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  1. Re: i have made a offer for toni kroos for douglas costa and Thimothée KOLODZIEJCZAK douglas costa is also a huge talent. I wont do the deal. He is also not first team in bayern last season. not sure how it will turn out, but bayern looks like trying to add a DM after v.Bommel left and kroos is def behind Schweinsteiger.
  2. Re: david villa for fernando torres I dont think you should swap. Besides the fact that torres is younger than villa, there is no reason to swap. At current rate torres is behind drogba at chelsea, how is he going to have a good season seriously?
  3. Re: Gotze deal? thanks everyone
  4. I can buy gotze from an unmanaged club at 18.24mil. Should I do it? I know I should give more information about my team and my league, but I just took over this club so I do not know how competitive is it to buy players. My team is also in quite a mess and I am going to give it a total makeover. Some notable attacking players I have are Robben, Hamsik, Ozil and Lucho Gonzales. I am thinking of selling robben and lucho. I have 66m currently. My personal take is that I should do the deal base on Gotze potential, but kindly give your opinion. Thanks
  5. This sounds absurd. i can login to my acct, but when i tried to quit a team, it says my password is wrong. I have typed and re0typed the same password many times and even check for caps lock. Any ideas?
  6. Re: RENAN, diego boateng isnt starting regularly for man c, so renan looks like a better bet than him. you seem to have too little subs. usually you need to have 2 players for 1 position, that why they never get 100% condition
  7. Re: Which of these Premier League/Championship youth players to keep? Callum McManaman will rise very soon. and McEachran also looks likely to play more for chelsea next season. kane seems like a hot prospect although he probably get loaned out or sth. flanagan is benefiting from the daglish's youth policy.
  8. Re: Tactics Help Thread hey guys, i was wondering how to get the best out of the 3-5-2 formation? have been wanting to try it out because i always heard that top managers uses that formation. anw another qn regarding this formation, is it better to use fullbacks or centre backs for the defenders? does it matter? lastly, how does this compare to 4-2-3-1 which is more defensive, which i have been using and still get my goals. thanks
  9. Re: how to combat a defensive 3,5,2 previously, i tot that 4-3-3 wingers down both wings was good because it targets the lack of full backs. but apparently not. i tried it twice and lost miserably twice. both teams were of comparable ratings. like average of 90-93 (cant rmb exactly). i would think that an attacking 3-5-2 or a 4-2-3-1 will be more practical now. i suspect that you need to match their 5 midfielders, or you will lose out. but it maybe another story if your midfielder's rating are a lot higher than your opponents'.
  10. Re: do exact team overalls matter?
  11. Re: Youth In My Team - Can You Help Me?? sorry i guess they belong to 2 diff team? team 1 def - kelly, opare, contento mid - wilshere team 2 gk - szczesny/kaminski/courtois (keep 1, but i think the 1st 2 are better, not very sure) def - vrsaljko, de vrij mid - wilshere, ilicic , gotze, coutinho, lamela, lucas rodrigues fwd - carroll, casnos
  12. Re: Who to buy in my Man utd squad
  13. Re: RENAN, diego who do you have for your full backs? anw, renan looks good for the future.
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