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  1. Re: German Changes They wont rise him. Klose's spring season wasnt so good, thats why SM felt they must decrease him. And they wont rise him by one or two, mostly because the players who really deserves higher ratings wont get their increasements too...
  2. Re: The German Bundesliga (Match Reports/Transfers etc) The third season of The German Bundesliga has ended. We will have the following rules! PLEASE GUYS, READ AND KEEP! Rules: 1., No buying from unmanaged teams within the setup (sorry guys, but tons of unmanaged teams around here, so the teams must have their good players and if we can buy players, those squads will be reduced to 18 and then will be tons of NMF players...) 2., Transfers between managed clubs are not limited, but only fair deals are allowed. 3., Division one teams are allowed to buy three 90+ players from external clubs. 4., Division two and promoted teams are allowed to buy four 90+ players from external clubs. 5., Division one teams are allowed to transfer in totally 10 players from external clubs (does not mean 90+ or not!) 6., Division two teams are allowed to transfer in totally 14 players from external clubs (does not mean 90+ or not!) 7., You are allowed to transfer out 8 players in the season (trading out means transferring out too, but making someone to free agent is not!). 8., Trading out players with rating 90 or above with external clubs is still not allowed. (if You want to sell rated 90 or above, transfer list him) 9., Extreme deals and spendings are not allowed and will be reversed immediately (hopefully..). 10., Every team has to keep their balance at positive value. Due to that SM removed the transfer reverse option, I ask everyone to KEEP THE RULES MORE CAREFULLY! So make it easy to follow: Div1 teams: Maximum 10 players in (3 of them can be 90+) from external clubs. Maximum 8 players out for external clubs. Div2 and promoted teams: Maximum 14 players in (4 of them can be 90+) from external clubs. Maximum 10 players out for external clubs. I wish good luck everyone with his club and hopefully all of these rules are accepted by everyone!
  3. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports Inter signed Guardado 21 years old left midfielder joined to Mr HoW's side this morning. Andrés Guardado joined from Espanyol for a fee of 10 million and also Cesar and Julio Cruz were the part of the deal. "He is exactly the player we needed! With his arrival, our squad is younger now and we can use different tactics. He is a vital part of our team, I'm happy with his arrival." said Mr HoW. "This transfer is a huge thing in my life. I'm 21 years old at the moment, and I'm glad that I can say: I'm playing for Inter, one of the best clubs in the world! I came here with lots of dreams, I want to play as much as I can!" said Guardado Mexican Andrés Guardado gives new opportunites to Mr HoW
  4. Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread The 87 rated guy can go on loan. Next season things are unclear atm
  5. Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread Maybe I can offer a 87 rated LB and 88 rated CB..
  6. Re: German Changes Agree here mate, I cant follow this..
  7. Re: German Changes Lell must rise to 90 or 91, and Fritz, maybe he will go up by one. Also I disagree with Klose's 93, because when he was on form, his rating wasnt better, and now he is out of form, he decreased? I dont like this.. I will keep an eye on Toni's rating..
  8. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup Hello, Please find me and the setup via SM to allow me the job offer to You. But please read the rules and learn Your nations
  9. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup The following sides are waiting for good managers: Chelsea - Ivory Coast and Ghana (With great players and also tons of players are available from that nation, they are in big trouble, needs a reliable manager) Fenerbahce - Turkey and Uruguay (Strong combination, why unmanaged..??!) Juventus - Czech Republic and Egypt (with good talents and a world-class goalie) Liverpool - Brazil and Croatia (...) Real Madrid - Netherland and Colombia (no more words..) NOTE! Apply here in this topic, and not via PMs! And mostly: READ THE RULES! THESE TEAMS ARE NATIONAL TEAMS AND NOT "NORMAL CLUB" TEAMS!!!! I will not answer PMs regarding applications!
  10. Re: Gold Championship 24 Match Reports/Transfer News etc Fener appointed Mr HoW Mr HoW accepted Turkish Giant Fenerbahçe's offer. "I'm very happy with this job. Fenerbahçe made good progress in the last years, and I like Turkey so much, so I gladly took the job." said Mr HoW. Need Midfielders "We are looking for midfielders mostly, side players and centre midfielders, but also would consider buying a striker and a defender. The following players can go from the squad: Onder Turaci, Deniz Baris, Gökcek Vederson, Bilgin Ali, Moreno Josico, Metin Tümer. If someone interested in a deal, PM me or make offer(s)."
  11. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports "Should I say wow?" After losing in the SMFA Group against Santos by 1-2, and hearing Santos manager's words..: "Wow, so what? Yes, we lost but its not the end of the world, and mostly we wont praise the other manager for this. First, it was a bit of luck, secondly, they killed Rusol for 3 weeks, and the worst is the manager's arrogant words. So in a normal case, I would say a congrat to the manager, but after this unsporting and halfly correct report, I wont say more about this." said Mr HoW.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread Boca Juniors signed Argentinian superstar Garay Ezequiel Garay, the 21 years old argentinian superstar joined to Boca Juniors from Atlético Madrid. The deal is undisclosed, but we know that Arouna Koné was the part of the deal for him. "We are very happy bringing him "back", he is a huge talent! A new superstar here, the fans will love him!" said Mr HoW Defender Garay will play his first match in his new team tonight
  13. Re: German Changes Never mind, forget about this my friend
  14. Re: Did SM go down?? Heh, yes this a game.. And a few of us pays for it. And no, I dont care about the maintenance, do it of course, no probs, but when You are not able to set Your team, and not because You are a crappy manager but because You dont have all day sitting in front of SM, now thats annoying! I worked all day and the only time when I was able to set my teams was when SM maintenanced. Okay, no probs, they'll be back soon. And they did, opened the site again, but it was really slow.. The site is slow for days now, I think something must do about this because SM invites everyone to play here, but too much members now for the servers as I see.. So this is the problem here that the site was too slow, almost unaccesable, and not the maintenance was it. And if there is sg wrong with the speed, and as we all see that tons of us were not able to set their teams, Shels right: the results should be reversed and arrange them again later. But no offence, just my oppinion about the whole thing.
  15. Re: Did SM go down?? Okay, I'm too tired for this. Cant set my teams.. Fantastic.. This was a hard day and I dont have energie for this. I hope that SM will delay todays matches, or I will be in deep ....
  16. Re: Did SM go down?? Its so beautiful that SM improves the wonderful overview pages, etc, but how about improving the site speed???? I cant set my teams for tonights cup matches because the site is dead snail slow or simply not responding!! Argh!!!!!!!!! Sorry
  17. Re: German Changes Obvious reasons? I'm listening!!
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