weakers will too, because some nations' best players are around 85.. So who will play in the league games after a qualifier?? I checked my squads and almost all of the players probably will play for their countries, and the ones who will not, they are weak and not enough.. And also wont be able to pick up a normal starting11 because of position problems.. When my club has an SMFA game, thats kind of normal, because I will decide who will play, who should get a rest and how will I play, I will see that I can pick up a normal starting11 tomorrow too, but when the international games will come, we wont have any ideas how many players will play, and how many of them will be available for the club! This is still not good I think, we will see tons of freak starting11 because of position issue...
  2. Re: International Management The whole problem with this fitness issue is that if the national players' fitness will decrease as normal when they are on international duty, You wont be able to use Your best players together. And this is not the reason why we all bought those players into our teams. Of course it would be realistic that their fitness should decrease while on international, but due to that when SM created the idea of the GC, and created the schedule (2 league games, 1 domestic, 1 smfa in a week) they had no idea that they will introduce the international management too, therefore, its impossible to play GCs with national fitness decreasing, because one word apeears: overwhelming!
  3. Re: International Management I still say that while the fitness will be reduced, that is not good.. Will kill the gold champs...
  4. Re: International Management Read a few previous posts! Will take a little time, but You'll understand us.
  5. Re: International Management Basically we are talking about the club players and club faith, and not the national teams.. Because this international thing will be hard for the clubs mostly.. And GCs are about the clubs in the first place..
  6. Re: International Management Wow, so I'm not the only one who against the fitness reduction, etc.. Btw Neller is right, fitness reduction is quite crazy at SM, and we definitely no need more reducing factors.. And as Jacko said, we need to rotate more, impossible to use a player more than two matches in a week, so we definitely dont need the tired/injured players from internationals.. Getting quality players in GCs is very very hard, almost very hard to get enough players for rotation, so as You guys said too, its impossible to keep up with the international if it will stay like this...
  7. Re: International Management To be honest, I'm confused.. As I read, if a player plays an international game, his fitness will be reduced and he can puck up injury, and this will affect his club performance too. This is bad.. First of all, the club pays hard moneys for players in every turns, no matter if the player is used or not. In golds, a star player in a star club easily can have four matches in a week, which we all know is impossible to perform. So what if I have for example Steven Gerrard in my Liverpool in a GC.. I'm competing in the league, two domestic cups and the SMFA Champs league of course, and Gerrard is a main member of his national side too, this means five games in a week? As I saw the schedule, a friendly will be played on tuesday. So the week schedule is: monday: domestic cup. Tuesday: international. Wednesday: league. Thursday: rest. Friday: SMFA. Saturday: league. Sunday: rest. This is crazy, way too much, and if the national matches will be scheduled that no SMFA game and international games on the same week, thats bad too because we wont be able to use our players in the league games. And to be honest, if we buy or trade a great player to our clubs, we want to use that player, and not reserve him for the national side.. So if I gave a rest to Gerrard to get fit to the Wednesdays match game, that means I cannot use him again because the English manager used him on tuesday??? In golds, we all know its very hard to keep the schedules, too much matches, long fitness recovery times, and now a new thing to cope with?? How will I be able to use my best starting11 if the national managers will allways use my best players?? Or those players will get an injury while on international duty? In Gold Champs we all know that the player what is the only valuable thing, because the too much match days, and now one more injury and fitness killer thing? Dont get me wrong, I like the international management, but should be separated from the club! If a player is injured, okay, the national manager shouldnt use him too. If a player is NMF in his club, okay, the national manager cant use him, but please, if I have a match fit player, directly rested for a game, dont kill his fitness because of an international game! Allow him to play for an international game, but dont reduce his fitness to his club! If his fitness will be reduced for his club too, and also can go back to his club as an injured player, well.. Gold champs will be impossible to play.. not hard, impossible!
  8. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports
  9. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports
  10. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports Guys, deals between Sporting and Santos.. Too obvious..
