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  1. Re: German Changes Yes, have chance of falling. But we dont know SM's policy about this. Will see, but he wont rise thats for sure.
  2. Re: German Changes Ye, because You hate Bayern Hmm, I'm interested what will You say about my nexts posts which will come soon.
  3. Re: German Changes Playing and playing well is not the same. Ottl played 19 games yes, but his performance was simply weak. Appearance is not everything, the player must show something. Sometimes the reason for playing Ottl was simply that there were no other players to use.. I cant say so much about Breno. I heard wonderful things, but seen him only once so.. Thats why I missed his rating. Ottl is poor, simply a bad player, and doesnt deserve the 88. Have You seen him?
  4. Re: German Changes SM is about to make the changes in the German League next week, so I decided to make reviews about Bayern München and a few other Bundesliga players (build on the Bundesliga statistics). First of all, lets start with Bayern München: Michael Rensing: With 26 Bundesliga games so far (Bayern is still unbeaten with him!) and 10 games last season in the league, showed some excellent skills, he deserves the 88 instead of the 87 at the moment. Martin Demichelis: 120 games for Bayern, 28 games last season and 1 goal, he was elected as one of the best defenders in the Bundesliga. He got a small injury, but he is match fit again, and played against Hertha today, so he definitely deserves his current rating 93. At the moment, he wont rise, but if he continues his professionalism, he will do soon. Philipp Lahm: 132 Bundesliga games and 79 for Bayern. Last season 22 games and no goals. However, he played fantastic in the whole season, and continued it on the Euro 2008 and at the start of the Bundesliga, today scored a magnificant goal against Hertha. He is 93 for a long time, I think he deserves the 94 with his recent fantastic performance as he is one of the best left backs in the world with no doubt. Christian Lell: Bayern's real upcomer, 73 games in the Bundesliga and 47 for Bayern. 29 (!) matches last season in the league, missed only 5 games, and performed extremely well on the right side, replacing the injured/out of form Sagnol, scored one goal. He is still good as he was, so enough of the 89, he must be 90/91 because he is stable starter at Bayern with good performance. Lucio: The brazilian magician got 207 Bundesliga games in his feet, and played 115 for Bayern. Last season played 24 games and scored one goal. He is a great defender, playing with heart, but sometimes got blames. But when he plays as he can, You have the feeling that he should be around 96. However, I'm sure that he wont rise because of his mistakes, but definitely wont decrease. His performance is around 94 and 95. Willy Sagnol: Loyal Bayern player, 184 games for the club, last season only 9 due to his injuries. Now he is injured again, he is a very good right back with great attacking moves and fantastic curled passes, I'm afraid he will decrease but I hope that he can keep his rating. Daniel van Buyten: 113 Bundesliga games, 52 for Bayern, 19 appearances last season and one goal. Played very well with Demichelis or Lucio, but sometimes got awful matches. By default, he is a stable 92, but I think he will keep his 91. Breno: Not so many appearances yet, needs more time. Hamit Altintop: Leader of the Turkish national team, a real sniper, huge improvements since arriving from Schalke to München. 136 Bundesliga games, 23 for Bayern, scored 3 goals. His serious injury broken his fantastic career at Bayern, but luckily he was able to recover himself to the Euro, played well again and continued at Bayern but got an injury again. He is 91 (what a huge war was that to show SM that he deserves this), he wont change I think. I know he is injured again, but this wont last so much time than the previous one, and as I saw him playing, he will keep his class. Toni Kroos: 12 games last season, he is not good enough to be a star at the moment, but deserves a few improvement, 84/85 would be it.. Andreas Ottl: Bayern's biggest dissapointment. 53 games for Bayern, 19 games last season (...). I think his 88 is highly overrated, whould be around 86 I think. He is not a top player and never be, he scored 3 goals last season, but for God's shake, he is unprofessional, not good player. Lazy to run, not able to pass, and covard for fighting balls. Franck Ribéry: Should I say? 28 games, 11 goals, voted for last season's best player. Unfortunately, he injured against Italy in Euro 2008, this is the only reason which is against his new 96 rating. Bastian Schweinsteiger: 156 games for Bayern, 30 games last season, only one goal. This season, scored two already. I think the time is close now, when he must rise to 93. Reliable performance with excellent passes and shots. José Ernesto Sosa: 15 games, he is fit again, I think he deserve to get back his 89. If You dont know him, he is a fantastic free-kick taker and a midfield general. Of course, he didnt proved this at Bayern yet. Mark van Bommel: The "red captain". 