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    Just finished school and am waiting for my A-Level results. I'm usually on here everyday...
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    Football, Rugby, I also love to study Astrophysics and reading about wildlife.
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    Aston Villa F.C.
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    First Ever = Dion Dublin. Current = Petrov. All Time (Since I've followed football) = Martin Laursen
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    Only a French cup and I don't count that, but I've got some promising teams!
  1. Re: Gary Gardner - The future of Aston Villa's midfield. He had a cruciate ligament injury last season so didn't feature much. He did the same thing on his other leg when he was in the youth team too. He should be fit for next season. Hopefully these aren't going to be injuries that keep cropping up throughout his career. Definitely worth holding on to him for the time being to see how he progresses. He should do very well if fit, especially with the current Villa stance of giving youth a chance.
  2. Re: Gold Championship 322 I'm getting frustrated with my results recently (with Aston Villa), can't seem to get out the drawing habit.
  3. Re: Opinions on my Aston Villa team. Just giving the thread a bump...
  4. Re: Opinions on my Aston Villa team. For the record I usually play; --------------------Guzan------------------- Corchia--------Vlaar--------Moreno-----Bong Agbonlahor-----Giuliano-------Sako-------Ince --------------------------Destro------------- ---------------Benteke----------------------- Bench: Vaclik, Ogbonna, Lowton, Imbula, Westwood, Phillips, Weimann
  5. So this is my first ever team in a Gold Championship and making deals was totally different but I have my squad for the season and so I'm after opinions on how you think I've done and possible improvement for the future. Cheers in advance. GUZAN, Brad VACLÍK, Tomáš CORCHIA, Sébastien BONG, Gaëtan ALONSO, Marcos VLAAR, Ron MORENO, Héctor OGBONNA, Angelo BAKER, Nathan LOWTON, Matthew IMBULA, Gianneli SYLLA, Yacouba WESTWOOD, Ashley DELPH, Fabian GARDNER, Gary GIULIANO, Victor SAKO, Bakary PHILLIPS, Matt INCE, Thomas REBIĆ, Ante BENTEKE, Christian DESTRO, Mattia AGBONL
  6. Re: Muller for Silva! They would all be good deals except for nani. I would remove the offer for Nani immediately.
  7. Re: Who is a good winger for a mid level team? Thanks for the help so far. I can't take the risk on Bendtner really as if he were to change to CF (which I think he would) I would be very short handed out wide with only 2 players there. Leaning towards Ben Arfa at the moment, he seems to be in my price range and one of the few players no one else is trying to bid on so it would help after I splurged on Muniain.
  8. Re: Young and promising Centre Backs...Nid help Kyriakos papadopoulos - Heard good things about him without watching him. After seeing him at the Euro's he seems top quality. I think possibly the only Greek defender who could cope without the tactics of 10 men behind the ball. Very strong tackler and looks assured. Vital Dede - 23 so a bit older. Always have no problem buying him as some people seem to think anything over 23 (outside of gold leagues) if not rated 90+ is useless. Haven't seen him play but he is linked with Milan. being touted as a replacement if Silva leaves. Could be like S
  9. Re: Vincent KOMPANY, highest rating at ??? I think he will reach 95 then stay there for a very long time. Mainly because of how much more difficult it is to get the extra ratings as you get higher. He is a world class defender.
  10. So I am CSKA Moscow in a brand new european championship. I have had a few deals accepted, but missed out on Menez. As it stands in every position such as striker, centre back and centre mid I have 3 players (2 to play and 1 cover). Then right back and left back I have 1 each so I'll try and loan some cover. I have enough money for 1 more winger now as I only have 1 (Belhanda but possibly 2 I am hopeful I will win the bid race for Muniain). As I am low on good players to use in deals due to low personnel and money isn't really important which wingers would it be useful from who could possibly
  11. Re: SM Credits Plus it strikes me as a way of hiking up prices without drawing attention to it. Even with the daily reward system it's more expensive.
  12. Re: SM Credits I don't care about the blocking of managers because of the PMs I just want them banned for cheating. I don't like to be pessimistic but a lot of the time you see unfair deals go through and you report them and nothing is done. What I'm saying is before I could accept that because a lot of the time it can be his word against mine and so in more unclear cases the benefit of doubt will be given. So I just accept that and get on with the game. But in the case of asking for SM credits in return for a player it's really a clear cut case, there is either evidence of him asking for S
  13. Re: SM Credits Just joined a brand new game world (euro 3250) and after 10 minutes of it starting I had someone offer me De Rossi for 200SM and hazard for 300SM. Seems like a whole new unneccassary problem has been created them wanting cash is obviously going to make deals very difficult and ruin it for other people as opposed to people not sad enough to pay. It's been shown reporting can be unaffective. I really hope this is fixed as I've never threatened to leave before as I love the game and can deal with odd cheaters, but this would for sure make me stop playing.
  14. Re: M'baye Niang, Jetro Willems or Manuel Lanzini??? I did think that. As if he takes Pieters place in PSV and/or netherlands for reasons other than injury I still have the first choice LB as my sub so ratings changes shouldn't effect me too much. I'll probably go for him unless someone has a different opinion?
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