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    Even i cant BELIEVE IT :eek: .../Van Perise should have been at least 93 or maybe 94 too .../he is a decent and young striker../If Micheal Owen is 93 than surely he must have been 94../He is the next Bergamp and is also performing really well../So his rating should rise :rolleyes:

  2. Re: The Dreamers Dream Setup.

    Sevilla Match Report !

    Sevilla were looking for their first win of the season after drawing their first match.This time it was an away match against Wigan in JJB Stadium.The match started off with an attendance of 19,938 in the crowd.Sevilla were playing attacking tactics and the team involved both the new signings Milito and D'alessandro.

    Sevilla started to attack early on and got their fruit just after 10m.Milito scored his first goal for the club and what a match it was for him.Just after one minute he scored again.Then after 5m in the 15minute anoute scored.In the 25minute Milito striked again and scored his third.The other new player D'Alessandro also scored two goals and one came from C.Poulsen.

    Manager's comments,"I am very happy that the lads played really well,7-0 away win is simply AWSOME.I am proud that the players whome i bought scored goals for me and played really well specially Milito who scored three awsome goals and was chosen man of the match.I got one last msge for the fans that we are gonna be the champs this season.Thank You"

    Man Of The Match:Milito


  3. Re: The Dreamers Dream Setup.

    Sevilla Breaking News !!!

    Completed Transfers:-

    Sevilla Have completed the signing of two players from the same team,Yeah they have signed Zaragoza stars D.Milito and A.D'alessandro.The club financial situations of the club were very good and they need players like Milito And Alessandro.The Fans are very happy over the signings and appreciated the managers transfer policies.Manager was also very happy and commented,"We have completed the signing of two talented players who can bring success to the club and i am hoping they will do really good things for the club.I wish them Best of luck for their stay in Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán.Thank You."




    Sevilla Manager Omer Khan is currently negotiating with Arsenal Manager Sir Bobo.Their might be three deals between the two clubs invovling players like Eboue,Eduardo,Van Persie,Rosicky from Arsenal and Escude,Jesus Navas,Kone,Keita from Sevilla.Sevilla Manager was caught saying that their bid For Robin Van Persie and Rosicky has been accepted and they might join us tommorow and Navas,Keita and Kone will move to opposite side.

    RVP 11


  4. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news

    J.Farfan Moves To Bremen

    Werder Bremen have completed the signing of PSV Star and talented Youngster Jefferson Farfan.The Manager and All the players in the team are very happy over the signing of such a talented player.The Player was also very excited when he came for his medical check-up.The Bremen Team looks very strong now and will be looking forward with their match today against Sevilla.

  5. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news

    Bremen Got Their Win

    Werder Bremen got their first win of the season with a great win over Bayer Leverkusen.The game was played with high spirits.Bremen were hungry for the points after being defeated by Blackburn in their First game of the season.Bremen started attacking early on and they broke the dead-lock with a tromendous volley from Kuranyi and into the back of the net.Bremen Kept on attacking untill the half-time.The scores were 0-1.Second half was also a one sided half with Bremen attacking and attacking.It looked as if they are trying their shots on the goal keeper.Then In the 70th minute,New Signing From Milan,Fillipo Inzaghi scored with right footed shot.The Match ended in 0-2 and the away side winning it.Both The Goals for Werder Bremen came from the new signings Kuranyi and Inzaghi.

    Omer Khan seemed very happy with his side winning 2-0 after a shock defeat in their first game.He said,"I am very happy with the lads performing like this.Specially Kuranyi and Inzaghi,I had a special talk with them and motivated them before the match that they have to do something today to win the hearts of many Bremen Fans and they did what i told them.The atmosphere in the team is brilliant.Let Me Tell All The Bremen Fans To Get Ready For Some Action Coming Up."

    Regarding the Transfer Season Omer Khan said,"Hmmm i am not looking at anybody for now but if i mean if Diego leaves i will have to look for a midfielder.Diego's sale will bring some money into the club and i will use that money very carefully on a new and better talent.Thats what i can say for now.Thank You."



  6. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news

    Kuranyi Moves To Bremen,Diego Leaving For Sevilla

    Werder Bremen Have Completed the signing of German Internation K.Kurany who signed a contract with Bremen today.He was very happy and is hoping to achieve great things in Bremen.The other players Bremen will get are Jesus Navas and keita from Sevilla in a part exchange deal while Diego Ribas moving on the opposite side.

    Players Moving to Bremen:-Kuranyi,Navas and Keita(Pictured Below)


  7. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news

    Werder Bremen Headlines: Surprise???????????

    Werder Bremen Manager today announced that he is going to give surprise to his fans today by unveiling the signing of two stars.

    He said,"I have signed two new players but i wont take their names as i want to give a surprise to my fans who wanted star players at the club.I know they are gonna be very happy after they see my two new signings.I was about to sign Craig Bellamy but unfortunately he failed the medical test so he wont be joining us.I am not that unhappy after failing to sign him because the two other signings tht i did are also strikers and are much better and we also have Inzaghi.So i think my team is now full and strong in Attack.regarding Diego i would say that Sevilla withdraw the offer because they wanted to sell Adriano to Man utd which was a part of uor deal so the deal was putt off.I negotiated with them once again and i am sure we are gonna reach an agreement concerning Diego.If not he will stay in Bremen.Thank You"

  8. Re: Naths Chatroom,Forum & Friends Elite Transfer Gossip And Match Reports Thread

    Juventus Into Quarters

    Juventus defeated Chelsea last night to make it through to the Quarter Final of the Cup.It was thrilling match but well dominated by Juventus beating Chelsea 3-0.The goals came from Pavel Vedved,Tiago and Trezeguet.Terry was sent off after a viscious foul on one of Juventus player.The fans are very happy about this and so is the manager.The new signing Anelka didnt play in the match because of late fitness test.

  9. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news

    Bremen Headline: Inzaghi Moves To Bremen


    Werder Bremen completed the signing of Italian Star Fillipo Inzaghi.He Passed his Medical today and signed a contract with Bremen.Everybody are so happy that a star like Inzaghi joined bremen.News are also coming that Bremen's bid for Craig Ballemy has been accepted and he is arriving tommorow to sign the contract.


  10. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news

    Werder Bremen News

    Inzaghi To Bremen????????

    Werder Bremen and Milan have agreed a deal over Milan Striker Inzaghi.Inzaghi arrived in Germany today and will pass his medical after afew hours and will become an official squad member of Werder Bremen.Inzaghi was looking very happy and so was Manager Omer Khan.


    Diego Ribas

    Diego Ribas may join Sevilla Tommorow after Omer Khan recieved the best offer from Sevilla.Omer Khan said,"Diego is a great player but as i said before i will listen to every offer.Sevilla made an excellent offer so if no other club bid for him till tommorow he will join Sevilla.Thats what i can say till now.Thank You"


  11. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news

    I wont Withdraw my offer because i offered it on correct time.../George said we can make bids on monday../I made the bid for Anelka today and it got accepted.../you can see it in all transfer that i bidded on 17th means TODAY means MONDAY means I get Anelka means I wont withdraw my bid means George wont withdraw it too because i made the bid after the transfer window was open.Cheerz guyz you are abit late../you should have woken all night if you really wanted him :mad::P

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