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  1. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread mine too! what is this????
  2. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Mr HoW back in action! After his one week long official holiday, Mr HoW returned to Säbener Strasse, and continued his work at FC Bayern. While the boss got his summer at the Adria Sea, his assistant manager controlled the team by Mr HoW's plans. Bayern had two huge derbys, first against Schalke at Veltins Arena (won by 1-2, thanks to Schweinsteiger and van Bommel), then the real clash against Hamburg at the Allianz Arena (won by 3-1, Ribéry Zé Roberto and Nihat). After his holiday, arrived to Munich, and continued his work. A great win against Arminia Bielefeld (0-3, Bayern decided this match in the first 9 minutes (!!) thanks to Zé Roberto and Podolski) crowned the manager's comeback. "My team performed extremely well against our opponents. I must congratulate everyone!" said Mr HoW
  3. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup
  4. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup The following sides are waiting for good managers: Chelsea - Ivory Coast and Ghana (With great players and also tons of players are available from that nation, they are in big trouble, needs a reliable manager) Fenerbahce - Turkey and Uruguay (Strong combination, why unmanaged..??!) Juventus - Czech Republic and Egypt (with good talents and a world-class goalie) NOTE! Apply here in this topic, and not via PMs! And mostly: READ THE RULES! THESE TEAMS ARE NATIONAL TEAMS AND NOT "NORMAL CLUB" TEAMS!!!! I will not answer PMs regarding applications!
  5. Re: Reporting Transfers.. Tons of managers use the report button because they are envy, and not because the deal is suspicious...
  6. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. This a main problem, but this is not SM's fault.. Poorly, tons of managers simply cant read..
  7. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. Oh my.. No auto-accept, and definitely no e-bay auction thing.. If there are no other ways to force the lazy ones for an answer, then leave the whole thing as it is now.
  8. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. Well, okay, punishing is too hard, auto-accept is too unrealistic. But tell me, how to force lazy managers to respond? Sometimes they really ruin the game with this behaviour. I dont like to auto-accept thing and never will, and mostly I dont like the chairman at all, and I dont want to see him selling my players. Thats my job, only mine, and not the chairmans.
  9. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. I still dont like the auto-accept option. Let the manager decide what to do, and if doesnt response for weeks, punish that manager but not accept deals without permission. Well, transfer listing a player does not mean that You want to sell that player whatever it takes. Sometimes You use this option to let the managers know that You are opened for negotiations, P/E deals for him or involve him as a trade for someone.. So its not allways easy.
  10. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. Hey, I'm logging in every day into the site, so I'm not a lazy manager. The only thing is that unexpected things can happen to people, and they cant log in for some reasons. Let me tell something. I was on hoiday last week. I logged in before my departure, but didnt enabled the holiday thing, because I thought I will find a wi-fi spot or something to take care of my teams every day. BUT, the whole island was without internet, I found only ONE place, where a wifi was available.. So I used my PDA and "steal" that signal a bit to enable the holiday option.. I know, I'm the idiot that why didnt enabled the holiday mode at home, but who expected that I wouldnt be able to catch a wifi near to my apartman? Nobody.. Luckily I'm addincted enough and I found a spot and logged in at least once from my PDA to enable those things.. But this situation could been even worse.. So thats why I'm not supporting the automatic accept thing. For unexpected happenings. But I agree, that if You are a member at SM, You should log in at least 3-4 times a week, and RESPOND all offers as fast as You can.
  11. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. The automatic accept thing is not a good idea. You never know what could happen and You wont be able to log in in two weeks and then You'll be in trouble because of this. I'm still supporting that SM must penalise the not responders, but this auto-accept thing is not the solution I think. The enquiry idea is great, sometimes it would be great to give a specific answer for an offer.
  12. Re: Gold Membership - club add-on Finally a good improvement can come again.. I hope the rest wont vote with "no" I want this extra club slot!
