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  1. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news Werder Bremen News Match Report:- Werder Bremen lost to Blackburn Rovers 4-0.Bremen Manager Omer Khan never Knew about the match thats why he never touched his tactics and lost 4-0.He said,"I was amazed when i saw the result.First i thought it might be a friendly match but then when i saw the table i just couldnt believed it.I can say Sammer Arshad was lucky this time because i didnt knew next time its gonna be my match." Transfer Season According to Transfer Season Omer Khan said,"At last the transfer season has started and i am going to buy some new players.I am about to make bids for some players.I will be looking for some strikers as i am not very strong in that position.Thank You"
  2. Re: Tom's Chatroom and Forum Elite!!! Milan Sinks Infront Of Athletico Atletico Madrid faced Milan today in an one sided match.The result was very Amazing.Madrid got beaten up 9-0 .The goals were just coming and coming.Atletico Keeper keeped clean-sheet with some Awsome saves.Although D.Forlon got sent off and Aguero injured Atletico didnt lose hope and carried their attacking tactics.Reyes,Simao and Aguero Scored 1 goals each while Maniche and Luise Garcia strucked 3 goals each. Atletico are just 2 points behind the leaders and 1 points behind the runners-up or to get promoted.They will try their level best to get promotion according to their manager Omer Khan.They are not going into the transfer market as their team is perfect. MAN OF THE MATCH:MANICHE
  3. Re: MLSetup News and Transfers Thread Fc Porto in Form !!!!!!!! 4 Wins in 5 Matches take Omer Khan's side Fc Porto into third position.They share 28 points each with Second ceed Lyon.They might Be The Runners-up if they win their last game and Lyon draws or looses.After victory in a thrilling match against Chelsea,Omer Khan said,"I like this team very much.They got talent and can even stand up against a team like chelsea.We defeated them 2-1 today and we are going to this with Valencia next week.Our players are waiting for the match against Valencia because it will show whose gonna be the runners-up this season.I took control of the club when it was going through bad time,i saw some talent in it and thought why not bring it back to the track.I think i am successful doing so and hope we win te league next year.Thank You" Match Report FC Porto's second last match of the season was against chelsea.It wasnt a good game for them as Chelsea had a very decent squad but Omer Khan managed his team well and Crushed Chelsea 2-1.Raul Albiol Scored the first goal of the match for Chelsea just before half-time witha great solo effort.Then after Half-time Porto dominated the match.Yakubu scored the equaliser in the 47 minute.It seemed like the match would end in a 1-1 draw but out of no-where Rafael Van Der Vaat scored in the dying minutes of the match with a low shot in the corner of the goal. Man Of The Match:Ayigbeni Yakubu
  4. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news Diego To Sevilla? Sevilla And Bremen Manager are negotiating over the transfer of Brazilian International Diego Ribas.Sevilla Manager made a bid of around 11 million plus 2 of their midfielders but Omer Khan countered it and asked for 10 millin plus Adriano and J.Navas.Omer Khan said,"I am currently negotiating with many clubs regarding Diego.The latest club which broke out negotiating is Sevilla.I wont promise them the signing of Diego but will listen to it and if their offer is the best the player will move to Sevilla.Thank You"
  5. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news Werder Bremen News There are rumours coming from all sides that Brazilian International Diego might leave Bremen this transfer season but Manager confirmed it today in a press conference that he wont let Diego that easy.he said,"Many clubs contacted me about Diego like Liverpool.I wont let him go this easily he is young,wild and just scores and scores.I will be more than happy to keep him rather than selling him but if a right offer comes in for him then i might let him go.I have contacted Milan and Arsenal about him and if i get a right offer i might let him go.If any club is interested in him they should offer me some good cash(10m+) and a player for him(90+) only this kinda offer will be heard.Thank You"
  6. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news Interest in Brazilian International Diego From Sevilla After hearing The news about Diego moving to Sevilla,Mr Omer Khan told the press conference,"Diego is one of my best players.He is also the best player of my squad.I wont allow him that easily leaving us.An offer Very Very Very i say Very good one can make me let him go to any club otherwise he will stay.I have D.Alves from Sevilla in my shortlist but i wont go for straight P/E cuz i need Diego more than Alves.Thank You.