  11. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports
  12. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports
  13. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports
  14. Re: The GC28 issue Thats the point my friend.. Its a shame, and yes, Scot Dutch has right, because they took my money and then ban me from a brand new "unique" setup.. But, I cant do anything, just keep this thread alive, because SM wont care about my tickets yes (mostly if I cant send them more...) and if I would continue arguing with them via tickets, they would ban me, and then it would be the start of the 3rd World War... Btw I dont like this stance, SM is powered by our money, and by the tons of ads on the site, which are valuable them only because WE are online and can see them..
  15. Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread Boca Juniors are where they deserved! After the first season's bad league performance, Mr HoW's side performed a great season in the league and won it. With 96 points, they clearly had the lead ahead second placed América, they got 83 points. By scoring 96 goals and conceding 32, the goal difference is 64 which is clearly the best in the league too. "We are satisfied that we have kept Mr HoW after the first season, now the team is really together, and they showed how they can really play!" said Boca Juniors chairman. Another record is namely César Delgado who scored 33 goals this season in 35 league matches, and he got the golden boot for this excellent performance.
  16. Re: The GC28 issue Thanks for everyone's reply Of course I never gave my account to anyone, its mine, and I'm the only one who knows the password. And I'm the only one who logs in to SM from this network, so its impossible that other member using the same IP address. I'm sure that this is a bug or a "too much" thing against cheating, but I still cant understand how could I cheat without being in the setup.. I have two accounts, never made secret about this, namely "Mr HoW" and "Mr HoW 2", using the same name, the same avatar, and never competed in the same setup with them.. Btw I'm thinking on that too Nathan, I'm cheesed off of these useless CPS things... I've never broke the rules, so I dont like this when I got punished for nothing..
  17. Yesterday, SM created GC28 as You all know. And when it came up, I selected a team and it said: SMFA believes that You have multiple accounts and You are already in, etcetc.. I've send a ticket yesterday to SM, and wanted to know how could I be in a setup which was brand new? They answered me that the CPS flagged me up as having multiple accounts and I may have attempted a transfer which has caused this.. How??????????? I wasnt able to join the setup because of that SMFA message!!! How could I make a single transfer or anything without being in the setup??? And the setup was brand new, people started joining and not making transfers! What am I, an octopus or what?? Using 3-4 accounts at the same time and got those clubs and already agreed on transfers??? LOL!! I wasnt able to join to GC28 because I got the SMFA message BEFORE entering the setup, so its impossible to be in with multi account or making any single transfer.. I cant send ticket to SM about this because as a general question, it says the cheat reporting must be send via cheating category, but I cant send this via cheating category because this is everything but not cheating. Thats why I'm using the forum, because I'm disappointed that I was accused by SM...
  18. Re: German Changes Unfortunately the Bundesliga and therefore the Bundesliga players are underestimated.. Thats all..
  19. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Makaay returned to Bayern! After a few seasons away, highly respected Roy Makaay joined back to the place of his success. "I'm very happy getting him back. Roy is an idol here, the fans and the team mates love him! He is a fantastic player, more than a player to us!" said Mr HoW. "I feel myself at home here, I'm very happy that I can play here again. Bayern was allways my home, often came back and talked with the guys, but now I'm here again, I can wear Bayern jersey again. I think, I will retire from Bayern." said Makaay Bayern's idol, Roy Makaay returned to Allianz Arena
  20. Re: German Changes bestpay, yes, these are the numbers, but the point is at fadedwolfz, because first of all:? with bad perfomance, You cant play 29 league games in a season at Bayern, and secondly: the numbers are not allways everyrthing.. I still believe that here is not allways the performance what is count..
  21. Re: German Changes Ye, its a shame.. no change for Lell, and also for Zé Roberto??? I cant believe, SM not following the performances, or just simply hate those guys to raise them????
  22. Re: German Changes I think SM doesnt care about pre-season performances, and also about the first league games performances.. This can be the only reason behind the current "no changing system"..
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