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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hi I'm chasing Dani Alves at the moment. The deal on the table is Dani Alves RB 94 in exchange for Luis Miguel RB 92, Santi Cazorla W 92 and £35m. I'm not too fussed about the money or Luis Miguel, just worry it could be a mistake to let Santi Cazorla go. Any opinions?

  2. Re: Cédric Mongongu

    People need to buy this guy asap, he has played a full 90 mins for Monaco's first 2 games of this season and appeared in their last 4 or 5 games of last season. He is aged 19 and rated only 74. Can pick him up for £225k.

  3. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak?

    If Carrick was called Carinho his rating would be higher...discuss.

    You my friend are a racist!!! Carinho was my father's name. If Carrick was any good his rating would be higher. Why do you have to put discuss after every statement you make? Is this some kind of exam paper?

  4. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak?

    man for man inter are a poor side against most of europes elite. I am sorry but you definitely need to tune into some serie A and watch some poor football' date=' from their so called top teams. They all contain ageing stars(serie A sides), long since past their prime(As highlighted by Italy at the euros). I think you need to learn respect, to say that "I know nothing" shows you are ignorant and disrespectful. your amazingly constuctive comment can be summed up in a sentence " Michael Carrick baaaadddd Plllaaaaayyyerrrr, he misssseddddddd a shot ug"[/quote']

    That's right jmcdie. I'm a real caveman and your mum loves it. Caveman buy tv, he watch Serie A, he think Inter Milan have goooooooood player ug ug.:D

  5. Re: Nigel DE JONG

    De Jong hasn't impressed much at Hamburg. He looked a great player in his Ajax days. I think his club form needs to improve drastcally before any rating changes. I'd consider Orlando Engelaar 88, and Ibrahim Afellay 90 before De Jong. Afellay really impressed me with his substitute appearances, and Engelaar is wanted by quite a few clubs after his performances.

  6. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak?

    Carrick is an awful player. He should be 90 at the most. He was the reason Man Utd got knocked out the fa cup by Pompey. The ball was on the line and he still couldn't score. I was also at the Carling Cup match when they lost to Coventry. Carrick came on as a sub and made absolutely no impact on the game and played even worse than the youngster he replaced. Anderson had a great game that night, but that lad has all the talent in the world. Anderson will rise over time, but maybe needs to score some goals first.

    I think you need to show a bit more respect for the teams and players you mentioned. These players are on a different level and have proven themselves on the international stage. I don't know how you can judge Inter and Serie A on just the games against Liverpool and say they're rubbish. You know nothing. Inter have achieved great things over the past few years, and they have so many quality players, man-for-man they're as good as anyone.

    You should be comparing Carrick and Hargreaves to the likes of Gareth Barry 91, David Bentley 91, David Beckham 90, Ashley Young 90, Stewart Downing 89, Kevin Nolan 88.

  7. Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!!

    I'm not sure how strict you are on the 10k, but I have found a 20k player who happens to be my namesake - Brad Evans (what are the chances?).

    What's more is that he is actually a good prospect and certain to rise.

    He is playing for top of the table Columbus Crew in the MLS. He has made 1 start, 6 sub appearances, has scored 1 goal and has 252 mins playing time.

    He has just turned 23 yrs old and is only rated 68, so now is the time to buy. In my opinion he should rise by at least 10 to 78.

  8. Re: TomOwen's Mexican Rating Changes-Full Report

    Ever Guzman

    - 20 years old striker' date=' rated 76. I don't think this lad has been mention on the forum, although he surely deserve at least 1 post. Ever has played 10 games for Monarcas Morelia (14th place) - 851 minutes and he also scored 3 goals. He played and scored more than Landin, Monarcas's highest rated striker (88). With this stats, i think he deserve an increase to around 83

    -[u']Buy him quick because the mexican rating changes are starting next week[/u] ;)

    Sorry, he has been mentioned before by sheva20 in the Talents section of the forum

    Yep, I think his name will ring a bell with a few people as he was part of the mexican u-17 world cup winning team of '05 that included Carlos Vela and Giovani dos Santos, but saying that i haven't looked at his club form. Thanks for the stats, I didn't realise he was rated so low!

  9. Re: RB

    Ramos edson has got a lot of playing time for aek athens this season, second only to fellow country man Rivaldo, and i think they are third in the greek league. Keep hold of him at least until the greek rating changes, I could see him hitting 87/88.

  10. Re: TomOwen's Spanish Rating Changes

    Fazio only reached 86 last time around' date=' a bit disappointing? Will he rise next time?[/quote']

    No chance as he's only made a couple of appearances since the last rating changes. Diego Capel will be the Sevilla player with the biggest increase.

  11. I have just completed my first full season on SM winning promotion with Bristol finishing second in the third division. I have received £5m prize money and on my overview page it states that my next fixture isn't 'til January:eek: . I'm hoping this is just a default date. Could someone please tell me how long the close seasons are. I also want to know if my prize money is for winning promotion or does everyone get prize money at the end of a season? Do clubs get a cash injection along with prize money? Are there any formulas to calculate this?

  12. Re: Fiorentina attacking changing

    Good spot. I think equally as good a buy would be Reginaldo, rated 84, who has just moved to Parma from Fiorentina for £3m. He made 27 appearances for Fiorentina last season and scored 6. Not bad considering the competition he had last season with Mutu, Toni, Pazzini, and also considered ahead of Bojinov who was loaned out. IMO should be rated around 87-88 mark.

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