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  1. Re: my new setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ READ!!!! Kewl.../But what does that DIV Sam and DIV 2 Tom Sinar means../
  2. Re: Naths Chatroom,Forum & Friends Elite Transfer Gossip And Match Reports Thread 1.:OMG Chelsea are After Ronaldinho../They made a bid for him of around 40 million../ 2.:Arsenal made an offer of around 9 million for Obafemi Martins 3.:Bayern Munich are linked with Mart Gamst Pederson 4.:Everton have Comp[leted the signing of Fernandes 5.:Fulham Manager said he needs more signings for his club../ 6:Totenham Manager has asked for 17 million for two more signings
  3. Re: my new setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ READ!!!! which teams are left then?...../
  4. Re: Favorite Footballers Hairstyles Like Beckham'z hairstyle when he waz young.../But now itz C.Ronaldoz
  5. Re: Your Favorite Actor(s)... Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise
  6. omer.q

    Lukas Podolski

    Re: Lukas Podolski hmm Podulski.../atleast he should have been 92 or 93 ../cuz in my opinion hez equal to Tevez./Both Young and both are accurate strikers../but this should be noted that His current form is below standard../so maybe this is da cause../
  7. Re: Your Favourite Movie(s)... Borat Troy The Punisher Goal 1 and 2 Van Helsing Many more but cant remember them..lolx../Leave it man cant remember them
  8. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! It would be Awsome.../Obafemi Martins ahead with Eduardo../And RVP in CF../And abt Emmanuelson thingy../Arsenal also needs him../Hope these rumours are correct../Arsenal really needs them
  9. Re: Chelsea sign Belletti Still Rem3ber when he scored the winner against Arsenal in 2005 Champions League Final.../Lets C what he does now
  10. Re: 15 yr old!!!!! HEs a GR8 Playa ..... I think he needs to go to Arsenal to make his career
  11. Re: Club Captains ratings bonus? Yeah thats a gr8 idea..../at it shouldnt be +1 but +2 cuz +1 doesnt make any snese
  12. Re: General Knowledge Quiz- Harder than ever. Come and have a go! 1. Who has won the most Wimbledon Grand Slams and how many? Pete Sampras with 7 wins 2. What is the capital of Madagascar? Antavarino 3. Name the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin 4. How many times have Argentina won the World Cup? Two times 5. In the Second World War, which famous Nazi buisnessman helped 140 or so Jewish people survive, because he felt sorry at how they were being treated? Don't know 6. Who is the current Pope? Pope Benedict the seventeenth (I think) 7. In computer terms, what does RAM stand for ? Read (something) Memory 8. Who owns Virgin? Sir Richard Branson 9. Who wrote the music piece, Ode to Joy? Elton John 10. Name the President of America in the First World War. Woodrow Wilson?
  13. Re: Best In The World? I Fink Kaka is The Best Right Now..............
  14. Re: New Kits 2007-2008 Arsenal Kit Roxxx
  15. Re: Simone Barone Yeah he iz gr8 player shold go up
  16. Re: General Knowledge Quiz- Harder than ever. Come and have a go! I AM THE CHAMP
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