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  1. Re: Top 32 Chatroomers - (Easter Edition) :eek: :eek: Wherez Ma NAme ????? :confused:
  2. Re: The Forumers Glory Seekers Match/transfer rummers thread Khan Appointed As The New Manager Of America de Natal. Omer Khan Has Been Appointed As The New Manager Of America de Natal. With only 2 Matches to go, The club lies at 6th Place. Omer Khan Told The Press That He Will Concentrate Mostly On Transfers This Season And Will Fully Begin His Job Next Season As The Season Is Almost Over And Cant Get Promotion. He Also Said That He Had Afew Players In His Mind And Has Offered Some Cash And Players In Exchange For Them.
  3. Welcome To The Official Thread Of Sam's Battle Of The Giants. You Can Post Your Match Reports And Transfer Or Any Other Kinda Rumours In Her. So Start Posting And Enjoy The Setup;) P.S This Thread Is Only For Match Reports And Rumours; Not For Any Kinda Questions So Please PM Me Or Sam About Any Questions Regarding The Setup. Thank You
  4. Re: Do i quit or stay? stay mate your doing a great job. SO STAY !!!!!!! UWE!
  5. Re: Adam avfc's World Elite Roma Stays On Top !!! Match Report :- Roma went to face Matt Jenkin's experienced side AC MILAN.Roma were very anxious to win this game and stay on top of the league.They started the game with great determination.But both the sides went 0-0 in the half time.In the second half also it was looking that it would end as a draw but just 6 minutes to go LUCA TONI scored a goal with a curling shot from outside the area.WHAT A SUBLIME FINISH!!!!.in short As Roma dominated the match with 11 shots on target and Milan had 0 shots on target. Man Of The Match = LUCA TONI Transfer Rumours :- Roma have completed the signing of Brazilian International Robinho for William Gallas and 15 million.Omer Khan said that he needed a player like Robinho for his team and its great to see him signing for us.Our team is more stronger now and we will provide more better results for our fans.As Roma are also been rumoured to be signing a very high rated and Famous Player.It seems Roma are going on the right path under Khan's era. Robinho Signs for AS ROMA.
  6. Re: friends please help Gender means sex of an individual like male and female and Media is like T.v,radio,newspaper etc.
  7. Re: Anyone can buy top players hi smartdoc i took over CSKA MOSKOW , hope yew dnt mind
  8. Re: Who Is The Ugliest Football Player In Europe? Joleon Lescott
  9. Re: Current/Old Barça Managers. yes i play Quaresma and Ribery on the wings along with Ronaldinho in AM position and Eto nd Henry ahead.
  10. Re: Current/Old Barça Managers. in my barca the first thing i did was bought * Buffon * Quaresma * Ribery * Nani according to my tactics
  11. Re: Being Promoted! NEED QUICK REPLYS PLEASE You will get more cash from your chairman soon that will be enough to strengthen your squad maybe in afew days
  12. Re: Is Anyone Likely To Increase To 98? i think Eduardo deserves atleast 92 or 93 hes a naturl finisher and scored alot of goals last year and hes also in great form scoring 10 in 11 games
  13. Re: winger suggestions? go for David Beckham
  14. Re: A New Setup will be created only if u guys r interested. ok i will manage Villareal
  15. Re: Allardyce leaves Newcastle Bye bye Big Sam :o Best ov luck in future
  16. Re: A New Setup will be created only if u guys r interested. then i think i should manage VFB Stuttgart or Hambuger ....
  17. Re: A New Setup will be created only if u guys r interested. Can i join this setup?? Would like to manage Arsenal
  18. Re: Adam avfc's World Elite Roma Interested In Henry !!!! Rumours are that As Roma manager,Omer Khan is reportedly interested in signing T.Henry whome he sees as a legend which will strengthen his striking force.He has made enquiry to Henry's boss and it seems the deal might go through as Mr James Eliapenda said he might let Henry go.
  19. Re: Fifa Manager 08 Help! You need atleast 1GB to play it mate
  20. Re: Adam avfc's World Elite Roma Have Signed German Striker As Roma have completed the signing of German international Striker,"Kevin Kuranyi". Omer Khan did as he said in his first interview that he is gonna buy a striker.Although he bought Kuranyi but gave away too of his experienced strikers in exchange,Lucarelli and Montella. Kuranyi was also very happy to be playing for a better and high-class team.He met all the players and had his first trainning session,which he enjoyed alot. The Manager was also very happy afer getting his hands on one of the best strikers alive.He said,"I am very happy bringing him to our club,he is a fantastic player and i have no doubt that he will prove that today when he plays his first match against Arsenal."
  21. Re: Adam avfc's World Elite AS Roma Have Appointed Omer Khan As Their New Manager New Manager:- Omer Khan has been appointed as the new manager of AS Roma.Mr Khan happily took over the job after his application was accepted by the chairman.He met the squad and the back-room staff and they were really happy that he has been appointed to lead them.Soon after being appointed he gave a press conference in which he said,"I am really happy to be appointed as the manager.The atmosphere is superb and i will try my level best to bring success to the club." Transfer Plans:- When asked if he has a specific player or position in his mind to bring,he said"Yes,i have observed the players and they are really good players,everybody is a star and some of them will develop in future but i think i have to strengthen the squad with a Striker and a good RB.I have made an offer for a good striker which i wont name and currently i am in search for a brilliant RB."Thank You.
  22. Re: Competitive ? Good managers ? Great teams not ruined ? Look no Further ! its my setup Can i have Arsenal or Roma? plz Thank You
  23. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news Werder Bremen News Last Match Report :- Werder Bremen Played their 7 match match of the season against one of their rival team B.Dortmud.Omer Khan was expecting a win from his team to become the leaders of Division,just 1 point ahead of Fiorentina.They started off the match without two of their star players T.Frings and S.Keita .Werder Bremen were looking in great touch.Tim Borowski scored the first goal from a long range shot.Just after 5 minutes Inzaghi doubled the lead with a low shot under the keeper.Werder Bremen were leading in the half-time.Then Jesus Navas scored the third goal for Werder Bremen giving them a 3-0 win over their rivals.Jesus Navas was chosen as the Man of the match. Manager's Comments :- I am really happy with my team.They all are playing really well and I would personally congratulate them for a tromendous victory.Thank You
  24. Re: The Elite League of Forumers - Teams Can someone please post the group standings? and Secondly i won the League(division 1)../ so nothings wrong mate if i wont on jst goal difference../ AT LEAST I WON it
  25. Re: Naths Chatroom,Forum & Friends Elite Transfer Gossip And Match Reports Thread Milan Appoints Omer Khan As Their New Manager. Manager's Comments:- According to Sky Sports News,Milan Have Appointed Omer Khan as their new manager.Omer Khan will carry on the job which Tom Sinar left And it seems that he has settled very quickly after getting 4 wins in 5 matches.The results show that everybody in the team is very happy with Khan.Omer Khan said,"I am very happy 4 being appointed as the manager of Milan.The team were struggling when i came,and i think i have done my job well as i bought them to the second spot and i will try my level best to make them the champions this year.My plans are very different from Tom Sinar.I am still unhappy and regreting over his few signings and sellings but i will try to settle things easily and fast.There are a few player in my mind which i would like to have them in my team like Xabi Alonso etc.Regarding the Teams Morale,Everybody iz happy and i can say that the results show it all.Thank You 4 now." Transfer Gossip:- Omer Khan is said to be interested in the following players and will bid for them:- 1)Xabi Alonso 2)Reina 3)Robinho/Robben 4)J.Cole
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