  13. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 2 Voted for Nick, he is a great guy, with great posts, so I decided to go for him.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Robbie Keane joined Bayern! Former Tottenham player Robbie Keane joined to FC Bayern's squad. The 28 years old striker was announced officially this morning. The price for him was Jonathan Woodgate and Aleksandr Kerzhakov, both players were unwanted at the Allianz Arena, but will give good replacement at Tottenham instead of Keane. The Irish striker signed a 5 years contract and looking forward to his Bayern-career. "With his arrival, we can try a new tactical formation, I'm very happy with his decision!" said Mr HoW. "This transfer is the next step of my carreer, I've never been to Germany, now I'm playing for their top team. What can I say? I'm highly motivated!" said Keane. Its time to show himself in Germany, newly signed Robbie Keane
  15. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 1 Nice post my friend' date=' and thanks for this Anyway guys: The round is over, thanks for everyone voting for me, I'm suprised, I never though that I can get more than 3-4 votes )) So thanks [b']everyone[/b] who voted me, and good luck to them and others
  16. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Serious events at the Allianz Arena Just after Rensing was officially offered by a 5 years contract, Champions League winner Celtic loaned young keeper Joe Hart to Bayern, and a day later, veteran greek goalie Antonis Nikopolidis signed a 4 year contract with Bayern. So, now what? Let Mr HoW answer.. So, Mr HoW, what happened exactly with the keeper role? Oh well, after the match against Hoffenheim, we saw a few problems with Rensing's performance, and we decided to bring an another keeper in too, because we cant play a whole season with only one keeper. Then my friend, Shelbourne offered me Joe Hart on a loan, as a quick help. Hart was in the starting11 against Werder, but his performance was even worse then Rensing's. After that, I decided that Rensing has definitely got future here at FC Bayern, but he needs a little more time to learn from a veteran keeper "in action". Then I contacted to Nikopolidis, and he accepted my offer. So the goalkeeper state here is the following, I dont want to hear or see any more rumours: Nikopolidis will succeed Oli Kahn's first choice role, and Rensing will be the reserve keeper as he was, but he will play more matches now than in the previous seasons. I'm sure that this will be a huge improvement for him, and this will secure his performance for the furure! "Grandfather" Nikopolidis will be Bayern's no1 keeper for a while
  17. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Interview with Bayern's new no1 goalkeeper: Michael Rensing Hello Michael, You have played Your first match with Bayern, how do You feel, how do You rate Your performane? Hello, oh yes, after two years long benchwarming, I got my real first test. I enjoyed the match against Hoffenheim, we won by 2-3, got two goals, but I'm not disappointed. The media said my rating was 7 out of 10, which is not so bad, but I want better, and want concede less goals. Our defensive line will be stronger when Lucio will return, but I must say I'm happy! You became Bayern's number one goalie, who does it feel? Oh, fantastic. Being a reserve keeper is hard, but its easy to understand that if Oli Kahn is an active player or match fit, then definitely he will be the number one, I never got problems with this. I'm happy that after Kahn, I got the number one, I've learned a lot from Kahn, and I still can, because he is my coach. I must do the best, because Bayern need a reliable keeper, so I want to prove that I deserve being Bayerns number one. What do You think, what will You achieve this season? We are playing in 4 competitions, so we must reserve our enegries for every matches. I believe that we can win at least one trophy this year, and hopefully the league will be that for example. You have just signed a 5 year contract with Bayern, how do You rate this? This definitely means that I am the first goalkeeper now at Bayern, I'm comitted with this. Michael, thanks for talking us. Rensing in action against Hoffenheim
  18. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 1 I'm just sitting and reading these posts, and have no idea what is this all about.. Chatroom and vote, not to vote, who vote, friend vote, multi vote, etc.. I'm happy with my few votes, thats all
  19. Re: Transfer cheating - support response Oi, this guy did more suspicious things or got the punishment for this..? Its a shame that a Bayern mamager tried to cheat!!
  20. Re: Transfer cheating - support response
  21. Re: Transfer cheating - support response
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