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  1. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| I want some challenges! bring it on team allies
  2. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| Omer Qaiser steered Sporting CP to victory against Atlético Madrid. Sporting CP beat Atlético Madrid 1 - 0 in their Division 3 fixture. Del Piero scored the winner for Sporting CP and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. After their result against Atlético Madrid, Sporting CP are now unbeaten in 4 games.
  3. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| Thats the way you do it Team Axis
  4. Re: ||War of the World|| count me in too
  5. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| Sporting CP News Sporting CP had a very positive start after Omer Qaiser took over as a new manager. They won their first two matches, 2-0 from Atlético Madrid and 4-1 from FC Porto. The last match was a 1-1 draw against Internazionale. The two best players during the pre-season were F.SINAMA-PONGOLLE and D.Capel. Omer Qaiser also changed almost the whole squad structure of Sporting CP by making 14 new signings. Tansfers In: De Rossi Danny Miguel Del Piero Diego Ribas P Mexes Bosingwa Ansaldi Glen Johnson Micah Richards Van Der Vaart Arshavin Carvalho Pirlo D Villa
  6. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| Manager Omer Qaiser of team Axis takes control of Sporting CP
  7. Re: Fantasy Premier League!!JOIN!! a bit early but joined it
  8. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| anyone wants to exchange clubs with my sporting ? if not im okay with it
  9. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| Spoting CP! Good
  10. Re: seeking/creating new game world..
  11. Re: seeking/creating new game world.. Im interested. Count me in
  12. Re: ||'LA MASIA: INSPIRED'|| - Custom Gameworld [MANAGERS NEEDED] Cheers mate! took over Feyenoord
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread yes no streams
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