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  1. Re: Agree /disagree- new football game Disagree, Mourinho to City is cool, but NO!! Jose Enrique is far better than Pepe Reina on Goal!!
  2. Re: Mamelodi Sundowns win 24-0 (video here) Great keeper he must be finding another job now
  3. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Recently watched Hunger Games with my girlfriend two weeks ago and it's quite a great movie, i like the story though the ending quite suck for me, then yesterday I have watched Wrath of the Titans, though I usually like movies with Greek mythology background this movie did not impress me at all. I also have recently watch the rite, the movie is just so great, awesome storyline, and just laughed my ass off with the demons, lol )
  4. I don't know if I have made this deal right, I have just offered Ricardo Alvarez and Yaya Sanogo for Aaron Ramsey. Didn't expect Alvarez will not get a rise and I need a riser very soon, and when I saw Ramsey (who will get a rise in the next days) I immediately made the offer? Have I made the right decision? And whats your thought on Callejon? I really think he can get a 89 next rating change, but what is the chance he can reach atleast 92?
  5. Re: central defense 90+ future I got a good bunch in my team with Papadopoulos, Varane, Matip, Bakary Kone. And I just give up wollscheid a while ago. All of them are bought before they rise so I'm quite happy, LOL Phil Jones and Papado are the one who I think will be future 92+. Haha, Jones atleast 94
  6. Re: When will Neymar get a rise? Agree, when he moves to Europe and probably to Barca!!
  7. Re: pedro -> hazard Hazrad is way better than Pedro, and when he move this summer he'll get a rise. He's a future 94+. Trust us!!!!! so swap him
  8. Re: Need to trim my wage bill and get rid of the bad apples! yaya sanogo is considered the next big thing in french football and all of you want to sell him, seriously? Then Kalas a prospect center back, and Vrsalkjo is one of the up and coming full backs. You guys certainly don't have a clue how good these players can become.
  9. Re: Shaqiri or Luiz?? or Shaqiri or Sakho? He will not get it this time, but by the time he will be transferred to Munich he will automatically get that 90, I think he got the potential to atleast get 94.
  10. Re: Shaqiri or Luiz?? or Shaqiri or Sakho? Keep sakho, PSG is on the rise with all the money they are spending, and will be spending more in the summer plus the champions league berth if they continue to top the league,
  11. Re: Shaqiri or Luiz?? or Shaqiri or Sakho? keep Sakho, Luiz is joke right now with Chelsea, Sakho sure will rise because they will play in the champions league next year. I also got Shaqiri a couple of weeks ago. And I got one question, why can't you get any inferior players to deal with him, he's not that pricey.
  12. Re: The Official Boxing Thread the judges doesn't score it as knockdown anyway, so nothing bad..
  13. Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs!!!!! only five teams left, the grizzlies just won earlier and forced a game 7, I really do hope they win, Z-Bo is playing great right now and OJ is getting back his old self. But they still have to stop the always dangerous Durant but I still hope they can pull off game 7. But the real deal will be the East, Bulls vs. Heat.. I picked the Bulls on 6, because they are my team from the start, but D-wade and King James are beast right now, if the big two (Bosh is a no show in the playoffs except that game 6 against Boston) play great and Chicago's offense will only depend on Rose alone, they will lose that series, the catalyst for the Bulls there will be Boozer, Deng and Korver, if they score points, Chicago will surely win.. And lastly I'm still a Lakers fan, no matter what people say about them,
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