  7. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news Werder Looking For Goal-Scoring Machines Werder Bremen manager Omer Khan is looking to bring some strikers into the squad."I got many players in my mind but i will think hard before signing them.I got many talented players like Diego,Frings,Naldo etc in Midfield and in Defence but i lack Strikers so i might be going in search for a striker.I might make bids for strikers like Anleka and Crespo on Monday if they are available.I think itz clear, they are experienced and trustworthy maybe thats why i am brining them.Thank You"
  8. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news Werder Bremen News Omer Khan took control of the club today.He thinks he can bring success to this club.He is looking forwards for some new fresh legs in his club.The players who are available for transfer are Ivan Klasnic,Frank Baulman and Daniel Jensen though Bids for other players will be heard if they are good. The players Omer Khan is looking to bring in the squad are : L.Ronaldo, H.Crespo, Raul, D.Kuyt, J.Cole, T.Rosicky, R.Quaresma, P.Scholes, Mancini, G.Pederson, Lahm, Adriano(sevilla). If any of the following player is available they can negotiate with Werder Bremen.Thank You
  9. Re: George's Invitational - new setup Isnt there any thread about match reports or Transfer gossips?
  10. Re: The Chatroom's User Of The Year! M3 !!!!! Though I got Banned
  11. Re: George's Invitational - new setup Hey George../I didnt understand your transfer policy../ We cant buy from the unavailable teams or any team before the setup iz full?
  12. Re: Happy birthday Jack Happy Birthday Jack.../Although You defeated me that day Cheerz mate
  13. omer.q


    Re: Hey! Naah man i think hes something ahmad
  14. Re: George's Invitational - new setup George Can I Join Your Setup?../:confused: Will Be Very Thankfull if you accept and give me Werder Bremen../
  15. Re: The Spitalish Division (Spanish, Italian & English) ***NEW*** Thnxx../ How many teams are taken already../and iz there any thread for transfer gossips and match reports for this setup?
  16. Re: The Spitalish Division (Spanish, Italian & English) ***NEW*** Kan I Have Arsenal?
  17. Re: Tom Mills (Forum)'s New Set-Up Hi Mate../Kan I join? If yes than can i have Liverpool?
  18. Re: The Spitalish Division (Spanish, Italian & English) ***NEW*** Can i join in mate?../ Can i have Liverpool,Manchester or Arsenal? One Of English Teams lol
  19. Re: The Dreamer's Dream- New Setup! Already Been taken mate../See the team list on the last page../:)
  20. Re: Tom's Chatroom and Forum Elite!!! 2 Wins In 2 MATCHES FOR KHAN Atletico got their right person by letting Omer Khan Manage The Club.Omer Khan is going very well.He got 2 wins in 2 matches.He didnt go for any new signing as he thought the team is ready for some action but needs only me. MATCH REPORT Atletico played their second game under Khan today.They went to the pitch with high spirit and every player wanted to show the manager what they are made up of.Atletico started the match and went for attack straight ahead but it was Lopez who opened the scoresheet in the 7th minute.Then came the turn of Aguero.He missed a volley after 8th minute but no-one could stop him in 14 minute and he scored.The sides went level in the first half.Then in the Second half again it was Aguero to Score.It was definitely Aguero's day. MAN OF THE MATCH:SERGIO AGUERO
  21. Re: ICC Twenty20 world cup PAKISTAN WILL WIN
  22. Re: ICC Twenty20 world cup Hmmm But this time hez Ready.../He told me hes gonna win this one../for PATHANS
  23. Re: ICC Twenty20 world cup No Doubt They are gonna win it.../Boom Boom Afridi../Many Records Holder man for fast scores.../he will do it for us
  24. Re: Naths Chatroom,Forum & Friends Elite Transfer Gossip And Match Reports Thread JUVENTUS NEWS Juventus are looking for a star striker after letting D.Trezeguet go to Bayern Munich and getting a player in exchange.Any club selling any of their striker should offer them to Juventus who needs a striker at the moment.Thank You
  25. Re: ICC Twenty20 world cup Yeah../I know Pakistan Will Win it../The atmosphere in the team ROxx../Although we will miss Shoaib Akhter But My Cousin Shahid Khan Afridi Will Show The World What We Pathans Are Made Up Of../He Said Hes Gonna Make Another Recored This Time By Scoring The Fastest Century Again.../lolxx.../M.Asif Is Also In Team And He Might Also Do Something in Bowling.../So Be Ready Other Teams../ MAN TO WATCH:SHAHID AFRIDI
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