58 games for Bayern, 27 games last season and two goals. I real distance shooter with an aggressive behaviour. Sometimes doing unneccesary things, thats why he doesnt have 93.. Zé Roberto: "God's Son", got this nickname years ago. 256 Bundesliga games, 143 for Bayern. Last season player 30 games and scored 5 goals. Last season was one of his bests, fantastic stamina, passing abilities and dribbling skils, both foted joker midfielder, deserves the 93 whatever You say! Miroslav Klose: 239 Bundesliga games, 30 for Bayern. Last season played 27 games, scored 10 goals. Suffering from bad form since his injury, hopefully today's goal will help him to score goals again. I'm afraid his 94 will decrease to 93, but in my oppinion SM should wait with this decision, because when he played well, he didnt got a rise, so now he shouldnt got a decrease. Luca Toni: Last season's top scorer, 31 games last season, 24 goals. Real italian actor with the sense of scoring goals. I wont say anything. In my eyes he is a 95, but I'm sure he wont go up and down either. Lukas Podolski: Last season's tabloid-theme, 101 Bundesliga games, 50 for Bayern. Last season played 25 matches (mostly as a sub) and scored 5 goals. Like it or not, the time is close now to rise him to 92. In next posts, I will review a few Bundesliga players including Bayern players by hard numbers of statistics.
  5. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup Oh well, thats cool. Please leave a message via SM. Search for the setup and allow me to offer the club to You
  6. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup Yepp, this happens regulary unfortunately..
  7. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup The following sides are waiting for good managers: Chelsea - Ivory Coast and Ghana (With great players and also tons of players are available from that nation, they are in big trouble, needs a reliable manager) Fenerbahce - Turkey and Uruguay (Strong combination, why unmanaged..??!) Juventus - Czech Republic and Egypt (with good talents and a world-class goalie) Real Madrid - Netherland and Colombia (no more words..) NOTE! Apply here in this topic, and not via PMs! And mostly: READ THE RULES! THESE TEAMS ARE NATIONAL TEAMS AND NOT "NORMAL CLUB" TEAMS!!!! I will not answer PMs regarding applications!
  8. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 5 My choice is definitely lil_kick_kid.. Fantastic Bundesliga posts, so no doubts for me here
  9. Re: German Changes Yepp, and hopefully Ottl wont be in the squad..
  10. Re: German Changes However, he scored the equaliser goal against Dortmund last week as a sub
  11. Re: German Changes Wont decrease, but wont change either. He was elected one of the best defenders in the Bundesliga last year. He is suffering of a little injury now, but this wont make any changes about his rating. If he continues playing at the high level, he can go up to 94, but will see this when he will able to play again.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports Adriano is back!!! After a little brazilian trip, finally Inter fan favourite Adriano returned to Giuseppe Meazza. Mr HoW payed strong 25 million Euros to Sao Paolo for the brazilian player. "I'm very happy, we are all very happy getting him back to Milano. He got the strenght and the ability we need, the fans are happy seeing him here again!" said Mr HoW. "I feel myself at home here, the fans are lovely, everything is great" said Adriano. However, he is injured for at least one month long, but everyone is happy and optimistic about him, hundreds of fans were waiting for him at the airport. Adriano, returned to the place of his success: Inter
  13. Re: German Changes Lol, well I remember when the gold times there was the RAN Bundesliga, and Kuranyi was Stuttgart's player, and he got that moustance and special hair, and they showed how complicated to make that idiot moustance and that hair.. Long long hours at an expensive hairdresser. What a fashion-maniac..
  14. Re: German Changes Look, I dont want argue, but I know the Bundesliga well too, of course I'm not making big reviews because I dont have enough time for those. Kuranyi was allways overrated by the media, he'll never rise to 93, simply because he doesnt has that class. Sometimes he has good periods, but overall, he is not reliable. However, I know he scored numbers of goals, I still believe he is not that class to be a 93 or more. I'm a Bayern and a Bundesliga fan, allways watching matches for long years, I know him well from those times when he was a simple striker at Stuttgart. He caught a good season at VfB, then Schalke hunted him down, but to be honest, this change was a real no matter to Kuranyi and to Schalke too. I respect Asamoah much more for example, because he enjoys football, Kuranyi doesnt.
  15. Re: German Changes No, he wont rise I think.
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