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  1. Re: Gold Championship 31 discussion/match report's

    ''The SMFA have stopped you joining this setup as they believe you either have an account in it already or are linked to another account. Unfortunately they will not reverse their decision and unban you from the setup. Please attempt to join another setup.''

    Hmmmmm :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    I got that once so I try and only log into one of my two accounts on the day of a new GC and I haven't had that message since I have done that.

  2. Re: Official International Management Job Offers Thread

    How many GC teams do you have mate? Because 12 teams are a lot to get!! And especially the ones you got! The Netherlands' date=' Spain, Argentina, Germany etc. You should be very thankful. I wish I were you. :(:D[/quote']

    I started at GC9 and I have a team in every GC from then, will be stopping the GC thing soon because I don't have many club spaces left but I may as well use all the spaces I have and I am very thankful for the International sides I have, :D .

  3. Re: Official International Management Job Offers Thread

    GC10 - Hertha (Iceland lol)

    GC11 - AEK Athens (none)

    GC13 - Real Madrid (England)

    GC15 - Lyon (Spain)

    GC16 - Barca (Been offered England)

    GC17 - Spurs (none)

    GC18 - Sao (none)

    GC19 - QPR (Brazil)

    GC20 - Liverpool (none - and deservedly so :rolleyes:)

    GC22 - Liverpool (non)

    GC24 - Pompey (Greece)

    GC26 - Reims (I'm sure I was offered someone but can't remember who... lol)

    so all in all quite happy :) ... seems that being someone who doesn't jump from club to club' date=' and gets good results has payed off.[/b']

    That seems to be the case, I have never quit a club in a GC and I got very good International teams.

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